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Bass House & Garage Keys (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/REX/LIVE/MIDI)
MIDI files, loops & patches inspired by Mia Dora, Dusky, Huxley, Disclosure, Gorgon City, George Fitzgerald and MNEK
03 Feb 14
Bassline Jungle (Sample Pack WAV)
Five construction kits in a bassline 4x4 style with piano chords, pads, soft leads, synth, bass and more
26 May 13
Future House & Garage Drums (Sample Pack WAV)
06 Oct 17
UK House & Garage Vocals (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
Over 1 GB of 24 bit quality vocal loops at 128 to 134 BPM
09 Apr 14
Miami Bass vs UK Garage (Sample Pack WAV/LIVE)
Deekline presents 729 MB collection of sounds combining the classic 90s sound with modern flair for producing garage, breaks or bass house tracks
24 Mar 15
UK Garage Vocals Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
Over 1 GB of garage vocal hooks featuring MC RB, Sparks, Midas, Gala Osborn & Rubi Dan
07 Oct 13
City Samples (Sample Pack)
Bear Fresh Records' first installment of the sample pack series created by artists Crown Duels & Pelikann
01 Oct 14
Sebb Junior: Funky Garage House (Sample Pack WAV)
Over 450 MB of cutting-edge sounds designed for funky, deep and garage house productions
BS 041
05 Jul 17
Warehouse (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
965MB of 80s inspired rave sounds including 1209 24bit samples, featuring 378 loops between 127-140BPM, & 830 single sounds. Also included are 148 ready to play bass, fx, synth, pad, vox & drum kit patches
22 Mar 11
Apophenia (Traktor Remix Set)
Thomas Cade's Apophenia track set up for immediate use with Traktor's remix decks
29 Apr 13
VOX: The Vocal Toolkit Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV)
Huge 500 MB+ collection of sliced, pitched, tuned, vocoded, glitched, twisted and transformed vocal loops & one shots in 24bit WAV quality
09 Sep 14
Underground Bass House & Garage (Sample Pack WAV/REASON)
1.15GB collection shining a spotlight on the defining sound of some of 4x4 bass music's most cutting edge producers
09 Mar 15
UK Bass & Garage (Sample Pack WAV)
The sound of underground raves, pirate radio and the infamous bass music heritage of the UK
22 Mar 16
Vocal Collection (Sample Pack WAV)
More than 600 vocal loops, oneshots and stems compiled from seven previous Connect:d Audio packs
18 Jul 16
Classic Garage & US House (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/MIDI)
Over 530 MB of samples which effortlessly run the line between bumpin' US house, soulful club dubs and classic mid-nineties underground garage
10 Aug 15
2Step Garage Anthems (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
491 loops and one shots featuring all of the elements needed to create the ultimate 2 Step vibe
05 May 15
Deep House Bass & Garage (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
430 MB of big basslines, classic pianos, dancefloor drums and much more
15 Jun 15
Deep House & Garage Vocals (Sample Pack WAV)
An outstanding collection of royalty-free songstarters perfectly suited for all genres of electronic music
20 Feb 17
Chords, Pads & Awesome Stabs (Sample Pack WAV)
An outstanding oneshot collection comprising keys, synths, bass and melodics intended for use in house, garage, techno, r&B, hip hop and downtempo productions
08 Jun 17
Bass Sessions Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV)
DJ Fixx is back with another round of samples for bass house, breakbeat and garage productions
16 Nov 15
Deep Garage (Sample Pack WAV)
900 MB collection of loops & hits featuring DrDr's signature sounds blending deep garage, house and future bas
12 Aug 14
Deep House & Garage Chords (Sample Pack WAV)
175 smoothy, groovy and hypnotic loops & samples focused on the soft and sultry side of deep house
15 Sep 14
Big Dirty Bass (Sample Pack WAV)
Late night bass flavors for the dirtiest dubstep, UK garage and bass
07 Apr 15
Vintage House Songstarters (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
198 ready-rolled song-starter, bass and music loops weaving together elements of underground NY House with 90s old skool sounds
17 Aug 15
UK House & Bass (Sample Pack WAV)
A powerful collection of remarkable loops and samples direct from the bass house scene
27 Jun 16
Dirty Wobble House: WAV Edition (Sample Pack WAV)
All of the loops & samples from Dirty Wobble House NI Massive Presets in WAV format
23 Dec 15
Cosmic Ascension (Sample Pack WAV)
472 MB of garage flavours taking influence from contemporary styles, including 2-step and futuristic hip hop
16 May 16
Four40 Presents Nu Era (Sample Pack WAV/NI Massive)
Third of the series with over 200 samples including their Massive Bass Patches, Music Loops, Drum Hits, Loops, Fx, Synths and more produced by Nu Era for Four40
05 Jan 15
Four40 Presents Paul Lawrence - Massive Bass Presets (Sample Pack NI Massive)
04 Dec 14
Four40 Records Producer Pack 006: Hybrid Theory Massive Patches (Sample Pack WAV/NI Massive)
Sixth in the series with 60 brand new NI Massive patches in .NMSV format & .Wav audio
08 Feb 16
Four40 Records Producer Pack 007: Hybrid Theory Massive Patches (Sample Pack WAV/NI Massive)
Seventh in the series with 50 brand new NI Massive patches in .NMSV format & .Wav audio
30 Sep 16
Four40 Presents Hybrid Theory (Sample Pack WAV/NI Massive)
Second of the series by Four40 with over 200 samples including their signature Massive Bass Presets, Wav Bass's, Synths produced by Hybrid Theory
15 Dec 14
Heavy Bass & UK House (Sample Pack WAV)
Over 1 GB of sounds fusing the freshest sounds of bass driven house music with the underground sound of UK Garage
10 Aug 15
UK Underground & US Garage (Sample Pack WAV)
856 MB of garage grooves, vintage feeling drums and warehouse style moody melodics direct from the UK underground and deeper style of US garage
15 Apr 16
Old School & 2Step Garage (Sample Pack WAV)
Pack featuring groovy garage sounds against 2-step shuffled beats
06 Mar 17
Late Night House & Garage (Sample Pack WAV)
200 files featuring 25 basslines, 25 synths, 20 drum loops, 25 percussion loops, 20 top loops, 15 FX loops, 10 vocal loops and 20 bonus vocal shots, plus 40 drum shots
23 Sep 14
Garage Sessions Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV)
Ghostek and Nami team up again to create a collection of haunting atmospheres, rolling basses, dark synths and swung drum loops
29 May 17
House Of The Underground (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Pack fusing various house subgenres to achieve the unique and original Hi! Energy Records sound
23 Sep 16
Pure Garage Anthem (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Is all about Melodies & Garage Vibes. From the 90?s Keys sound to the modern percussive chords lines, Hi! Energy provides you all you need (WAV & MIDI) to spice up your Deep House/Garage productions
29 May 17
House & Garage (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Garage & house heads will find all they need - bass, drums, synth, vocals - to produce tracks
13 Oct 17
Raw Garage Reloaded (Sample Pack WAV)
This pack takes influence from classic and contemporary Garage, ensuring you gain access to the whole spectrum of the timeless genre.
10 Feb 16
Vocal Acapellas (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE)
Whole song sequences, evolving phrase hooks, melodic improvisations, chants, screams, hits, vocal fx and more
11 Nov 14
Bass House & Garage (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
640 MB of swing out drum loops, modern basslines, stabby organ loops and more
11 Jun 13
House & Garage Vocals (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
Over 150 inspirational royalty free loops featuring original vocal stems, heavily cut up and processed then stitched back together to create mashed up, syncopated voice percussion & catchy vocal micro riffs
13 Aug 13
Bass House & Garage Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
Second killer collection of super fat bubbly bass lines, swinging beats and funky percussive synths
21 Dec 13
Essentials 31: House & Garage (Sample Pack WAV)
Low priced compilation of 120 loops and 80 one shot samples from Loopmasters' most essential recent garage & bass house sample collections
08 Dec 14
Deep House & Garage Channel Strips (Sample Pack LOGIC X)
Inspiring channel strip set ups perfectly tuned for deep house & garage productions
03 Feb 14
Chill House & Garage (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
A fresh selection of underground sounds with a modern downtempo twist, ideal for laid back sessions and ambient poolside grooves
13 Jan 17
Patchworx 63: Neurohop & Glitch (Sample Pack Massive Presets/WAV)
Raw angry neuro and lo-fi 8bit game glitch sounds for dubstep, neuro, DnB and glitch hop producers
20 Apr 15
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