Reviewed this week
After a recent string of EPs and mini LPs, it's a pleasure to hear Biosphere's tantalizing drones and ambient loops across two full tracks. The Hilvarenbeek Recordings are the perfect encapsulation of the man's sound and vision, forever iterating his subtle sounds to paint rich and vivid portrays of the world and of his surroundings. The new LP, much like his best material to date, comes to life thanks to the amalgamation of field recordings, raw talent, and a pensive outlook on the world. A constant thirst for applying sound to vision, and vision to sound. Wonderful, as always, and utterly recommended.
Up until now, Brett Naucke's output has been mainly reserved for limited cassette releases that are arguably as impenetrable as his selection of drones and synth wizardry. That is all changing thanks to this new mini-LP for the excellent Spectrum Spools, home other outsiders such as Container, to name a particularly daring artist. The Mansion is a delightful bric-a-brac of field recordings and glitchy noise infusions, collated and polished off by rhythmic flows of all things surreal. While much of this release is as loose as ever, it's bound together by a clear vision, and a message which will resonate with listeners outside of the usual drone circles. Majestic and ethereal, this really is a treat for the senses. Recommended!
Over the last decade, Kenneth James Gibson has released a vast amount of music under an equally vast number of aliases and side projects. The output under his own name is reserved for the minimal-leaning, downtempo-swaying side of the house and techno spectrum, delivering new and refreshing loops that push further than the material we're now usually accustomed to. In fact, In The Fields Of Nothing, out through Cologne's infamous Kompakt unit, delivers a soothing blend of lounge-tinted beats and atmospherics, guided by the distant yet present embrace of house music. A delight.