To mark their 25th year as one of the most esteemed imprints in dance music, Hospital Records head into 2021 with a groundbreaking selection of 25 brand new remixes, reworks, covers and VIPs of NHS classics, combining pinnacle Hospital figures and friends of the label for an all-encompassing celebration of drum & bass.

‘H25PITAL’ embarks on a journey throughout the past, present and future of Hospital Records, featuring the likes of Dillinja, S.P.Y, Flava D, DJ Marky, Unglued, Makoto, Loxy & Ink, Mitekiss, Nookie and more. Their quarter-century birthday commemorations raise the bar once again as a variety of sounds and styles come together for a 174BPM compilation like no other.

DRS & Dynamite, two legends who have taken the scene by storm with their collaborative outfit, team up with Logistics for a new-wave remix of the 2009 heater ‘Jungle Music’. Wordsmiths by nature, DRS & Dynamite lay down carefully crafted bars paying homage to their love for jungle and its roots over Logistics’ revamped instrumental.

Stepping up for remix duties on Danny Byrd’s iconic ‘Salute (feat. MC GQ)’ is none other than the king of the amen, Remarc offering his clear cut production skill. Breaks processed to perfection and an unruly bassline are fused flawlessly with elements of the original, including the nostalgia-inducing horns and illustrious vocals of drum & bass veteran GQ.

An instantly recognisable anthem to any drum & bass fan and an undeniable staple in the Hospital Records back catalogue, ‘Beautiful Lies’ by B-Complex gets the remix treatment from L-Side who’s been making moves with the V Recordings crew. The future meets a classic as minimal bouncing drum work and ripping bass stabs instil bursts of brand new energy into the track.

Expect a collision of sonic realms in Halogenix’s remix of Kings Of The Rollers’ infamous ‘Shella (feat. Chimpo)’. Flying the flag for the Critical Music family, Halogenix’s 2021 rendition which has been generating excitement from corner to corner in the world of drum & bass for some time now unleashes an absolute growler of a bassline as Manchester’s very own Chimpo dominates the topline.

The highly sought after VIP of Metrik’s ‘Cadence (feat. Reija Lee)’ is finally seeing the light of day. Dreamlike synthesis and ravishing vocals build a picturesque soundscape which soon evolves into Metrik’s signature high-octane flow as he delivers cutting-edge dancefloor vibes.

Calling upon pioneers of the scene, from Dillinja’s remix of Urbandawn’s ‘Come Together (feat. Tyson Kelly)’ to Ray Keith’s weighty interpretation of ‘Drum & Bossa’ by Landslide, as well as trailblazing newcomers including the likes of Winslow and Stay-C, the cross-generational sounds of drum & bass are united in one place on ‘H25PITAL’. Brace yourself for a full spectrum adventure and then some, as Hospital Records embrace their impressive 25-year milestone in style.

Guest Mix - Keeno

Makoto - Top 10 Favourite Hospital Tracks In 25 Years

Logistics - Together

You can play any time and any gigs and it still goes off after 15 years.

Nu:Tone - Invisible (feat. 4hero & Natalie Williams)

4 Hero and Nu:Tone, it’s kind of a dream team. The track sounds so beautiful and at the same time, it’s so groovy.

Unglued - Born In ’94 (feat. MC Conrad)

Brand new old skool, Old skool brand new. Amazing idea to sample Conrad's voice from ’94. The soulful riff is just so perfect for the nostalgic Jungle beats.

High Contrast - Racing Green

For me, this is the best Disco influenced dnb track. Every single element on this track gets together perfectly.

Hugh Hardie - Emerald City (Feat. Pola & Bryson)

Love the chord progression on this so much, so nice, so emotional, so smooth.

Fred V - Cosmic Flowchart

Amazing modern productions from Fred V, Love the arrangement, very emotional and powerful.

Makoto - Merchant Blessing feat. Conrad

I am just so glad that I could make another tune with Conrad long after Golden Girl and this time it’s on Hospital. Conrad has smashed it again.

London Elektricity - Cum Dancing

One of my favorite London Elektricity tracks, the track is quite minimal and simple, but that string riff is so strong.

SKC & Brattwa - Heart Of Love

One of the good examples, DnB can be beautiful. Every time I Listen to this I feel like I’m swimming in very clear water.

Until Dawn- Tomahawk

Wish Tomahawk made more music back then. So Funky.


A.Fruit - 10 Inspiring Tracks of 2021

Traxman - The Hard Way

It makes a lot of sense to me to start my chart with a track by Traxman, one of the pioneers of the Chicago footwork scene, because it definitely influenced my music a lot, especially where it meets jungle and breaks. Traxman has been producing music for decades and it’s still sounding fresh. I recommend checking out the whole “Off The Street” EP that just came out on MOVELTRAXX.

Loraine James - Simple Stuff

Music by Loraine James got into my listening-at-home playlists during the quarantine days of 2020 and I feel like it added some beauty into the similar grey days. I’m impressed by how rich and complex it is while sounding so minimalistic. Great addition to Hyperdub Records catalogue.

Special Request - Elysian Fields (Tim Reaper Remix)

It’s that feeling when your favorite artist remixes your another favorite artist and makes the whole EP of these double favorite remixes and releases it on your favorite label. Big ups to Tim Reaper, Special Request and Hooversound Recordings.

Ani Klang - M-Power

Ani Klang is definitely a producer/dj to watch for, she’s not only just producer, she’s also teaching music production and streaming regularly on her twitch channel. Her music is so attractively rude and recognisable and perfectly fits her heavy up-speed dj sets. I’m happy to see her tracks coming out on my hometown label Hyperboloid Records.

Bop - Beach Simulator 3D

I love Bop’s music and seeing how it’s evolving within different genres and bpms is very inspiring. His new EP is around 140 and it sounds just great. It’s out via Hospital Records, I have a lot of respect to this label for constantly supporting artists from my country.

Dbridge - N0rm

I’m a big fan of Dbridge and his autonomic aesthetic, always making me curious. This track is not the exception, it literally takes me into an imaginary journey to some strange places I’ve never been before or just heard some whispering about.

Client_03 - Protection Service Provider

I’m very much into all these acid synths and electro breaks, especially when you also can feel that the track is from 2021 by how well and accurate its produced. Brilliant work by Client_03 as usual.

Ivy Lab - Paradise Pistol

Ivy Lab’s music is my favourite of favourites. Love every single tune of them. This "Suzuki/Paradise Pistol" release that just came out on 20/20 LDN is mind blowing!! Great work on sound design, deepest atmosphere and fattest beats, I take my hat off again.

Deft, Lewis James - Teleporter

Well this track is just the explosion of the brain. Deft and Lewis James together! Craziness.

Oakk - I’m So Sorry

Canadian producer Oakk is one of the most talented and productive people in halftime circles and you can hear his tracks in my sets pretty regularly. As well as a lot of music that is coming from friendly Chinese label Unchained Recordings where this swinging-head-tune was released in February.


Nu:Tone's 2021 Selections

Nu:Tone - One Day At A Time feat. Lalin St. Juste (Hospital)

I’m so happy with how this tune turned out, and we managed to release it at just the right point - not long after the UK had gone into lockdown 2.0, and a point where I know my personal sense of frustration with everything really hit a peak. This tune is a reminder that we have to keep things in perspective and look after ourselves and each other.

Calibre - Time To Breathe feat. Cimone (Signature)

A real standout moment from the new album from Calibre - a whole album of 140bpm music, all of varying flavours. Everything he puts his hand to turns to gold, and this track is no exception!

Logistics - Jungle Music (DRS & Dynamite MC Remix) (Hospital)

The original of this tune has never left my bag, it’s a really simple bare-bones D&B workout. All the elements that are required to get a dancefloor bubbling. Having a new spin on it with the legendary DRS and Dynamite additions can only be a bonus!

Inja & Whiney - Game Face (Stay Alert) (Hospital)

I’ve known Inja since before I came through back in the early 2000s, and it’s so gratifying to see how his career has blown up. He’s been one of those presences that has really helped people get through this last year. His work with Whiney is always totally on point, they have such a strong working relationship. This track is their first release in a while, and it is only the tip of the iceberg…!

Nu:Tone - Helarctos (Hospital)

One of my favourites from my new album, this tune is really an experiment in less-is-more. I love the challenge of building a tune from simple elements, forcing myself to keep it stripped back. It’s really satisfying when it comes together.

Pola & Bryson - Under ft. Lauren Archer (Shogun Audio)

These two have built a really solid reputation based on beautiful music, and this tune is a perfect example of their style.

Kings Of The Rollers - Shella feat. Chimpo (Halogenix Remix) (Hospital)

I love everything Halogenix is involved with, this tune showcases the grittier edge to his soul palette, as you might expect when remixing Kings Of The Rollers. It’s really gnarly, but everything has it’s place, and I love the control and restraint alongside all the brashness

Quadrant, Iris & GEST - Sequential (Shogun Audio)

I never get tired of simple loopy bubblers like this. It reminds me of Ryme Tyme’s production back in the day. Tunes like this are always so fun to mix too!

High Contrast - Time Is Hardcore (Breakage’s Hardcore Bubblers Mix) (3 Beat)

Breakage has such a unique style and sound. This remix for High Contrast shows the junglier side to his music, and really enhances the original. You can see why Breakage is respected by all four corners of the scene.

Mitekiss - N68 (Hospital)

Mitekiss on a techier tip - not something anyone particularly expected, but the results are killer! I believe N68 is the night bus Mitekiss catches to get home.


Urbandawn - Influences in D&B

Total Science - Juicy Fruit (Calibre Remix)

To this day one of the best drum sounds in D&B history in my books. One of my all time favourite D&B tunes ever.

Jonny L - Tychonic Cycle

When it comes to the atmospheric side of things, this is one of my all time favourites.

Artificial Intelligence - The Big Picture

This and the flipside 'Shinkanzen' are definitely my favourite AI's tracks of all time. The harmony in 'The Big Picture' is haunting and somehow super futuristic to my ears.

London Elektricity - Power Ballads

One of my favourite LE's tracks and one of the very first i've heard from him/Hospital. It has such a clever arrangement and the harmony/brass work is amazing.

Stakka & Skynet - Clockwork

Can't even begin to describe this one - such a high tech take on everything. Still sounds fresh and futuristic to this day. These guys alongside Matrix, C4C, Fierce, Bad Company and a couple more have influenced me the most in D&B.

Trinity (Dillinja) - 30hz

There's a million Dillinja tunes I could've chosen but this one came to mind lately - it's guaranteed this will damage any sound system at any occasion, such a banger.

Loxy & B Key - Battle Scars

I remember quite clearly I've played this tune at least 10 times in a roll when I first heard it. Super heavy amen combined with such a clever, iconic bassline.

Digital - Watch IT

One of the most iconic producers in one of the most iconic labels in Jungle/D&B. Probably not the most recognizable Digital tune but definitely one of my favourites.

Faith In Chaos - Possession (Kemal & Rob Data Remix)

Arguably the most iconic Reese sound in D&B, at least in my books. Few tracks are haunting, heavy and moving at the same time as this one is.

ICR - Primavera

Covert Operations is one of my favourite labels in D&B, their catalogue is rich, musical and out of the box. This is one of my favourites from the label - the fast paced, super edited drums on top of the amazing pads and atmospheres gives a 'floating' feeling to it which ticks all the boxes for me.

Agent Alvin - Super Highway

This track would be in my 'Hospital Records Top 3' for sure. Not a lot of people know this track - super futuristic, super clever use of synths and an amazing chord progression/melody.


Kyrist's Top 10 Bangers

Jubei & dBridge - Show Me

I chose 'Show Me' because this track is the epitome of a roller to me. Jubei and dBridge are kings of this style and it reminds me of the early 2010's sound which I absolutely love.

Quadrant & Iris - Cold Brew

'Cold Brew' is another stone cold roller and Quadrant & Iris's techy style really resonates with me. This track would fit easily in one of my sets.

Document One & Levela - Steppa

I chose this track because I love both of their styles coming through and I can't wait to blast this through a huge pair of speakers.

Kyrist - Looped

I chose 'Looped' because I didn't expect it to be as popular as it has been, but everyone loved it. My solo ventures last year were all about making music that doesn't 'sound' like it belongs on any label and it made me feel free as an artist. Great feeling!

Creatures & Rizzle - Chironex

I chose 'Chironex' because this track has so much power even with such few elements, Utilising what they've got and making it sound huge. Love tracks like this.

GLXY - Sweet Lows (ft. Rhi)

The vocals in 'Sweet Lows' are so cool, it's just effortless for her and I think fits the style of the track perfectly.

Fred V - Away (Kyrist Remix)

I chose my remix because I had a lot of fun writing this track and putting my own stamp on it. The original is huge and I really wanted to do it justice.

HLZ - Neon Underwater

'Neon Underwater' is another one with beautiful vocals, and that rolling bassline.. they just go so well together. So many sick elements in this track.

Screamarts - Endless Journey Inwards

I chose 'Endless Journey Inwards' because I really rate Screamarts, one of my favourite new artists on the scene right now. I like the fusion of chilled with the funky guitar sounds and the rugged basslines. Those little vocal layers over the drums as well just stand out so well too.

FD - Bully

'Bully' makes me feel like I'm constantly falling cos of those pitch bendy basslines, which I think is a really cool idea, and it's way more fun sounding. I love FD's sound of analog synths and drum machine type beats.


Mitekiss - 10 Tunes That Hit You In The Gut

Paradox - Octa4

Paradox doing dub inspired down tempo! YES PLEASE. The master of breaks here, showing how to slow it down and kick you in the belly. The sub on this is so low most people won't hear it unless they use headphones.

Holsten - Figure Out The Name

That held note gets me man, it always does - Breakage does it so well and here Holsten uses it to killer effect. The bass on would definitely hurt your neck on a big system. Such a killer tune, love the use of minimal breaks and a proper sub.

SyRan - North Star

Big fan of SyRan’s use of breaks, bass and drum work… the fundamentals! I love how this tune seamlessly moves between in your face, and atmospheric bliss - a difficult feat to pull off well, but these guys manage it effortlessly.

Mahakala/Om Unit - Blue

The break in this is so crisp, and that skipping bass line just gets you. Again, decent speakers are needed to appreciate! Really nice progression into arpeggios and pads, and lots of subtle touches to keep the tune moving.

Mystic State / Captivate - Fade Into Dust

I’ve always rated these guys, perhaps underrated you could say. Adore the echoed drum hits, and love the filtered out sounds drifting in and out. Really relaxing, but also has a strong bass throughout.

Quadrant / Iris - Aperol (feat Genic)

This is a weapon aint it!? Super nice drums and a great intro lead into absolute destruction. Can imagine this going off. Really like the half-time second drop too, always like when producers put effort into a second drop!

Creatures & Rizzle - Chironex

So many little sounds that make this tune, love the delicacy. Really like the steppy drums, and again a nice low sub to hit you in the gut. Really nice muted pad hits too… Eerie.

Kusp & Rizzle - Affinity

I am a sucker for reverb’d out, filtered and flangered vocals. Adds such a nice depth to soulful tunes (see Perez!) - This has a really crisp, clean feel to it, great use of a few sounds being used well. Drums roll really well.

Kelayx - "Sweet Home Chicago"

This just rolls for days, and what a great track title. I assume the nod to Chicago is those classic 4x4 sounds used in this tune. Wicked track, and another unassuming bassline that just works so well.

Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing (Benny L remix)

Such a daunting track to remix I would imagine, so I had to mention this one as it's a truly respectful remix - nodding to the original yet bringing that new edge. Really in your face with lovely metallic drums. Great remix.


Stay-C - Top 10 tracks To Blend In A D&B Set

Timeloop by Hyrbis

This track speaks to my predilection for ominous and dynamic drum and bass that unfolds in a very unpredictable but addictive way.

Leopard Slug by Noisia

I love this track because it encapsulates one of my favourite approaches to drum and bass motifs, ‘if it fits, let it sit’. It has such a strong main theme, is highly repetitive and just never gets old!

Angry Waves by Krispy

I love the persistence and sassiness of this track. It’s obnoxious and unrelenting and sometimes that’s what I just want I need to hear.

No Tomorrow by Camo & Krooked and Mefjus

This track captures such a complex array of emotions with lush textures in the melody and techy drums - a perfect collaboration between the artists. I love playing this song in sets to change up the vibe within the space and evoke emotion within the crowd.

Blej by Halogenix

This track was a big reminder to me of how the opportunity to expand the vocabulary of drum and bass always exists. This song has a very unique motif and it actually sounds like a conversation is taking place between the elements without any words being spoken.

Musket by Skeptical

This song grew on me like moss! I really did not like this track when I first heard it but I interpret it to be Skepitcal’s satirical take on jump up which he smashed out the park. It’s also such a fun track to double with almost any other track haha.

Mel’s Teapot by Gyrofield

This incredibly beautiful track deviates from my prior belief that liquid drum and bass had to be consonant. These sounds are dissonant yet still so pleasing to the ear. gyrofield has indeed expanded the vocabulary of drum and bass - so inspiring!

Acolyte by Buunshin

This track really defies the standard structure of most drum and bass tracks yet encapsulates what drum and bass to me is at the same time. Audacious, unexpected, made for the outliers - i.e. that underground sound. I love playing this track out.

Chimera by Kyrist

This is a highly evocative track that is executed effortlessly and with a high degree of sincerity and reverence. Kyrist is a huge inspiration to me and she smashed this tune out of the park, I can never get enough of it.

Song and Dance by Break, DLR and Randall

I don’t think there was a chance a song created by these 3 dons of drum and bass was not going to become one of my favourites however this song exceeded my expectations. It rolls in such an effortless way and always goes down in a set. Everybody loves this song and how can one not? Rollington Central.


Logistics - Jungle Music (DRS & Dynamite x Logistics Remix) Official Video