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SOFT ROCKS - The Revenge Of Soft Rocks (Front Cover)

For some reason, Soft Rocks' brilliant debut album, 2011's The Curse of Soft Rocks, flew under the radar. It's a pity, because it's one of the best full-lengths to emerge from the cosmic/Balearic scene to date. Here, that album gets remixed, with an impressive cast of like-minded producers re-imagining the Brighton crew's immaculate efforts. Predictably, there are some stunning versions, from the intense fuzziness of Andrew Weatherall's take on dub-punk single "We Hunt Buffalo Now" and Spectral Empire's ket-addled rework of "Thunder Thunder", to the dub disco shenanigans of Young Marco, and Cage & Aviary's wonky new wave version of "Slowdown". Best of all, though, is Justin V's take on "Talking Jungle", a ten-minute slice of baggy disco peppered with impeccable pianos.

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