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BREVIL - Superbreak Presents Brevil (Front Cover)

Kosta "Superbreak" Ellis has always been good at introducing hitherto unknown names. Having previously showcased the early work of Heion, B-Jam, DJ Steef and others, Ellis now turns the spotlight on fellow Aussie Brevil. This first EP delivers smooth, filter-heavy disco and electrofunk edits in the style of Rocco Raimundo and Ellis himself, delivering a string of party-minded jams. For proof, check the clav-heavy stomp of "Baby Love", the Revenge-ish disco-soul hypnotism of "Whatcha Gonna Do", or the "haven't we been here before" R&B/electrofunk mash-up of "R&B Junkie" (he would have been wise to choose a different title, given the success of the Mark E version of the same track).

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