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Sky Observer - Cinematic Samples 02 (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
New cinematic sample library featuring over 304 loops & samples for ambient/cinematic music producers
BC 0221
04 Mar 16
Eternal Grace: Experimental Ambient Samples (Sample Pack WAV)
Over 560 MB of inspiring cinematic, electronica and ambient production elements
BC 225
07 Jul 16
Metal Sound Effects (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
Bluezone releases Metal Sound Effects, an impressive selection of designed metal sound FX
BC 0231
16 Mar 17
Subspace Distortion: Sci Fi Cinematic Samples (Sample Pack WAV)
Subspace Distortion: Sci Fi Cinematic Samples from Bluezone Corporation consists of a vast array of science fiction ambiences, deep drones, cinematic SFX, evolving atmospheres, heavy impacts/spacious metal hits, futuristic and dark synth textures
BC 0233
16 Mar 17
Distant Wave: Cinematic Ambient Sounds (Sample Pack WAV)
Distant Wave: Cinematic Ambient Sounds features over 1.17 GB of sophisticated samples : Meticulously recorded, this exceptional sound library provides 179 samples in industry-standard 24-bit waves
BC 0234
16 Mar 17
Cobalt: Trailer SFX (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
Cobalt Trailer SFX from Bluezone Corporation contains over 179 ambiences, massive impacts/Cinematic hits, dark soundscapes, energetic sound effects, rises,industrial background sounds,transitions/whooshes, analog synth drones and innovating textures
BC 0232
16 Mar 17
Electrostatic Field: Experimental Cinematic Samples (Sample Pack)
Produced by Bluezone Corporation, Electrostatic Field - Experimental Cinematic Samples features over 835 MB of ambient, electronic, soundtrack, trailer sounds and sfx
BC 0235
16 Mar 17
Spectral Line: Cinematic Trailer Sounds (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
Spectral Line: Cinematic Trailer Sounds, an ultramodern collection of ambiences, evolving soundscapes, nervous drone sounds, cinematic SFX, impacts,meticulously recorded synth textures,energetic transitions,rises, whooshes and more
BC 0230
16 Mar 17
Lost In Space: Sci Fi Cinematic Samples
Bluezone releases Lost In Space: Sci Fi Cinematic Samples, a new science fiction Trailer/Cinematic sample pack covering a wide range of sophisticated and futuristic ambiences, transitions, sequences, SFX, drones and impacts
BC 0229
16 Mar 17
Chill Dip (Sample Pack WAV)
Sensational toolbox of downtempo loops recorded at 98 BPM
28 Jan 16
Absolute Chill Out (Sample Pack WAV)
10 Construction Kits aimed at producers of chill out, downtempo & lounge music including 40 sweeping & dark effects
15 Dec 14
Ambient Shift & Downtempo Auras (Sample Pack WAV)
Future chords, crisp organic soundscapes and atmospheric melodics float over deep foundations of thick kicks, powerful snares and crumbled foley percussion
06 Mar 17
FOCUS: Techno Drones & FX (Sample Pack WAV)
Pack loaded with cutting-edge dark drones, energized arps, dark & uplifting atmospheres, impacts and twisted FX one shots
22 Jun 17
Epic Trailers Vol 3 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Epic Trailers Vol 3 from EqualSounds is the third instalment from the series, bringing you another five exciting Construction Kits presenting enormous orchestral and synth sounds found in theatrical trailers across the globe
E-ET 3
05 Oct 17
Ambient FX Loops (Sample Pack WAV)
102 elegant looped mbient FX featuring ambiences, drones, FX and textures for ambient, experimental and cinematic music production
12 Sep 17
Ambient Chill Melodies 2 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
31 beautiful and soothing melodies for producers of Ambient and Chillout as well as Film/TV composers searching for some melodic inspiration
05 Apr 16
Ambient Chillscapes Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV)
500MB of chilled pads, blissed out chords & melodic sequences from the ambient underground
16 Apr 14
Ambient Chill Melodies (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
30 beautiful and soothing melodies for producers of ambien & chillout as well as film/TV composers
02 Feb 16
Ambient Drums & One-Shots (Sample Pack WAV/REX)
Drum loops & one-shots taken from popular Equinox Sounds packs for creating ambient, IDM, experimental, industrial and trip hop music
26 Nov 14
Ambient & Trance MIDI Chord Progressions (Sample Pack MIDI)
30 chord progressions in MIDI format suitable for ambient and trance producers
23 Aug 14
Vintage Space: Retro Ambient Sounds (Sample Pack WAV)
Inspirational loops and one-shot samples for creating retro sounding ambient music
31 Jan 15
Chill Trance MIDI Pad Chord Progressions (Sample Pack MIDI)
50 emotional and deep pad chord progressions in MIDI format for creating the melodic foundations for emotional trance, ambient trance, chill trance & dream trance music tracks
10 Feb 15
Ambient Chillscapes Vol 3 (Sample Pack WAV)
third of the series with 600MB of chilled pads, blissed out chords & melodic sequences from the ambient underground
22 Dec 14
Ambient Visions (Sample Pack WAV)
A collection of 100 looped atmospheric ambiences & sequences to fuel your sonic excursions into ambient & abstract forms of house, chillout, drum & bass, dubstep & cinematic
27 Apr 15
Total MIDI: Ambient & Chillout 2 (Sample Pack MIDI)
MIDI content compiled from Equinox Sounds' best collections for creating ambient, chillout, downtempo and cinematic space tracks
04 Sep 17
One-Shot Series: Ambient & Chillout (Sample Pack WAV)
Sample library featuring drum one-shot samples, one-shot instrument samples, & synthesizer & FX samples for ambient & chillout music producers
29 Apr 14
Ambient Chill Melodies 3 (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Ambient Chill Melodies 3 from Equinox Sounds features 30 beautiful and soothing melodies for producers of Ambient and chillout as well as film/TV composers searching for some melodic inspiration
02 Mar 17
Atmospheric Chill Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV)
Second volume of an entrancing blend of deep hypnotic ambience and cinematic touches
14 Nov 16
Dreamy Ambient (Sample Pack WAV)
A broad spectrum of enigmatic music containing all the tools needed to create beautiful chilled and relaxing music
18 Jul 16
Cinematic & Ambient MIDI Collection (Sample Pack MIDI)
158 MIDI files gathered from Famous Audio's Atmospheric Chill series
07 Jul 17
Live Series: Chilled Flutes (Sample Pack WAV)
Captivating, rich and warm tones to bring a cinematic chill flavour to compositions
30 Jun 16
Cinetools: Tranquillity (Sample Pack WAV)
chilled and relaxing content, featuring 250 mind-soothing loops and samples.
20 Oct 16
Cinetools: Sinister Drones (Sample Pack WAV)
Almost 4GB of the darkest drones, layered ambiences, ambient soundscapes and more
01 Mar 16
Ethereal Adventure (Sample Pack WAV)
190 mind-bending ambient & chillout loops & samples
13 Jul 15
Gloomy Ambient (Sample Pack WAV)
A diverse range of deep, dark and oppressively hypnotizing sounds
16 Dec 16
Foley FX (Sample Pack WAV)
Rob Humanoid presents a large collection of real life sounds, industrial machines, drum shots and nature
30 May 16
Alien FX (Sample Pack WAV)
Over 250 alien FX samples including swells, drones, pads, atmospheres and complex soundscapes
09 Feb 15
Heavy Drones & Hard Noise (Sample Pack WAV)
Another heavy experimental sound pack featuring up to 1 hour and 34 minutes of tones, drones and noise
29 May 17
Drone N Noise (Sample Pack WAV)
Another dark collection of sounds from the sonic vaults of JQR
01 Feb 16
Ambience Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV)
A journey through the villages, forests, rivers and communities of Thailand and Sri Lanka
09 Dec 14
Transparent: Ambient Pad, Texture & Drone (Sample Pack WAV)
Collection of organic, dark and eerie sounds evocative of sonic movement
LLSL 1604
03 Nov 16
Dark Downtempo (Sample Pack WAV)
A strong collection of ambient and electronic loops in line with the sound of the moment
14 Jun 17
Ambient Tools (Sample Pack WAV)
Ambient Tools by Loopersound,offers a emotive and powerfull selection of Synth Loops perfect for Ambient/ Chillout and Electronica productions. The Pack includes 151 SynthLoops labelled with the root key to 110,115 and 120 bpm.
LS 023
18 May 17
Deep & Electronica (Sample Pack WAV)
a strong collection of drum, bass and synth loops in ambient and electronic styles
LS 008
11 Jul 16
Organic Deep Textures (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
An evolving journey of sound to set the scene and illuminate the atmospheric mood of your music
11 Aug 17
Aurora Ambient Chill (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/REASON)
An expansive collection of smooth melodies, sultry beats and arctic tones designed to bring depth and clarity to your music
16 Sep 17
Zen Ambient 2 (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
A deep collection of rich, melodic sounds featuring hypnotic rhythms, natural resonances and harmonic overtones
20 Jun 16
Aethers 01 (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE)
Ultimae Records and Vincent Villuis aka AES DANA present 3 GB of atmospheric sounds and field recordings
24 Feb 14
Patchworx 72: Atmospheric Electronica (Sample Pack Massive Presets)
Atmospheres, bass, SFX & keys sounds that make full use of Native Instruments Massive soft synths flexible modulation options
13 Oct 15
Organic Electronics Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
A fresh set of chilled electronica featuring rich ambient soundscapes, evolving textures and warm organic beats
10 Feb 17
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