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The Brotherhood Sound System released two heavy bass swelters back in 2014 and, since then, only another appearance was made in 2016, which leaves this new collaborative effort to give us a little view as to what they might be up to next. There's a whole bunch of new faxes here, and Callahan's "Kudzu" sets the scene nicely with a bit of minimalistic tribal drumming, which is followed by the glitchy, sparse two-steps of "Eastern Shores" by Silas & Snare. A:Tonal's "Perfect Imbalance" is the master-stroke on here, a fluttering wave of percussion and hissing sonics, but SYZ and LKY's beat thrashings should not go overlooked. In fact, this whole EP feels truly collaborative, linked-up by a recurrent pattern of thought which is sublimely executed from start to finish.
To celebrate ten years since the release of their classic album, Booka Shade announce Movements 10. The German duo comprised of Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier are known for the seminal minimal and electro-house cuts over the mid to late noughties that defined a sub-genre, alongside their Get Physical alumni M.A.N.D.Y. and DJ T. Timeless classics they're responsible for, such as "Body Language", In White Rooms" and "Mandarine Girl" are all here and remastered for your listening pleasure. Not to mention a collection of fine remixes by a who's who in the current tech house climate. Our favourites weren't limited to: "Lost High" remixed by NYC legend Dennis Ferrer, Swiss hi-tech soul merchant Deetron delivering an absolutely infectious rendition of the aforementioned "Mandarine Girl" and Geordie producer Patrick Topping delivering a very 2016 style makeover of "Night Falls"
Kevin McAuley is certainly affiliated with a generation of pioneering UK Bass producers who have since moved into the techno realm. With previous releases on Hemlock, Hessle Audio and Hotflush, his origins have definitely remained a strong aspect of his style ever since. On the In Drum Play LP, he can be heard dabbling in obtuse and disjointed low end theories such as on "Bulb In Zinc" or "Let It In" while there are some inventive takes on techno; such as on the dynamic opener "Rotor Soap" or the adrenalised stomper "More Is More To Burn". For us, the highlights were "One By One" (where his take on breakbeat techno would make the likes Shed or Stenny stand up and notice) and the oddball body basher "Skips Desk".
Italy's Andrea is now a trusted member of the Ilian Tape collective, having only released for the German label thus far. But, why would he go elsewhere? These guys are on fire, and releasing some of the most interesting shades of industrial 4/4 these days. This is his fourth single for the throng, and "Floating" starts off with a beatless, wide-eyed landscape of soft pads to introduce the twisted, shifting, break-driven tech of "Timed". "Queue A" is a driving pile of rusty kick drums and oceanic pads that head into the deeper end of the techno sphere, while "22:22" goes all-out on the jungle patterns with its broken groove that recalls the likes of LTJ Bukem or Dego at their more pacy moods. A killer of an EP!
Ambition is Surgeon's second EP this year and is a by-product of him using hardware for his live shows. In effect this approach means that he is no longer a DJ but a live act and the material on Bland Ambition comes from this performance route. Despite this re-positioning this latest release is also a return to his roots. Tracks like "Part 2" recalls the frazzled experimental approach of his Basic Tonal Vocabulary debut album while "Part 1" and "Part 3" are tough and dense panel-beating affairs that sear and soar with the same intensity as early Downwards releases. He may have changed the format but Surgeon has not departed from his signature sound.
Paris' infamous Rex Club release the next volume on their in house series, with Poker Flat boss Steve Bug at the helm on the fittingly titled Rexology EP. Starting off with the deep and hypnotic tech house of "What's Happening", which has one seriously humming bassline that's just perfect for dancefloor dynamics. On the flip, Rotterdam's finest Benny Rodrigues steps up to deliver a typically functional techno remix, with some stomping cyclicality that will surely appeal to DJs. Final offering "Berlinian Rexing" is a very Berlin style dark journey track, with the mandatory wonky bassline and dark atmosphere that will appeal to a wider cross section of DJs.
Lopez began her musical journey on Modularz back in 2012 and following a series of Eps on Grey Report she now returns to Developer's label. Unlike the harder end of the Modularz spectrum Percepciones is an understated expertly weighted exercise in techno purism. It starts with the chugging chords and noisy interference of "Entre Lineas" before retreating to Sandwell/Sleeparchive ground courtesy of the sine-wave bleeps on the linear "Sin Sentido". "Intuiciones" remains in a similar place but is more mysterious and powerful and is propelled by dynamic percussion. Finally, there's the subtle whooshing feedback and steely rhythm of "En Ningun Lugar".
How one appropriates themselves is allegedly what Guy Brewer looked inwards and asked himself regarding his current penchant for techno and experimental music and covering up a somewhat secretive past as part of drum and bass duo Commix. The Appropriation Stories LP addresses this subject head on, for his second full length release on Hospital Productions since 2013's Under A Single Banner. The Berlin based producer conducts experiments merging the worlds of harsh and textural techno (as heard on his respected Avian imprint) with industrial noise mayhem as executed under his Covered In Sand or Alexander Lewis aliases. All in all a compelling listen that provides moments of cerebral listening with adrenalised dancefloor fodder.
This is the first new O/V/R material in five years, but in the interim it sounds like not much has changed. Both Karl 'Regis' O'Connor and Blueprint owner James Ruskin continue to bring their distinctive techno sound to the collaboration. On the title track, this is articulated through O'Connor's grimy drums and dense sense of arranging, while Ruskin's fingerprints are all over "Everyday Impulse". Clearer and more defined than the title track, it mines Detroit minimalism to deliver a sharp, looped affair. "Excerpt In Dreams" sees both sensibilities come together as an acid-infested groove rides O'Connor's unmistakable dense drums.
Disclosure is Kassem Mosse's follow up to this 2014 debut long player, Workshop 19. Apart from further cementing the relationship with Honest Jons, it also sees him further pushing his already skewed house sound to the outer limits. "Drift Model" and "Phonenica Wireless" both sound like he took a hammer to the offbeat style on his previous album, while "Stepping on Salt" is just a series of malfunctioning computer blips and bleeps. Mosse finally ventures onto the dance floor with the rickety, haunted minimalism of "Galaxy Series 7", but it's only a temporary divergence and his sense of adventure returns for the broken down rhythm and broken drums of "Collapsing Dual Core".
Systematic Recordings head honcho and Monchengladbach finest Marc Romboy returns with three servings of moody and suspenseful tech house on the Oblique Tendancies EP. The German producer's schedule working to the max as always, and we salute him. Starting out with the slow burning groove of the title track which features one dirty and distorted Reese bassline which needs to be heard to believed! "The Voyager" goes for some smooth and emotive deep house of the more futuristic kind, while "Oblique Tendencies (Part 2)" hammers the message home in style on this beautiful sci-fi ambient odyssey.
Kenneth Christiansen's revered dub techno institution celebrates fifteen years of trusted innovation on this superb compilation showcasing the label's esteemed roster of legends. Starting out with the always impressive Stephan Laubner aka STL who surprises as always; this time with the haunting yet bittersweet ambient journey "The Ancient Scale". There's more from masters of the old school such as German producer Arovane and his broken low end theory on "Struktur 1", the deeply rooted resonations of XDB's "Latonal" and Fachwerk main man Mike Dehnert's Maurizio inspired "Track Providing Home" being one of our highlights.
Sven Vath's Frankfurt based powerhouse Cocoon returns with two legends serving up some surefire anthems to close out this year with a big bang. Scottish hi-tech soul merchant Vince Watson appears first with the emotive and elevating "Speaker Freaker", which sees this veteran producer serve up something much more accessible than what fans would be used to, but fantastic all the same. Next up Frankfurter Frank Lorber appears and although usually more known for his tech house stylings, here he takes a cue from fellow homeboys Lauer and Gerd Janson on the retro feelgood vibes of "L'obscure Objet Du Desir".
If you're looking for Brooks Mosher, you'll find him Here. It's the Cinematic 74 producer's first release under his own name since 2014's Don't Say Goodbye - which was also released by Dolly - and contains four more club-ready cuts. While there's something undeniably forthright and off-kilter about the hard-edged, Italo-style arpeggio lines, creepy synths and snappy drums of "Entrenched', the rest of the E.P is far groovier and hazier. He's something of an expert at crafting analogue-rich deep house tracks that look to Detroit futurism for inspiration, as can be heard on the stellar "Gordito" and sweltering "Airwaves". The more robust and gently sweaty "No Place You'd Rather Be", is also rather fine.

"Deeper" was originally featured on Matthew Herbert's Part Two EP, way back in 1996. Since then, that particular 12" has become something of an in-demand item, with the lead cut naturally attracting the most attention. This issue of "Deeper" contains Herbert's original in all its glory - think loopy, low-slung, jazz-flecked hypo-house with woozy, early morning breakdowns - and a fresh remix from label-hopping producer Stuart Li under his familiar Basic Soul Unit alias. He subtly beefs up and speeds up the track, adding some Detroit-influenced keys and fizzing new percussion. The result is a tasty techno revision that pays due reverence to Herbert's thrilling original.
Italian producer Fango returns with more vicious and downright oddball grooves for the third installment in his Viscera series. Starting out with the haunting vibes and suspenseful strings of the punk-funk journey "Amnios, he then gets stuck into "Medulla'. On this dramatic number there's more huge orchestrations on offer complete with a tough beat, sounding like an action scene from a film soundtrack. Finally "Metacarpo" sees him throw down jagged and angular industrial techno which has seen him win the adoration of DJs like Marcel Dettmann in recent times.
From the dentist's surgery to a club's big room is quite a journey but it's one that Wehbba has achieved with little fuss or hype. The Brazilian producer's latest release - on Jon Digweed's Bedrock - shows why he has managed to come such a long way so easily and seamlessly. "Plurpush" revolves around tough house beats; noisy riffs and acid undercurrents following in their wake. The title track sees Wehbba put a greater focus on his house roots; looping a vocal sample and uniting it with clanging drums and sharp claps he creates his own version of tracky NY house. "Trust" features some of the same elements- notably a vocal snippet and a rolling rhythm - but it has a techno swagger and is shot through with dubby chords.
DJs Pareja are an Argentinean duo who have been releasing sporadically on Comeme since the late 00s. For their latest outing on Matias Aguayo's label, they present a variety of styles. "Bwoo" is an acid-heavy roller focused on a central buzzing riff, while "Mad Box" sees the pair edge their way into Helena Hauff territory, as a night bird's shrieks and howls over gnarly 808s and a rumbling rhythm. In stark contrast are "Club De La Locura" and "Alto". The rhythms still swing but they are clean and angular; combined with woozy synths and whooshing sound effects, they round out another diverse release from this unpredictable pair.
Kajioka has enjoyed a long relationship with Kanzleramt, releasing the majority of his music, including an album, on the label over the past decade. Perhaps mindful of his long relationship with Kanzleramt, owner Heiko Laux has commissioned some high-profile remixes of Kajioka material. First up is former UR member Rolando, who turns "Retro" into an epic, widescreen workout, its chords billowing and surging dramatically over a pounding backing. Laux's own take on "Constant" is more stripped back, with a bleepy groove and firing percussion underpinning filtered chord sequences. The release also features Jesper Dahlback working as The Persuader and under this guise he turns "The Ratchet" into a sublime, graceful deep techno track.
Cadans has only a few release to his credit but they have all been on high profile labels like Clone, Tripeo and Balans. For his latest outing the Dutch producer has chosen Darko Esser's label to release his big room sound. "Hollow Funk" is a peak-time, drum-heavy affair with huge percussive bursts and a relentless riff that drills with the intensity of an industrial drill. "Got Woodblock" is deeper and more understated and sees Cadans add submerged chords to his palette but the drums still have an unflinching, militaristic feeling. "Vocal Exercise" sees him mine a buzzing, stripped back approach - as always with an ear for the dance floor - while he rounds off the release with a collaboration with Kracht, the drum-heavy DJ tool, "Papercuts".
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