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Dangerous times called for dangerous basslines and there's no one better at rattling your eyeballs with twisted-funk low-end lessons than Professor Q. Continuing to pepper the dance with his weekly tune dispatches, "Danger" is another sure-fire floor-bouncer with a Q&A riff that tickles the highs and lows harmonically while stuttering vocal textures add just the right amount of agginess in the background. Once again Q is bang on the money right here...

Longstanding Brighton bass master Pavv returns to Southpoint with an absurd bassline cut that's likely to soundtrack all the best bass nights across the country this season - "Falling". Fluttering with a cute but spooky bassline, laced with prominent vocals from bass singer-du-jour Charli Brix and charged with just the right amount of UKG soul, it's got all the hallmarks of a serious bassline anthem. Elsewhere things get gullier than Brighton pier as "Scatter Dub" lashes out with a broken glass bass, "Pick Up The Pace" gets twisted with some of Pavv's nastiest bass textures while "Gully Face" actually takes us down a much deeper bassline path than its name suggests. Complete with a wild and wily remix from Hamdi, this is one of Pavv's biggest EPs to date.

The big bad TS7 returns to the forefront of the scene with his brand new single 'Judo' on the 'Rebeat' imprint. The Bradford based producer has become synonymous with the Bassline genre having released consistent bangers for as long as anyone can remember. This one takes an interesting turn, with an ethereal sounding, lo-fi intro section taking the lead before descending into synth driven madness come the breakdown. This one is a must have for TS7 and UK bass fans alike.
One of the most prolific and consistent basssmiths in the house/tech/broken beat axis, Robinson continues to raise the profile with four more mischief-making collaborations; Pelikann joins in for a little Python rattling on the twisted bass throw-down "Gettuh", NIQW and Ami Carmine collide with Jay for a little dirty soul shaking on "Right Back" while GAWP is onside for the a sweet strutting house groove that's tickled with a riff that's reminiscent of mid 2000s Get Physical material. Finally we have the epic stripped back jacker "Oblivious" with Vanilla Ace that drops into an immense hood-heaving mid-section and cowbell popping groove. Jay: 1 / World: 0 It's a knockout.
Vellum's here and if you don't like it you'll be advised to swivel. Don't worry, with vibes these strong, raw and gully as these, you're guaranteed to like them. We kick off with the speed garage jammer "Swivel" featuring the classic MC tones of UKG OG Vapour before we're plunged into Vellum's twisted barbed bass world; "Landslide" is a gang-riding grime burner, "Vancouver Bass" flips the UKG bird while "Avenue" and "Fizzt" are all about soft-focus sultry two-step skips and "Braggard" just straight up decapitates. Swivellingly cheeky.
RDWRK have launched their second full release in the capable hands of bassline and UK funky veteran; Killjoy. Since being one of the launching forces behind the ever present Tumble Audio back in 2012, Killjoy has become a certified household name within the UK bass scene, always bringing original flavour to the table. This latest 2 tracker is no different. The A-side 'Understand' combines UK funky rhythms, choppy vocal slices and eskimo like pulsating square waves with powerful results. On the flip 'Banzai' gives us a vibrant introduction, featuring sparkling organs and percussive patterns which open the doors for some extremely weighty bass synthesis later on. After hearing this one it's safe to say that Killjoy remains one of the most creative out there right now!
X5 Dubs is a producer who rose to prominence during the commercial boom of Midlands dominated Bassline with his wonky remix of UK garage gem 'Nicole's Groove'. Over the years he has developed a strong following in the funky house scene with both genres have clear influence in his latest EP. "Tell You's" main vibe comes from is wavy, bouncing sub and classic 4x4 stepping drums. 'Don't Do Me' comes with more of a summery, house feel with its pumping beat and subtle vocal, but there's a darker undertone to this track brought in by the squelching sub and grime-esque video game nods. 'You Want You' places us firmly back in UKG territory with snaps, claps and an almighty low end that More Fire Crew would be proud of.
Low End Activist touches down on Frists Wentink's ever-impressive Bobby Donny imprint with a very special guest; Roll Deep alumni Trim. Flexing his smoky, spacious sermon with clarity over loose-limbed two-steps and wobbled-out sub, it's the ideal jam to take us strutting into the bleak winter. Remix-wise Cassius Select murk up the mix with time-defying warpedness while Frits shows us the light at the end of the tunnel with an remix that's coded with subtle flurries of hope. All corners covered.
Bass seems to be in Tyrone's blood, with his elder brother 'Dennis G' featuring on the Wide Boys garage classic 'Sambuca'. Southampton imprint YosH picked up Tyrone while he was touring clubs with the original of 'Ravin' Face' down South and they clearly like it because we've ended up with an EP with six remixes of it! Moving through the motions of UKG and bassline with a bouncy happy edit from Shapes into a darker realm from Tengu. Mofaux comes with a steppy house version, but one thing they all have in common is they all, rather repetitively, ask us to show them our Ravin Face.
The unforgettable DJ Swagger has peppered the perennially on-point output of E-Beamz several times before so you might already be aware of the fun in store here. Left-sided, gully, gritty, physical and danceable; each of the three original strikes groove gold. "Holly Tool" is a chunky, rusty jacking jam with a perfect vocal sample and cheeky breaks on the fills, "Atter Action" is all about the stinking two-step feels and the most toxic bassline E-Beamz have ever blessed while "Buck 'Em Down" is a wild ride back to 2000 with lavish space around the elements, a nasty old acid twang and a driving momentum that wouldn't go amiss on TCR back in the day. Take a leaf out of DJ Swagger's book today.
VARIOUS - Four40 Bass (Four40)
X5 Dubs - Tell You
PAVV - Falling (Southpoint)
NUBASS - Intimidate EP (Project Allout) - exclusive 31-12-2018
JAY ROBINSON - Jay Robinson vs The World (Night Bass)
TS7 - Judo (Rebeat)
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