Reviewed this week
One year on from his full length release for Sheffield institution Warp, Bibio - the alias of Stephen Wilkinson from the West Midlands - returns to the dreamlike environments evoked in the original LP. Phantom Brickworks "IV" and "V" are more haunting yet evocative neo-classical experiences; a couple of long winding and introspective pieces that are at the same time bittersweet and hopeful. Warp have hyped Wikinson's forthcoming new material coming in 2019.
Los Angeles based Palmbomen II makes an appearance for the next edition in famed Amsterdam festival Dekmantel's collaboration with the fashion label Patta. The Dutch protagonist of lo-fi, synth ambience - hooked on 90s nostalgia and retrofitted synthesisers and drum modules - delves deep into a colourful world of one par acid house, one par abstract electronic score. From the haunting ambience of "Theme" (original version) which creates tension and suspense in an early '80's VHS aesthetic, while the celestial new age soundscape "Study B" explores the wonders of FM synthesis, "Study E" likewise carries a grainy and saturated aesthetic in its elaborate chord progression.