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Who doesn't love a fresh dosage of newschool garage? We think you would have to be mad to not indulge in this brand new four track selection from Karl Brown, Paul Benjamin and Lifford as they bring together the 4 Klubz EP. The lead single goes by the name of 'Deep Down Inside' and is an instant garage heater, dancing between skippy percussive layers and chilling atmospheric chord injections. This one comes complete with a collection of three top draw reworks, with Track of Time leading the way, flipping the original onto it's head for a smooth roller. Following this, Troy Brown refixes the recording into a punchier creation, with T & D running riot with their soulful overhaul.
It's time to get freaky as Bass Machine launch forward a pair of scorchers here as UKG and bassline flavours combine within Mark Krupp's 'Blow Your Mind' EP. This project consists of two seperate versions, the first being entitled 'The Original', packed with, shall we say visual lyricism and cutting edge grooves. The bassline mix of the track takes it down an entirely different alley however as we are greeted by a range of warbling bass synths, breaksy drum patterns and constantly switching rhythms, making it the perfect switch up tune for a lively dance.
As far as labels go within the bass scene's largened expanse, We definitely feel that 877 are one of the leading lights in introducing new faces, regardless of notoriety, judging only on the vibes they bring to the table. For this high quality creation, they smash together the illustrious vocal presence of Magugu with Deech's subtle funky arrangements, creating something truly masterful. On remix duty, Killjoy steps out of the fold to conjure up a truly fantastic recreation, focussing his compositional structure on dark, grinding bass moogs and enticing drum designs, perfect for setting the dance alight.
It's always a thrill for us to see the Four40 imprint make a return to releasing as they here unveil three tracks of UKG inspired fire from the Scunthorpe based sounds of Deadly Habitz. We begin this one with some fragrant flare as 'Circles' kicks off the EP with a soulful punch, working smooth vocals in amongst skippy garage drums and fluttering subs. 'Rumours' follows with a more stripped back structure, still packing some serious weight with its subtle bass pressure however. Finally we take a dive into 'Chemical Love' which rounds up the 'Black & Blue' EP in style, using spacey atmospheric and wooden sounding percussive stabs to bring a real sense of space to the table.
Chowdown return here for an exciting fifth release here, as they bring forward the super experimental sounds of Architect for four tracks of potent pressure. We begin our journey on this one with a brass driven hip-hop exploration throughout the dramatic composition of '2AM', before diving into the more scattered drum switches of 'Spartan Laser' and almost moombahton inspired designs of 'Telekinesis', which adds a whole new spectrum of sounds to the release. As well as this, we are gifted an additional 'Cave' mix of Telekinesis', adding a more club element to the original creation.
Leeds based top boy selectors Vital Techniques return here to their home label 'Second To None' alongside long term collaborator: MC Pean, for four top draw creations. We kick off with an exciting collaboration project with Leeds mic legends Dialect and P Solja, who provide some heavyweight flows on 'Santander'. Following this, we dip into the garage-inspired switch ups and bouncy textures of 'Oi', before 'Militant' rolls into focus on a new school 140 flex, packed full of delicious synth energy and sharp drum smashes. We finish this one off with a look at the more experimental flavours of 'Write Him Off', which forms into an electronic hip-hop style structure, bristling with tasty distorted subs and Pean's strongest vocal of the project in our opinion.
VITAL TECHNIQUES & MC PEAN - Moving Mountains EP (Second To None Music)
DJ PHANTASY & MAYHEM - Bassboxx (Showtime Music)
GENIUS ROAD - Touch Me (Bass Machine)
ROYAL FLUSH - By My Side (Strictly Flava) - exclusive 22-02-2019
SYNEATER - A Guy Like You (Ohm Bass Recordings) - exclusive 31-12-2019
REIGNS/BLEACH BABY - Turn Around (Liftoff Recordings)
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