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MIXES ON SOUNDCLOUD: How to add Juno buy links to your mix and earn commission
Here are some useful tips for uploading your DJ mix to SoundCloud. Follow these 5 easy steps to get the most out of publishing your SoundCloud mix. Learn how to create a Juno DJ chart of your track list, add links and timed comments to you mix, and earn money on the links you add back to Juno.
1. Sign up to the Juno affiliate scheme here
Before you get started, make sure you're signed up to the Juno Affiliate Program. Track and chart links that you add to your mix could earn you between 5% and 10% on all sales you refer to Juno. If someone clicks your link and then goes on to buy anything on the Juno store, you'll receive a percentage of that sale. Sign up here
2. Record your mix
Now it's time to record your DJ mix. Make sure you record it in high quality and consider adding compression and a limiter to the master output so that each track is of equal volume and none of them 'pop' out of the mix. Make a note of the tracks you've used and the start times at this stage.
  Record your mix
3. Create a Juno Chart of your playlist
Now create a DJ Chart of the tracks within your mix. Just follow the "Create a chart" link at the top of every page on or click here for more instructions. When you've published the chart you'll be given a permanent URL, make sure you copy the link so you can paste it into your SoundCloud mix.
  Create a Juno Chart of your playlist
4. Upload your mix to SoundCloud and link to your Juno chart
Go to SoundCloud and upload your mix. Be sure to paste the Juno DJ Chart link into the "Buy Link" field which will then create the "Buy on Juno" button on your mix. Also, of you're a Juno affiliate, make sure you add your affiliate code to the end of the link so we can track the clicks and pay you commission.
  Upload your mix SoundCloud and link to your Juno chart
5. Add timed comments with Juno buy links.
It's great if the listener knows exactly what's currently playing throughout the mix. If you've got time, then add timed comments throughout the mix linking back to the track on Juno. Again, if you're a Juno Affiliate, don't miss the chance to earn commission by pasting your affiliate code at the end of the any Juno links you use.
  Add timed comments with Juno buy links.