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Ride 'em cowboy... Otz and The Widdler saddle up on Dank N Dirty Dubz with four refreshingly loose and organic pieces of bluesy sublow soul. "Outlaws" and "Once Upon A Time" set the scene with glisteningly crisp guitar work and breeze harmonic vapour trails. Deeper into the wild west caper "New Frontiers" fuses UKG-style steppery with a little jazz spirit and slide guitar magic while "Before Dark" closes on a swooning emotional halftime vibe with full emphasis on space and soul. One of Dank N Dirty's deepest releases to date; this is sublime.
Milan's Simone Trabucchi, whom we know by the name of Dracula Lewis, launches his new STILL moniker on Berlin's predictably explorative PAN stable. The result, however, is something we haven't been explored to before and, for Italian electronic music, marks a fascinating new journey into 'outernational' sounds. All of these 9 sonic experiments are made up of peculiar ethnic blends that span from Rastafarian culture to Pan-Asian influences; most of the are tagged as 'riddims', attempting to form new and visceral forms of futuristic soundsystem music for the next century. We're not kidding when we say that this is the first time in a while that we've heard something genuinely different, genre-blending an, in a sense, utterly off-the-wall. Dancehall is in all of these tunes' DNA, but the execution is peppered with all sorts of sci-fi-leaning tricks and electronics, making it the perfect sort of material for fans of both dance cultures. Don't sleep on this one.
Fresh from the Bulabeats vaults comes Johnnypluse under his JPSTOL alias with a collection of hidden dubs, drum tracks and instrumental riddims from the last three years of releases. Strictly for your mixing pleasure; expect nothing but a rawhide clutch of stripped back grooves that are perfect for deep deck creativity or MCs to do damage on. All vibes and tempos included: from the upbeat ska wobbles of "Dos Tonas" to the classic big beat bants of "2 Tone" via the swampy, dub-splattered trip-hop beats of "Stuck To The Roof", this is the sound of the Bula crew at their most stark and straight up. Guaranteed to enhance your mix!
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