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FAIRBANK, Toby/PATRICK GIL/STINGRAYS/LODBROK - Gynoid Audio Red Serie Red 3 (Front Cover)

This offshoot of the popular techno label shows why it is as credible as its parent. Toby Fairbank's "Aporia" sets the scene and tone for the release with a rolling groove and gained, distorted beats supporting slivers of percussion that sound like glass shattering. Patrick Gill's "Maui" takes a moodier, more understated approach with a reverberating rhythm that echoes and pulses in a tantalising fashion. But it's only a brief interlude from the prevailing tone and Stingray's "The Morning Soulz" rolls and lunges in an abrasive manner, while the highlight of Series 3 are the sheets of metallic percussion raining down on a booming big room groove on Lodbrok's "Atlete Vix".

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