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Here JD Twitch, head honcho Glasgow institution Optimo, proudly presents a rarity from the unique artist Dennis Bovell. Described as being a 'musical polymath, top flight producer, dub legend and one of the finest artists the UK has ever produced', Bovell released an album in 1981 called Brain Damage which was an absolutely bonkers fusion of Afrobeat, funk, dub, jazz, blues and more. Everybody bought Duran Duran's record instead of course, but justice prevails here as both "Heaven" and "Smouche" are rescued and re-released from the LP. Also featured is the awesome Garland Jeffreys experiment "Escape Goat Dub". Absolutely essential.
Gobby's 'crack house' opus No Mercy Bad Poet was released earlier this year on James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy's celebrated DFA imprint to much fanfare. Now we are treated to some equally curious remixes by a bit of a current who's who on this edition. Starting out with North Carolina duo Edaan Brook and Brint Hansen aka Earthly who deliver a bass heavy, breaks driven rendition of "The Alcoholic" which sounds like an early 90's rave record on -8. Label staple and Black Dice man Eric Copeland delivers a clattering and typically lo-fi makeover of "Hometown" while Hype Williams' Dean Blunt also steps up to the challenge to provide a rather curious remix for "The Dishwasher".
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