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Techno Vibration Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV)
Analog synths, textures, rave kicks, layered drums, punchy claps, distorted kicks, crispy hi-hats and amazing tops
99R-TV 1
05 Oct 15
Mega-Bass Vol 2 (Sample Pack Sylenth Presets/MIDI)
Second in the series of presets for the Sylenth 1 VSTi with 10 bonus MIDI files, featuring 55 bass sounds. Sylenth 1 is required
Electro House
07 Jul 12
VOX: Vocal Cuts (Sample Pack WAV)
100 individual vocal loops & samples in 24bit resolution
Minimal/Tech House
16 Mar 12
Mega-Bass (Sample Pack Sylenth Presets/MIDI)
50 bass presets for the Sylenth1 soft synth (required) that are suitable for the production of techno, electro, psytrance, dubstep & hardstyle tracks
Electro House
22 Mar 12
VOX: Vocal Cuts 2 (Sample Pack WAV)
100 individual vocal loops & samples including distorted shouts, old school talk taken from vinyl & weird screams
18 Jan 13
Mega-Bass: Sylenth Presets Vol 3 (Sample Pack Sylenth1 Presets/MIDI)
Collection of Sylenth1 presets featuring bass, synths & arps for progressive, electro house & complextro productions
Progressive House
04 Feb 13
Minimal Tech: 40 Drum Kits (Sample Pack)
A set of 40 different drum sounds including kicks, claps, snares & rhythm parts for Native Instruments Battery 3, Propellerheads Reason/Redrum & Kontakt 3
Minimal/Tech House
GLP 004
23 Dec 10
500 Hard Trance Loops (Sample Pack)
500 loops for tech & trance producers, in wav & rex format
Hard Trance
GLP 005
23 Dec 10
Drumatech: Synthesizer Drum Kit Samples (Sample Pack)
3 complete drum kits, recorded from 3 hardware synthesizers; Access Virus, Nord Lead & Waldorf Micro
Hard Trance
GLP 010
29 Dec 10
250 Hip Hop Loops (Sample Pack WAV/REX)
Hip Hop/R&B
GLP 006
24 Dec 10
500 Loops Techno (Sample Pack)
500 new techno loops at 120 Bpm including 50 sounds loops, 50 kick loops, 50 clap loops, 50 snare loops, 50 hats loops, 50 percussion loops and more in wav & rex file format
GLP 013
29 Dec 10
Reason Malstrom Sound Bank (Sample Pack)
A trance specific sound bank that features 128 presets for Propellerheads Reason
DJ Tools
GLP 014
29 Dec 10
500 House Loops (Sample Pack)
A set of 500 house loops including kick, bass & groove loops clocked at 128BPM with two sets of groove loops at 129BPM and 130BPM respectively supplied in wav & rex formats
DJ Tools
GLP 009
29 Dec 10
Discovery Pro: Disco DSP Sound Bank (Sample Pack)
128 different preset for Discovery VST soft synth including fat synth, acidic dark leads, pads & tech sound fx.
DJ Tools
GLP 011
29 Dec 10
Dark Voices (Sample Pack WAV)
Over 175 one-shot vocal samples suited to dark techno, electro, drum & bass, minimal house, trance and more
Hard Techno
GLP 015
29 Dec 10
Acoustic Guitar Themes 4 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/REASON)
The fourth in the series of acoustic guitar sounds that have been organised into five kits with over 35 individual loops in 24bit wav format with MIDI files & all tempos & keys labelled
DJ Tools
22 Jul 12
Strings Of Passion Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/REASON)
A collection of string orchestra sounds organised into five construction kits with MIDI files. All recorded at 24bit wav format with tempos & keys labelled.
DJ Tools
10 Mar 12
Acoustic Guitar Themes 2 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/REASON)
The second in the series of acoustic guitar sounds that have been organised into five kits with over 35 individual loops in 24bit wav format with MIDI files & all tempos & keys labelled
DJ Tools
09 Apr 12
Latin Piano Fever (Sample Pack WAV)
Five construction kits that focus on latin piano styles including salsa & jazz with tempo & key tags in 24 bit wav format
DJ Tools
12 Apr 12
Strings Of Passion Vol 4 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Five more construction kits influenced by symphony orchestras, string quartets and film scores
DJ Tools
10 Aug 13
Activator & Francesco Zeta present Generation Kick & Bass Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV/Sypkenth Presets)
Two masters of hardstyle present a sound library of 167 WAV loops plus a Sylenth1 soundbank
26 Jul 17
Activator Presents Raw As F**k Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV/Sylenth Presets)
Hardstyle pioneer Activator presents a sound library of 100 WAV loops plus a Sylenth1 soundbank with 20 presets
26 Jul 17
Authentic Hardstyle Essentials Volume 1 (Sample Pack WAV/Sylenth Presets)
A sound library of 150 WAV samples plus 20 Sylenth1 presets specifically designed for producing banging hardstyle tracks
21 Jun 16
Generation Kick & Bass (Sample Pack WAV/Sylenth Presets)
Hardstyle sound library featuring fat leads, buzzy plucks and evil screeches
22 Aug 16
Ghetto Bass (Sample Pack)
50 Ghetto bassline loops to use in the production of Ghetto Funk, Breakbeat, Funk & Hip Hop
31 May 13
Funky Hip Hop & Breakbeats (Sample Pack WAV)
140 WAV loops including cranked up drum loops, heavy kicks, snap attack snares, mangled tops & meaty subs
Hip Hop/R&B
07 Jun 12
Played by: Actual Sounds
Glitch Hop (Sample Pack)
130 wav loops including 60 full drum loops, 20 scratch loops, 10 sub loops, 10 speaker damage loops, 10 kick loops, 10 snare loops & 10 tops loops.
Hip Hop/R&B
18 Jun 12
Street Funk (Sample Pack WAV)
80 drum loops & 20 bonus arps between 90bpm-120bpm with 5 bonus fx
30 Jul 12
Played by: Actual Sounds
Ghetto Breaks (Sample Pack)
a combinaison of loops to use in the production of Ghetto Funk, Breakbeat, Funk & Hip Hop
05 Feb 13
Played by: Actual Sounds, Ez Icarus
Moog Sub 37 Soundbank (Sample Pack Moog Presets)
128 inspirational modern multi genre presets for the Moog Sub 37 and Moog Subsequent 37 synths
DJ Tools
22 Sep 17
Rzor (Traktor Remix Set)
Addison Groove & Sam Binga's Rzor set up for immediate use with Traktor's remix decks
19 Aug 13
Melt (Traktor Remix Set)
Afriqua's Melt set up for immediate use with Traktor's remix decks
Deep House
08 Jul 13
Airbuzz Sound Beats, Fills & Vox (Sample Pack WAV)
Top quality vox phrases, fills, fx & one-shots samples for dubstep, drumstep, glitch hop
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
AIRS 001
23 Sep 15
Future House (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/Massive Presets)
Cool new pack containing future house, EDM and bass music sounds
Progressive House
AIRS 004
15 Mar 17
Deep Disco (Sample Pack WAV)
Drum grooves, funky basslines, warm chord progressions, lush synth workouts, guitar licks and unique FX all dripping with deep disco vibes
AIRS 002
15 Feb 17
Ultimate One Shot Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV/Massive Presets)
A vast collection of rare one shot sounds in 24 bit WAV format plus 40 bonus presets fro NI Massive
DJ Tools
AIRS 007
08 Apr 17
Tech House (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Airbuzz Recordings is proud to release, Tech House a sample pack with unique sounds. A brand new collection of authentic production loops, one shots & MIDI files & presets.
Minimal/Tech House
AIRS 006
01 Apr 17
Deep House (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/Massive Presets)
The best deep & melodic house loops, samples, MIDI files and Massive presets
Deep House
AIRS 008
15 Apr 17
Kick Pack Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV)
DJ Tools
AIRS 003
01 Mar 17
Neuro House (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
A heavy and crisp set of samples suitable for DnB, trap, dubstep, glitch hop and even electro house
Drum And Bass
AIRS 012
22 May 17
Big House Pack (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
A fresh batch of cutting edge house samples gathered from Airbuzz Recordings' most popular packs: Deep Disco, Deep House and Tech House
Deep House
AIRS 009
01 May 17
Synthwave (Sample Pack WAV)
Airbuzz Recordings present a stylish synthwave pack with a touch of space disco
AIRS 005
22 Mar 17
Kick Pack Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV)
Second sample pack in drum tools series featuring 100 ultra nice kicks
DJ Tools
AIRS 010
08 May 17
DnB (Sample Pack WAV)
A bombing collection of main room drum & bass sounds and high-energy DnB tools
Drum And Bass
AIRS 011
15 May 17
Dance Breaks Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
Laurent Veronnez aka Airwave returns with another volume of punchy, mutli-genre electronic drum loops
Minimal/Tech House
05 May 15
DnB Restructure (Sample Pack WAV)
Akinsa presentfs over 400 MB of dark meditative rhythms and loops for serious DnB production
Drum And Bass
04 Apr 16
Traktor Decks 02: Drum & Bass (Sample Pack TRAKTOR)
Slick collection of underground DnB breaks & sounds for NI's Tracktor Remix Decks
Drum And Bass
25 Jul 13
Dark Techno Elements (Sample Pack WAV)
Akkya presents a deep and twisted pack showcasing the true sounds of underground UK techno
22 Mar 16
Dark Tekno (Sample Pack WAV)
Akkya presents another set of hard hitting drum loops, industrial sounds and effects for techno music production
Hard Techno
28 Jul 17
House Attitude (Sample Pack WAV)
Deep & fat, subby & groovy analogue bass loops, anthemic piano riffs, soulful chords, congo-bongo percussive elements, jackin top loops, filtered 12 vinyl disco loops, tech-stabs, strummin guitar loops, vocal loops, FX & much more.
Deep House
BS 013
13 Mar 16
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