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Sunny Side Up
CB 011
17 Oct 11
Sunny Side Up by Jean Claude Gavri on Coco Bin Cue Track
7th House (Jean Claude Gavri Rhodesology) - (6:51) 82 BPM
Sunny Side Up by Jean Claude Gavri on Coco Bin Cue Track
Hallelujah! (JCG Joyous re-rub) - (7:20) 109 BPM
Sunny Side Up by Jean Claude Gavri on Coco Bin Cue Track
No Stoppin' (JCG dub) - (7:13) 111 BPM
Sunny Side Up by Jean Claude Gavri on Coco Bin Cue Track
Az Alwayz (JCG Encore) - (5:41) 105 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
from $2.54
Review: More from prolific scalpel specialist Jean-Claude Gavri, who appears to be attempting to set a record for the most releases in the shortest space of time. We've no complaints though, as his pleasingly faithful re-edits and reworks are rarely less than essential. This latest EP features four more 'floor-friendly rubs. The real killer is "Az Always", a perfectly pitched tweak of a jazzy Stevie Wonder staple that should get serious rotations this winter. There's also a deliciously groovesome slo-mo treat in the shape of "7th House" and a re-dub of Risco Connection's much-played dub disco cover of "Aint No Stopping Us Now".
Colette Loves Andrea Crews: Ten Years Of Music
29 Oct 12
Deep House
I Wanna Buy Some Clothes by Mai Ueda on Colette Cue Track
Mai Ueda - "I Wanna Buy Some Clothes" - (0:16) 121 BPM
All In Love by Rikslyd on Colette Cue Track
Rikslyd - "All In Love" - (4:30) 120 BPM
Little Man by Little Dragon on Colette Cue Track
Little Dragon - "Little Man" - (2:41)
Heartbreaker by Metronomy on Colette Cue Track
Metronomy - "Heartbreaker" - (4:14) 127 BPM
For You by Claude Violante on Colette Cue Track
Claude Violante - "For You" - (4:21) 113 BPM
Nuflex Cowabunga by Sweat.X! on Colette Cue Track
Sweat.X! - "Nuflex Cowabunga" (Andrea Crews edit) - (5:48) 135 BPM
Make Madjeng by 10lec6 on Colette Cue Track
10lec6 - "Make Madjeng" - (3:12) 119 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Fondant Au Chocolat by Kumisolo on Colette Cue Track
Kumisolo - "Fondant Au Chocolat" - (2:00) 129 BPM
You Could Be A Model by Herman Dune on Colette Cue Track
Herman Dune - "You Could Be A Model" - (3:15) 102 BPM
By My Side by Twin Twin on Colette Cue Track
Twin Twin - "By My Side" - (2:36)
A-1 C Anthem by Jean Nipon & AI on Colette Cue Track
Jean Nipon & AI - "A-1 C Anthem" - (4:42)
La Cumbia Del Estereo by Lasser Moderna on Colette Cue Track
Lasser Moderna - "La Cumbia Del Estereo" - (4:16) 104 BPM
Mamanana by L'Athena on Colette Cue Track
L'Athena - "Mamanana" - (2:47) 132 BPM
Everybody by Ghostape on Colette Cue Track
Ghostape - "Everybody" - (2:19)
Sunny Day by Koudlam on Colette Cue Track
Koudlam - "Sunny Day" - (5:11)
Jawbreaker by Tez on Colette Cue Track
Tez - "Jawbreaker" - (4:37)
Universe by Sebastien Tellier on Colette Cue Track
Sebastien Tellier - "Universe" - (5:03) 129 BPM
from $2.54
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