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Reviewed this week
Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke and Oren Ambarchi make quite the team when it comes to free-spirited jazz and drone, and this latest head-t-head on Black Truffle is a little piece of class. "Who Is So Cleverly Manipulating The Word Everything" has an Eastern percussive twang to it, but O'Rourke's vocals render it more absurd than pensive. "Be Careful Of This Word New With Its Glittering Trap" is a bold-faced noise tune with all the trimmings; "The Universe Is Tired Please For Just One Second Stop Thinking" adds a mechanical drum flex to the noisy surrounding flying overhead; finally, "That ? Squatting Proudly At The Edge Of Surface Tension Is It Perhaps A" heads down a murkier, more contained territory that strikes a fine chord with us. Delightfully mad.