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KING DJ - Let Me See You Feel (Front Cover)

Normally, producers can spend years building up to recording their first full-length. Usually, there'll be a string of singles, EPs and remixes inbetween. Belgian producer Kristof Hilde Hugo Michiels, aka King DJ, has decided to do it differently. Having previously only released two very low-key EPs for Bear Funk (in 2010 and 2012 respectively), he's now delivered his debut album. While that's a surprise, what's even more shocking is how good it is. Presumably sample-heavy, it's a veritable romp through electro-funk, P-funk, disco-funk and Italo, with audible nods and winks to off-beat funk-rock, '80s electro, Afrobeat and punk-funk. Heavy, entertaining and occasionally tongue-in-cheek, it's a rip-roaring debut that entertains from start to finish.

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