Reviewed this week
Saucer-eyed ambient sorts Seahawks may well be impressively prolific (especially for an outfit dedicated to decidedly horizontal sounds), but they rarely disappoint. Astonishingly, Eternal Beams is their 13th studio set since 2010, suggesting a work rate that would make one of their inspirations, Tangerine Dream, proud. As usual, they combine drowsy, head-in-the-clouds ambient movements with the kind of thickset aural textures usually found on drone and dub techno releases. There's a little less sun-kissed Balearic cheeriness than on some previous sets, with the duo instead inviting legendary New York artist Laraaji (he of zither playing and laughter therapy fame) to put his decidedly cosmic stamp on a number of tracks. The results are, as you'd expect, predictably impressive.
Bristol's Chaouche touches down on our digi charts with her third instalment of LateNightTales, providing you with 12 beautiful segments of electronic delight, blurring the lines between electronica and modern UK r&b. This is a mood album from start to finish, with the artist's prophetic voice reigning supreme on every single one of these tracks, making it a special treat for anyone who's in the mood to vibe and chill out. It can be nostalgic in places, and ever so euphoric in others. In short, it is an album that both strikes a chord with the romantics out there, and which fits supremely well into the label's existing emporium of sounds.