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Downtempo (Sample Pack WAV/LIVE/MASCHINE)
Downtempo is ready out of the box to get you producing immersive downtempo, ambient and electronica, courtesy of 24Surex
06 Aug 21
Ambient Techno & Electronic Dreams (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE)
Succumb to the mesmerising rhythms and alluring melodies of ambient techno & electronic dreams for an uplifting adventure into the land of electronic soul
22 Jan 19
Cosmic Atmo Sounds & Vocals Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV)
A mesmerising sample pack that is bound to transport you to the cutting edge realms of cinematic, sci-fi, ambient and beyond
09 Jun 23
Cosmic Atmo Sounds & Vocals Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV)
Cinematic, sci-fi and atmospheric vocals to develop your very own deep soundscapes and lush vocal arrangements
07 Jul 23
Transcendence (Sample Pack WAV)
A collection of ambient audio anomalies is designed for creating uniquely futuristic tones in your compositions
11 Jan 21
Hybrid Atmospherics (Sample Pack WAV)
An eerie and sinister collection of futuristic sci-fi soundscapes that have been infused with heavy trip hop style breakbeats
19 Feb 21
Zenith - Sci-Fi FX (Sample Pack WAV)
Drones, pulse synths, booms, foley clocks, alarms, braams and so much more
18 Mar 22
Desire: Cinematic Ambience (Sample Pack WAV)
Beautiful and mysterious sounds that will fill your electronica compositions with a new sense of life
18 Apr 21
Tension: Dark Atmospherics (Sample Pack WAV)
A brooding and sinister collection of cinematic sounds that will bring a feeling of dissonance and paranoia to your arrangements
19 Mar 21
Endless Skies: Cinematic Ambient (Sample Pack WAV)
This sample collection steers alone across dark, isolated space to the translucent cloud and atmospheric heavens
14 Sep 21
Sentience - Dark Ambient (Sample Pack WAV)
Collection packed with futuristic electronica tools perfect for crafting sci-fi soundscapes and moody cinematic expressions
12 Nov 21
Future Cinema (Sample Pack WAV)
A collection of ambient, future cinematic music that will elevate your productions to new heights.
03 Mar 23
Late Night Electronic (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
A soul-soothing collection of atmospheric brilliance laden with drums, bass, melody loops and enough sample fodder to build epic electronica
30 May 18
Abstract Lo-Fi (Sample Pack WAV/REX/MIDI)
Downtempo beats, dusty keys, lush pads, intergalatic atmospheres and melancholic guitars
11 Sep 19
Abstract Lo-Fi 2 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
500 MB+ of organic ambient and downtempo sounds for laid-back electronica production including dusty beats, vinyl crackles, tape saturated hypnotic synths, lush pads, warm keys, beautiful lead guitar sessions and so much more
23 Jan 20
A monumental achievement in soundscapes and ambient audio with 800 hours of sound-engineering devoted to its enduring and evolving sonic textures
15 Sep 22
Ambient Loops by AK (Sample Pack WAV)
AK is back with another euphoric pack, this time with some of his most creative work to date
15 Sep 22
Minimal Ambient Percussion By AK (Sample Pack WAV)
Crafted through modular synthesis, each of these 150 sounds has been expertly shaped and processed to make building an innovative, unique drum sound as simple and enjoyable as it should be
BOS 0143
17 Sep 22
Ambient Selection by AK & Tim Schaufert (Sample Pack WAV/Serum Presets)
Producers AK and Tim Schaufert have created a chill out and ambient magical wonderland
BOS 0169
21 Oct 22
Spiritual Ambience (Sample Pack WAV)
Chill out and look inward as you find guidance through these samples and loops
BOS 0196
27 Oct 22
Soundscapes presented by AK (Sample Pack WAV)
A great selection of organic soundscapes of metallic drones, forest scenes, street ambiance noises and lush chord textures
16 Aug 22
Ambient Atmospheres & Textures by AK (Sample Pack WAV)
A sample pack filled with sound effects that are perfect to add depth and worldly environments to your tracks
16 Aug 22
Foley Essentials by AK (Sample Pack WAV)
A sample pack that taps into the sound of the living, breathing world around us
16 Aug 22
ARTFX Cinematic Creations (Sample Pack Serum Presets)
A preset pack for Xfer Serum filled with lush pads and evolving soundscapes that would fit in a blockbuster movie soundtrack or in any dark and heavy electronic genre
16 Aug 22
Ambient Kicks presented by AK (Sample Pack WAV)
An exquisite collection of 100 kicks, all carefully crafted to ensure each sound is usable in different situations
16 Aug 22
OB-6 Bass Soundscapes (Sample Pack WAV)
Transport yourself to a spaceship a million light years away; march into battle with a hundred thousand bloodthirsty orcs and fly through the clouds in a state of eternal bliss
16 Aug 22
Ambient Guitars (Sample Pack WAV)
A sample pack that is the definition of texture and ambience
29 Aug 22
Vocal Atmospheres By Cory Friesenhan (Sample Pack WAV)
A truly unique vocal sample pack of lush ambient textures and evolving vocal tones
29 Jul 22
Holly Drummond Vocal Atmospheres (Sample Pack WAV)
From vocalist Holly Drummond comes a truly unique vocal sample pack of lush ambient textures and evolving vocal tones
26 Aug 22
Bit Crushed Foley by AK (Sample Pack WAV)
A pack made for experimental dreamers riding along on a soundscape that care the utmost about textures and unique percussive elements in their productions
12 Sep 22
Arctic Chill (Sample Pack WAV)
This pack is sure to be a favourite among chill, downtempo & ambient producers with its unique selection of samples & loops
12 Sep 22
Ambient Guitars Vol 2 by AK (Sample Pack WAV)
Second volume of the highest quality samples showcasing chords, plucks and picks of guitars processed with delays, reverbs and so much more
12 Sep 22
Labrinth: Modelled Ambient (Sample Pack WAV)
A collection of loops and oneshot samples that represent a deep dive into physical modelling synthesis
19 Feb 21
Skadi: Viking Voice (Sample Pack WAV)
Prepare to have your brain flash frozen and flown to Valhalla in the arms of a valkyrie by the frigid sound of this vocal collection
09 Apr 21
Aurelius: Chill & Lofi (Sample Pack WAV)
A mellow collection of sounds suited to lazy afternoons and laid back chillout sessions
19 Mar 21
Elysium: Deep Ambient (Sample Pack WAV)
A collection of one-shots and loops that are sure to give a cinematic edge to your latest projects
06 Mar 20
Almanac - Ambient Movement (Sample Pack WAV)
Hypnotic rhythms and dreamlike melodics naturally tied together with organic textures, smooth pads and an experimental flair that will take your music to whole new places
26 May 23
Cataclysm - Ambient & Drone (Sample Pack WAV)
Blur the line between serenity and chaos & immerse yourself in a vast array of chilling drones, foreboding soundscapes and rhythmic textures
01 Sep 23
Metal Sound Effects (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
Bluezone releases Metal Sound Effects, an impressive selection of designed metal sound FX
BC 0231
16 Mar 17
Subspace Distortion: Sci Fi Cinematic Samples (Sample Pack WAV)
Subspace Distortion: Sci Fi Cinematic Samples from Bluezone Corporation consists of a vast array of science fiction ambiences, deep drones, cinematic SFX, evolving atmospheres, heavy impacts/spacious metal hits, futuristic and dark synth textures
BC 0233
16 Mar 17
Distant Wave: Cinematic Ambient Sounds (Sample Pack WAV)
Distant Wave: Cinematic Ambient Sounds features over 1.17 GB of sophisticated samples : Meticulously recorded, this exceptional sound library provides 179 samples in industry-standard 24-bit waves
BC 0234
16 Mar 17
Cobalt: Trailer SFX (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
Cobalt Trailer SFX from Bluezone Corporation contains over 179 ambiences, massive impacts/Cinematic hits, dark soundscapes, energetic sound effects, rises,industrial background sounds,transitions/whooshes, analog synth drones and innovating textures
BC 0232
16 Mar 17
Spectral Line: Cinematic Trailer Sounds (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
Spectral Line: Cinematic Trailer Sounds, an ultramodern collection of ambiences, evolving soundscapes, nervous drone sounds, cinematic SFX, impacts,meticulously recorded synth textures,energetic transitions,rises, whooshes and more
BC 0230
16 Mar 17
Electrostatic Field: Experimental Cinematic Samples (Sample Pack)
Produced by Bluezone Corporation, Electrostatic Field - Experimental Cinematic Samples features over 835 MB of ambient, electronic, soundtrack, trailer sounds and sfx
BC 0235
16 Mar 17
Lost In Space: Sci Fi Cinematic Samples
Bluezone releases Lost In Space: Sci Fi Cinematic Samples, a new science fiction Trailer/Cinematic sample pack covering a wide range of sophisticated and futuristic ambiences, transitions, sequences, SFX, drones and impacts
BC 0229
16 Mar 17
Kosmonaut: Cinematic Ambiences & Sound Effects (Sample Pack WAV)
A new ambient / cinematic sound collection of soundscapes, ambiences, drones, impacts, sound effects and more
BC 0238
18 Sep 18
Alien Planet Ambiences & Sound Effects (Sample Pack WAV)
A wide range of meticulously recorded nature ambience sound effects
BC 0247
18 Sep 18
Sky Observer - Cinematic Samples 02 (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
New cinematic sample library featuring over 304 loops & samples for ambient/cinematic music producers
BC 0221
04 Mar 16
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