LAUREL HALO - Behind The Green Door EP (Front Cover)
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Anyone slightly confused by the appearance of Laurel Halo on Hyperdub with last year's album Quarantine will find that Behind The Green Door makes her case for inclusion on the label much clearer. Rather than a continuation of the vocal-led, enveloping soundscapes of that album, this four track EP is futuristic club music from start to end; "Throw" sends jagged percussion and splashes of piano across fiercely competing basslines, while "Uhffo" contrasts its inky black low end with more reflective synth moments. "Noyfb" combines a UK funky style rhythm with tunnelling bass pulses and dubbed out chimes, and "Sex Mission" ends with a 4/4 techno track that loses none of the producer's unique palette. Fans of the recent manoeuvres on PAN will be all over this EP, which comes highly recommended.

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