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Touch The Sky EP
Review: Amazingblaze follows his recent Believe release on KNTXT with this high-paced banger. According to the producer, it's a 'blend of emotions' - and it's hard to disagree with him. The title track and "Kaleidoscope" are both frenetic affairs. Shot through with trance melodies and featuring soulful female vocals, both tracks manage to be both infectious and club friendly. The mood is somewhat darker on "Thank You, God Always". Centred on a driving rhythm and insistent chord loops, it's a real heads-down affair. The same can be said about "Habits", albeit with a twist as Amazingblaze weaves an angelic female vocal over the pounding groove.
 from $1.89
23 May 24
Can't Stop EP
Review: Amazingblaze has only put out a handful of releases, but the fact that Can't Stop is being released on Charlotte de Witte's label is reflective of the following he commands. Similar to most releases on KNTXT, it's a high-octane affair. Trance motifs and mesmerising acid lines light up the title track, while Amazingblaze pays tribute to happy hardcore on the high-pitched vocals of "Got the Vibe". "Enter The Rave" meanwhile, draws on a darker side of 90s dance, with frenetic break beats underpinning the kind of rave stabs last heard on T99's classic "Anasthasia". Continuing this theme, "On the Grind" fuses rapid fire MCing with dramatic builds and drops.
 from $1.89
27 Jan 23
Venture EP
Review: Continuing its run of signing new artists, KNTXT has snapped up Amazingblaze for a debut EP on the label. The title track is already a firm favourite of imprint boss Charlotte de Witte, and it's not hard to understand why, with its sample-heavy peak arrangement peppered with hardcore stabs. On "Inner Fire", Amazingblaze maintains the fast tempo, with a frenetic, pulsating rhythm underpinning high-pitched vocals. "Flashback" revolves around a throbbing groove, chopped up with funky break beats and tranced out chords. Closing out this impressive release are the wild acid shrieks and visceral hardcore rhythm of "Neutron", which sounds like a hyper-speed take on classic ebm.
 from $1.89
25 Feb 22
Various Artists 08
 from $1.89
KTK 028
07 Feb 22
Hard Techno
Planet MHz IV
 from $1.89
MHZV 004
18 Aug 21
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