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1Forty set up here to continue their exceptional run during throughout 2018 by bringing together an exciting collection of artists for the second edition of their 'Funky & Garage' season. Having been previously premiered on the new Threethousand website, we see Killjoy and Smokey 'Bubblin B' lead the way with the super groovy 'Voices In My Head' alongside Shantie and the old school pulse rolls of 'Where's Larry'. We also get gifted a breaksy funky fusion as 9TRANE and Arridim team up on 'Plazma', whilst Cardinal Sound round off an awesome selection with 'Ayy', a carnival special set to turn any dance to a bruckout.
The team at Southpoint have again pulled out a terrific year of releases, with genres ranging from grime to bass to funky to bassline. Here we see them flexing their more native bassline muscles as they bring together long standing Southpoint generals Pavv and Tengu for a wicked 'Presents' compilation. The duo combines heavily on 'Holding Back' whilst supplying weighty ammunition on two solo contributions also. We then see the return of Southpoint regulars: Mofaux, Habouchi, Inkline and Albzzy with heaters whilst newcomers Burt Cope and Foundry both step up to the plate! We also see the long awaited introduction of Sammy Virji to the Southpoint team, alongside bassline legends Hybrid Theory and Deadbeat UK. This is a real showcase of the breadth of STPT's bassline dominance, defining the Southpoint sound!
The Night Bass rampage continues to rage as they bring in Bijou for this exciting four track selection, packing a serious punch. The title track 'Super Phat' is a heavyweight collaboration with Ushi Qute, working her impactful vocals into a high pressure build up, landing on a synth driven madness of a breakdown. To follow we have the super punchy drum work of 'Do Not Disturb' alongside the distorted devisings of 'Expert'. The EP is rounded off with some major flare as the shuffling synths and hard hitting drum designs of 'Better Than That' run riot.
London based Shy Cookie returns on the always reliable Audio Intuition label, to serve up some proper timeless UKG the way it was always intended. To prove his point, he has teamed up with Sweet Female Attitude - the UK garage outfit consisting of Leanne Mason - who had a hit back around the turn of the millenium. There are three tracks on offer as part of the collaboration and they're all terrific particularly "Serious" which reminded us of late '90s classics by R.I.P. or Double 99. Elsewhere there is some deep down and dirty street style on "Twisted" (feat J.J) and something on the more sensual and romantic R'n'B tip with "Let Me Show You How" (feat Kayla Amor).
The Stictly Flava camp have been on a serious roll of late, putting together some of the most exciting UKG and 2-step releases on the market. Here we see them bring together three high profile remixes of the super well received 'Selfish' from Jay Barrett. We begin with Soulecta's spicy recreation, before landing on incredibly choppy overhaul. Finally, Limita brings in a powerful presence as he puts down some vibrant skippy chord movements and sharp drum ideals, putting the finishing touches on a very well thought out remix project.
The rampage of the Night Bass collective shows no sign of slowing any time soon as they roll out another top draw compilation, this one consisting of six heaters under the name of 'Summer Phrases 2018'. Taiki Nulight and Hadean kick off proceedings with their tearout roller in 'No Attention', with 219 Boys following up on some sublow flavours in 'Hooked Up'. Codes then provides some techy tastings on 'Brand New Drop' before Bijou teams up with Davonyea Marcel for the experimental stylings of 'On Read'. Sinden & Dillon Nathaniel finish up the EP in style with their explosive outings on 'Swervin In A Lex' and 'Can't See Me'. Another top draw outing for the Night Bass camp.
Hot Cakes are back and ready to join the party as they here employ an energetic collaboration between Martin Flex and Rico Tubbs by the name of 'Jumpin'. Through smooth chord progressions leading to expansive breaksy drops, we unearth something very special as reesey tones and sharp rhythms provide the perfect base for Feral Is Kinky to run wild with a hyped vocal appearances. This release also comes with an official remix from underground legend Deekline, who sends it to the breakbeat workshop for an incredible rework, driven by shimmering leads and expertly crafted breaks.
If you are looking for sunshine garage flavours then seriously, look no further than this super vibrant single from Blakk Habbit. From the off we are introduced to nostalgic drum shuffles, colourful vocal manoeuvres, expressive sub melodies and super bouncy rhythms, all the ingredients required to pull of a UKG insta classic. This release also comes complete with an extended club mix alongside a vocal club mix, making this one playable at all occasions!
FISH - Battle Dub (Hot Cakes Bass) - exclusive 30-09-2018
JAY BARRETT - Selfish (Remixes) (Strictly Flava) - exclusive 28-09-2018
SHY COOKIE - Shy Cookie Presents The Cake & Custard EP (Audio Intuition) - exclusive 31-12-2030
BLAKK HABIT - Sleep Talker Remixes (Garage Shared)
MATTIK - Can't Step EP (In:flux Audio) - exclusive 28-09-2018
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