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FISHING VEST - New Slang EP (Front Cover)

The ever-jovial chaps at Mullet continue to impress with their positive, grin-inducing fusions of nu-disco, electrofunk and synth-pop. Here, they turn to the hitherto little known Fishing Vest for an EP of face-chewing Balearic nu-disco. "First Standard" is a whirlwind of baggy grooves and gurn-tastic pianos, while "Horse Cycle" manages to crowbar a deliciously epic breakdown (complete with Rhodes-tickling and piano keys) into a positively saucer-eyed nu-disco shuffler. The slo-mo chugger "FYI", meanwhile, should raise a few sweaty smiles with its twinkling fusion of P-funk synths and super-Balearic melodies.

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