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Simple Things
LSR 014D
05 May 14
Deep House
Wave - (4:58) 123 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Everything - (5:49) 116 BPM
YEAH - (5:31) 125 BPM
Crying (feat Carrol) - (5:32) 116 BPM
from $1.92
Review: Given the quality of his previous releases under the Gnork alias on Blind Jacks Journey, it's perhaps unsurprising that this first Black L3go EP on Legendary Sound Research is a bit of a belter. Keeping things deep and undulating throughout, the Budapest-based producer variously turns his hand to spine-tingling piano house ("YEAH"), woozy, Wolf Music-ish minor key deepness ("Everything") and double bass-laden, super-deep house (the decidedly melancholic but nonetheless superb "Crying"). Best of all, though, is "Waving", whose disco-tinged fusion of loose drum breaks, bold pianos, tinkling cowbells and warm chords is really rather wonderful.
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