Reviewed this week
The sixth release of Amsterdam record label Safe Trip brings together a few dozen ambient tracks from Japanese twin brothers Satoshi & Makoto from Kawasaki. The whole album's beats, melodies and musical phrases come from the Casio Cz-5000: which gives the record its name. Label chief Young Marco discovered their music via YouTube videos, which the two musicians had recorded in order to illustrate the possibilities of the aforementioned instrument and most of the material was said to be influenced by acts like The Orb and Yellow Magic Orchestra. According to the label, it is largely of an ambient nature, positive mood and possibly alien origin.

Leeds based K-Lone is back with a great one on DJ Parris' Soundman Chronicles after releases on Wych, Wisdom Teeth and Badimup. The dark ambient intro to "Old Fashioned" is quite the way to build the suspense and tension, until the slow motion beat drops beneath all the dubbed out industrial textures. Next up, the deep dubstep on "In The Dust Of This Planet" takes a turn for the esoteric (and almost beatless) on this fantastically immersive piece. Finally, the O$VMV$M (did we get that right?) remix up next is reminiscent of early Burial: lo-fi/sci-fi dystopian vibes that are perfect mood lighting for that stoned journey home on the nightbus on a Sunday evening. Great stuff here following up some great releases on the label by Rabit, Etch and Wen.