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Asha Puthli

The iconic Indian vocalist Asha Puthli returns to the global stage with a series of electrifying projects celebrating her global influence and legacy as an artist.

Asha Puthli (best pronounced PUT-LEE, as in "put that away") is one of the most successful vocalists to come out of India. Perhaps best known for her stirring vocals on free jazz legend Ornette Coleman's ‘Science Fiction’ album as well as her cult cosmic disco opus ‘The Devil Is Loose’ (featuring The Loft classic ‘Space Talk’), Asha is a cosmopolitan pioneer of jazz, disco, funk, soul and electronic music who has recorded ten solo albums for labels like EMI and CBS/Sony.

The legendary artist has just released her first official remix album ‘Disco Mystic: Select Remixes Volume 1’ on the Naya Beat label. It features remixes by legendary dance music producers including Yuksek, Kraak & Smaak, Maurice Fulton, Jitwam, Turbotito & Ragz and Psychemagik using the long mythologised original recordings of Puthli's most seminal albums, including ‘The Devil is Loose’. The number 1 album on Juno Download (as well as in the Nu-Disco/Disco and Funk categories), it sold out on vinyl within days of its release. This follows her critically acclaimed ‘Space Talk’ EP released in April 2023 featuring remixes of her iconic track by French house music legend Dimitri From Paris.

Asha is now gearing up for what promises to be the event of 2024 – a European and Australian tour slated for the summer that will include performances at iconic venues and festivals including We Out Here, RISING Festival, The Jazz Café and others. This is her first official tour in 40 years and a once in a lifetime opportunity for her fans, old and new, to see her perform.

Although Asha is a jazz improviser at heart, her major label recordings reflect her wide-ranging aesthetic: she moves between disco, Indian classical, avant-garde jazz, R&B, soul, funk, ambient, new age and new wave. The eclectic, often outré artwork that graces her albums stem from her early interest in glam and glitter rock. Her silken, ethereal soprano voice laced over dance beats created the sonic template that would later rocket artists like Blondie and Donna Summer to worldwide popularity. Yet Puthli's recordings remain testaments to her pioneering musical vision.

A quick glance at some of the artists with whom she has recorded, sung or shared the stage with is a testament to her eclecticism: Ornette Coleman, Lionel Hampton, Alice Coltrane, Roy Ayers, Henry Threadgill, Grace Jones, Mirielle Mathieu, Sonny Rollins, Charlie Haden, Renato Zero, Barry White, Bill Laswell, Patti Smith, Nina Hagen, Don Cherry, Freddie Hubbard, and Django Reinhardt to name a few.

Born and raised in Bombay, Puthli began her musical journey in classical Indian music and opera, which later branched out and evolved into jazz and fusion. Her quest to synergize east and west began via a dance scholarship to New York with Martha Graham.
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Disco Mystic: Select Remixes Volume 1
I Am Song (Sing Me) (Yuksek remix) - (4:23) 126 BPM Hot
Space Talk (Maurice Fulton remix) - (7:02) 100 BPM
Lies (Kraak & Smaak remix) - (3:56) 100 BPM
One Night Affair (Turbotito & Ragz remix) - (6:32) 110 BPM
Right Down Here (Psychemagik remix) - (6:13) 96 BPM
I'm Gonna Dance (Jitwam remix) - (4:40) 125 BPM
Review: Buoyed by the success of the Dimitri From Paris remixes of 'Space Talk', Naya Beat has decided to offer up more new reworks of classic cuts from the disco-era catalogue of Indian singer and actress Asha Puthli. Naturally Space Talk gets another tweak - Maurice Fulton delivers a sparse, percussive, dubbed-out take in his inimitable style -but there are plenty of revisions of lesser-celebrated cuts to enjoy. Yuksek turns 'I Am Song (Sing Me)' into a hybrid storming soul/surging Moroder-disco workout; Kraak & Smaak go all deep disco on the dreamy 'Lies'; Turbitto & Ragz add a touch of delay to the Indian disco-goes-Salsoul flex of 'One Night Affair'; 'Right Down Here' is turned into a spaced-out cosmic disco number by Psychemagik; and Jitwam adds a touch of 21st century weight to suspenseful disco gem 'I'm Gonna Dance'.
 from $1.89
NAYA 005
22 Sep 23
Lies (Kraak & Smaak Remix)
Lies (Kraak & Smaak remix) - (3:56) 100 BPM
Played by: Kongisto
 from $1.89
NAYA 005S5
15 Sep 23
Right Down Here (Psychemagik Remix)
Right Down Here (Psychemagik remix) - (6:13) 96 BPM
 from $1.89
NAYA 005S4
01 Sep 23
One Night Affair (Turbotito & Ragz Remix)
One Night Affair (Turbotito & Ragz remix) - (6:32) 110 BPM
 from $1.89
NAYA 005S3
18 Aug 23
Space Talk (Maurice Fulton Remix)
Space Talk (Maurice Fulton remix) - (7:02) 100 BPM
 from $1.89
NAYA 005S2
04 Aug 23
I Am Song (Sing Me) (Yuksek Remix)
I Am Song (Sing Me) (Yuksek remix) - (4:23) 126 BPM
 from $1.89
NAYA 005S1
21 Jul 23
Space Talk: With Remixes By Dimitri From Paris
Space Talk (Dimitri From Paris remix) - (7:19) 102 BPM Hot
Space Talk - (5:27) 100 BPM
Space Talk (Dimitri From Paris Spacer dub) - (6:37) 102 BPM
Space Talk (extended mix) - (6:42) 98 BPM
Review: Four new mixes here of a track from 1976 that'll be familiar to most disco connoisseurs: a firm favourite at David Mancuso's The Loft, it's featured on countless bootlegs over the years (including the 'Loft Classics' 12-inch series in the 90s) as well as Tom Middleton's 'The Trip' compilation. The Extended and 2023 mixes delivered here stick pretty faithfully to the space-y, sensual groove of the original, leaving it up to everyone's favourite moustachioed Parisian to get busy with the echo box and other FX on his Remix before stripping things right back on his Spacer Dub. A must, whichever rub you plump for.
 from $1.89
NAYA- 004
28 Apr 23
Naya Beat Volume 1: South Asian Dance And Electronic Music 1983-1992
Sheila Chandra - "The Awakening" - (5:37) 97 BPM
Babla & His Orchestra - "Sabko Maloom Hain Main Sharabi Nahin" - (3:56) 98 BPM
Arundhati Bhaumik - "Kaga Bole Mera" (Turbotito & Ragz rework) - (5:41) 112 BPM
East-West - "Can't Face The Night" (club mix) - (5:08) 121 BPM
Nazia Hassan & Zoheb Hassan - "Dosti" - (4:33) 107 BPM
Musarrat - "The Indian Dance" - (3:47) 115 BPM
Musarrat Nazir - "Hosh Nahin Hai Ji Mujhe" - (6:01) 84 BPM
Remo Fernandes - "Jungle Days" - (6:38) 132 BPM
Asha Puthli - "Chipko Chipko" - (6:14) 128 BPM Hot
Manjeet Kondal - "Ishkaan De Mamle" - (6:42) 127 BPM
Shakti - "Pi Pi" (Turbotito & Ragz rework) - (5:16) 129 BPM
Bappi Lahiri & Suresh - "Thottu Thottu Aadavaa" (Turbotito & Ragz rework) - (6:34) 126 BPM
Mangal Singh - "Masti Bhara Sama Hai" (Turbotito & Ragz rework) - (6:22) 70 BPM
 from $1.89
NAYA 001
25 Jun 21
Late Night Tales: After Dark (unmixed tracks)
Bill Brewster / Various
Various - "Late Night Tales Presents After Dark" (Bill Brewster continuous mix) - (1:18:04) 110 BPM
Marti Caine - "Love The Way You Love Me" - (5:40) 93 BPM
Linus Loves - "The Love" - (5:10) 102 BPM
Quiller - "Quiller" - (6:50) 103 BPM
Twin Sister - "All Around & Away We Go" (Hotel Motel mix) - (9:56) 105 BPM Hot
TBS - "Extraterrestrial Manouevres In The Dark" (feat Jamalski) - (4:31) 105 BPM
Jamiroquai - "Alright" (DJ version excursion) - (6:47) 106 BPM
The Doves - "Compulsion" (Padded Cell remix) - (7:30) 105 BPM
Coober Pedy University Band - "Moon Plain" - (7:20) 109 BPM
Jamie Lloyd - "Movin' In" (Brennan Green mix) - (8:03) 107 BPM
Fernando Pulichino - "Best Is Yet To Come" - (6:33) 111 BPM
Martin Kershaw - "Keep On Pokin'" - (8:46) 111 BPM
M - "Machistador" - (8:04) 112 BPM
Karma - "Beach Towel" (I:Cube mix) - (10:10) 111 BPM
Zed Bias - "Koolade" (feat Toddla T & MDcL) - (6:28) 112 BPM
Beans & Company - "The Go Go" - (6:11) 115 BPM
Tad Wily - "After Dark" - (6:29) 114 BPM
Herbest Moon - "Blow Your Body" (Deep Space dub) - (8:27) 120 BPM
Asha Puthli - "Space Talk" - (5:39) 100 BPM
Review: Given his encyclopedic knowledge of music, you'd expect any compilation put together by Bill Brewster to be full of unlikely gems and lesser-known anthems. That's certainly the case with After Dark, the first in a new DJ-focused series from the Late Night Tales camp. From start to finish, Brewster's selections are spot on, from the lowdown, slo-mo disco oddness of Sheffield chanteuse Marti Caine's "Love The Way You Love Me" and wide-eyed, acid-laden kosmiche of Coober Peder University Band's "Moon Plain", to the dirty electrofunk of Zed Bias's "Koolade" (featuring Toddla T, of all people) and mid'80s percussion fest of Martin Kershaw's "Keep On Pokin". If that wasn't enough, Brewster has also unearthed a decent Jamiroquai record. The wonders never cease.
 from $1.89
05 May 13
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