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HEADLESS GHOST - Frontend EP (Front Cover)

Ripperton dons his Headless Ghost alias for three tracks of what he describes as "intuitive house". By this he presumably means that he made the tracks intuitively, laying them down quickly, using a mix of analogue and digital gear. Certainly, there's a freshness and fluidity to "Basik Fire", a basement-friendly fusion of hypnotic acid revivalism and intergalactic, Italo-influenced riffery. The fuzzier "SP3" - all vintage synth strings, drum machine rhythms and wonky melodies - is decidedly warmer and deeper (despite the ghostly melodies that pop up in the second half of the track), while "Yeeaahhhh" does a fine job mixing up crystalline synth appregios and cranky analogue piano house. Impressive stuff, all told.

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