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Africa Hitech

Do U Really Wanna Fight - (2:48) 145 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Silencer Riddim - (3:13) 142 BPM
Swair - (4:11)
Do U Really Wanna Fight (instrumental) - (2:30) 145 BPM
Played by: Nice Up! Records, XLII, Xlii
WAP 325D
07 Nov 11
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
from $1.49
Out In The Streets (VIP) - (5:12) 160 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Caveman Style - (4:31) 190 BPM
Seek Em Step - (4:23) 186 BPM
Looking For The One (digital bonus track) - (4:25) 159 BPM
Review: Messrs Pritchard and Spacek have only just dropped a killer new album on us in the shape of 93 Million Miles and now they add more fuel to the fire of critical acclaim with this EP. Not only do they serve up a VIP version of one of the album's strongest moments in "Out In The Streets" but two further new arrangements as well. We have to start with the VIP though which marries the bouncing digital dancehall meets juke of the original with an all encompassing assault of explosive jungle rhythms. We checked the small print and it comes with a guarantee to cause screw face at festivals and warehouses across the globe this summer. Check the flip for the righteous future boogie of "Caveman Style", which is nestled alongside the skittering rhythms and creeping Nintendo head nod vibes of "Seek Em Step". This release also comes with digital bonus track "Looking For The One".
WAP 315D
20 Jun 11
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
93 Million Miles - (6:35) 72 BPM
Do U Wanna Fight - (3:40) 80 BPM
Out In The Streets - (5:12) 107 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Future Moves - (3:28) 94 BPM
Glangslap - (4:56) 94 BPM
Our Luv - (8:37) 57 BPM
Spirit - (5:55) 71 BPM
Light The Way - (4:56) 75 BPM
Footstep - (5:36) 107 BPM
Cyclic Sun - (4:42) 70 BPM
Dont Fight It - (4:41) 60 BPM
09 May 11
from $1.49
02 Mar 11
from $1.49
How Does It Make U Feel - (8:31) 65 BPM
Said Speed - (6:24) 72 BPM
Lash Out - (3:25) 95 BPM
Boingy - (3:54) 72 BPM
One Two - (3:04) 62 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
One Two (instrumental) - (3:04) 63 BPM
WAP 298D
28 Jun 10
from $1.49
Blen - (3:38)
Blen (remix) - (4:47) 143 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
The Sound Of Tomorrow - (5:56)
Blen (instrumental) - (3:38)
Review: A heavenly collaboration between the legendary musical journeyman Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek, Africa Hitech is a delicious fusion of grime, dancehall and techno that really glistens with energy and has had fans breathlessly waiting for this first release on Warp. Lead tune "Blen" won't disappoint at all, a heavy old-school grime beat with an uptempo but still laid back vocal, it's an absolute joy. As well as a remix of "Blen" and an instrumental, there's also the more plaintive but still riveting "The Sound of Tomorrow". Well worth the hype, check out why fans are getting in a lather for Africa Hitech.
WAP 283D
19 Apr 10
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
from $1.49


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