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Ombra Intl 004
09 Feb 18
Bagarre Perdue - "Cowboy" - (4:27) 120 BPM
Sutja Gutierrez - "Great Chain Of Being" - (6:16) 102 BPM
Mondowski - "Cold Sweat" - (5:57) 64 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Seven Knives - "Wires Go Golden" - (5:45) 105 BPM
from $1.91
Review: Ombra International is a Berlin based indie-dance label run by Luca Venezia aka Curses (formerly Drop The Lime) featuring artists from around the globe sharing a mutual love for post-punk, new wave and other weird guitar and synth sounds. What's more, they're united by lust and fury and alone.. together! Commencing with the hazy and slow-burning cosmo-psychedelia of Bordeaux based enfant terribles Bagarre Perdue with "Cowboy", Sutja Gutierrez' "Great Chain Of Being" will take you deep into the exotic with its enchanting west Asian musical aesthetics. On the flip, more cosmic rock for fans of legends like Can courtesy of Frenchman Mondowski while Russian act Seven Knives channel the early '80s vibes of Neue Deutsche Welle on "Wires Go Golden".
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