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Baby U Got Party Break - (3:29) 120 BPM
Hello Party Break - (4:24) 120 BPM
What Does It Take Party Break - (4:18) 120 BPM
Diamond Party Break - (5:06) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Do It 4 The Party Break - (3:31) 108 BPM
Played by: Kongisto
Review: Five re-edits here, but the original source for most of 'em has us beat, though we can tell you that 'Do It For The Break' loops up chunks of Bobby Caldwell's 'What You Won't Do For Love' and 'Diamond Party Break' draws on William DeVaughan's 'Be Thankful For What You Got'. Elsewhere, 'Baby U Got Party Break' has subtle Hammonds and an acoustic soul-style vocal, 'Hello Party Break' marries an Akon-esque chipmunk'd female vocal to a strident male rap, and 'What Does It Take Party Break' centres around a looping piano riff. Any/all of the five should play well on more leftfield hip-hop and funk floors.
BDE 017
19 Sep 20
from $1.49
Boogie Time - (6:22) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Cold Boogie - (5:55) 120 BPM
Cold Boogie Live - (5:55) 120 BPM
Boogie With Me - (6:56) 120 BPM
Boogie On The Street - (4:55) 120 BPM
Boogie On Down - (5:32) 120 BPM
Glow Edit - (7:06) 120 BPM
Mary Jane Edit - (5:32) 120 BPM
Boogie Child - (7:06) 120 BPM
Boogie Love - (4:26) 120 BPM
Tasty Edit - (4:26) 120 BPM
When Yo Boogie Is Mine - (4:22) 120 BPM
You Boogie Me On - (5:32) 120 BPM
You Boogie Me On Live - (5:32) 120 BPM
RJ Riddim - (5:32) 120 BPM
Review: Re-edit collections drawing on the work of a single artist seem to be something of a growing phenomenon lately, and here it's funk legend Rick James that gets the treatment. It's not a job that necessarily needed doing, admittedly - it's hard to imagine there are many DJs out there who play funk but can't satisfactorily programme a Rick James record! But as a tribute and a labour of love this 15-track set can certainly hold its own, and those who've rinsed the originals may well appreciate their getting a refresh here while the EP will also, hopefully, help introduce the work of the troubled proto-Prince to a new generation.
BDE 016
30 Mar 20
from $1.49
If I Ruled The Funk - (3:51) 110 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
It Ain't Hard 2 Funk - (4:47) 50 BPM
Life's A Biyaaatch - (3:58) 87 BPM
Made U Funk - (3:20) 104 BPM
Ghetto Is Like... - (4:28) 99 BPM
1 Mic - (6:09) 94 BPM
Street Dreamz - (4:20) 52 BPM
NY Streets - (3:15) 80 BPM
Review: The latest in the Lost Angeles re-edit crew's series of self-titled EPs/albums marks something of a departure from the script. Earlier releases were straight-up dancefloor re-edits, #14 was made up exclusively of Steve Wonder reworks: now on #15 they shine a similar spotlight on the funk output of the late, great Curtis Mayfield, but overlay each edit with bars from the likes of Nas, Rakim, Ice T and Lauryn Hill. It's an interesting approach that works best on 'It Ain't Hard 2 Funk', which is based on stone-cold classic 'Pusherman', though it does mean this EP's more one for the hip-hoppers than straight-up funkateers.
BDE 015
20 Oct 19
from $1.49
Another Boogie - (4:20) 122 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Do Eye Boogie - (5:49) 113 BPM
Can't Help It - (4:41) 110 BPM
Wish - (5:18) 105 BPM
Jammin' - (5:00) 102 BPM
Livin' For The Boogie - (5:44) 110 BPM
Love Lite - (6:18) 109 BPM
Master Dub - (6:26) 128 BPM
What The? - (6:55) 100 BPM
Ain't Done Nuthin' - (5:22) 100 BPM
Sir Boogie - (7:44) 105 BPM
BDE 014
01 Jun 17
from $1.49
Love Me - (5:10) 118 BPM
Can't Get Enuf - (4:50) 115 BPM
I Want U - (4:27) 114 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Starship - (5:13) 112 BPM
Friends - (4:43) 112 BPM
Pillow Talk - (3:43) 110 BPM
Played by: Sould Out
Review: The Boogie Down posse reside in Los Angeles, carefully crafting subtle scalpel jobs and releasing them in a series of eagerly awaiting compilations. We get six jams this time round, all funky as you like, but highlights include the smooth n' jazzy Magic FM soul of 'Can't Get Enuf", the melodic Paradise Garage grooves of "Friends" and the dreamy ethereal closer "Starship". Quality edits every time!
BDE 013
02 Feb 17
from $1.49
E-Lusion - (4:43) 117 BPM
Groove - (6:04) 112 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Street Boogie - (6:11) 126 BPM
Feel Free To Boogie - (6:45) 116 BPM
Infatuation - (6:37) 122 BPM
Played by: Boogie Down Edits
Review: Heads down for the 12th installment of the mysterious Boogie Down Edits series, in which our L.A-based heroes take their scalpel to more choice '70s and '80s material. They begin with the tactile Rhodes chords, drifting pads and loved-up house grooves of "E-Lusion", before returning to familiar territory with the talkbox-boasting P-funk shuffle of "Groove". "Street Boogie" saunters off on an edit-heavy, electro-propelled synth-funk tip, before "Feel Free To Boogie" makes merry with eyes-closed guitar solos, rubbery slap bass and punchy drums. Finally, "Infatuation" is piano-laden roller that sits somewhere between classic disco, Italo-disco, boogie and proto-house. It's arguably the EP's finest moment.
BDE 012
27 Apr 16
from $1.49
Nuthin' But A Jam - (4:45) 115 BPM
September Boogie - (5:34) 125 BPM
Dancing - (6:11) 113 BPM
Boogie Lover - (7:25) 115 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
I Want U - (5:25) 120 BPM
Roller Boogie - (6:33) 115 BPM
Review: We don't know whether the Boogie Down Edits crew spend a lot of time cruising round L.A in a convertible with the roof down, but their edits - often of old West Coast P-funk, boogie, modern soul and hip-hop - would make the perfect accompaniment if they do. There's plenty of similarly hot fodder on this latest installment in their self-titled series, beginning with the P-funk meets hip-hop soul gem "Nuthin' But A Jam". Elsewhere, there's plenty more dancefloor heat to enjoy, from the beatbox electro-meets-'80s soul goodness of "Dancing", and the instrumental Prince re-rub "Boogie Lover", to the '80s disco stomp of "I Want U", and the Vaughan Mason & Co tweak "Roller Boogie".
BDE 011
15 Jan 16
from $1.49
Wish - (6:30) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
The Luv Of Money - (6:58) 120 BPM
Groove On - (6:05) 115 BPM
India Funq - (6:30) 120 BPM
Soviet Funq - (6:07) 120 BPM
Alone - (4:33) 115 BPM
Chocolate City - (7:50) 115 BPM
Review: You get the impression that Los Angeles' Boogie Down Edits crew has one priority: to ensure that the party always gets going. Certainly, the Californian collective has gone for the jugular on this tenth edition of their self-titled rework series. Their intentions are clear from the start, when they deliver a smooth, soulful house-influenced remix of a well-known R&B staple ("Wish"), followed by a beefed-up rendition of The Disco Dub Band's "For The Love of Money". Elsewhere, the tooled-up treats come thick and fast, from the exotic Eastern disco-goes-house of "India Funq", to the New Jack Swing revivalism of "Chocolate City".
BDE 010
09 Dec 15
from $1.49
At The Concert - (4:21) 122 BPM
Git Your Luv - (5:30) 117 BPM
Tamiko's Groove - (5:10) 115 BPM
Believe - (5:36) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Do What U Feel - (6:00) 128 BPM
Review: One of the joys of Californian re-edit crew Boogie Down Edits' self-titled releases is their willingness to breathe new life into forgotten, overlooked or lesser known West Coast disco, boogie and electrofunk jams. They're at it again on this ninth volume in the series, opening with the poppin' and lockin' synth-funk brilliance of "At The Concert", before brilliantly beefing up some eyes-closed '80s soul in a rolling house style ("Believe"). Elsewhere, they reach for the disco ammunition, variously delivering percussive disco/boogie fusion ("Tamiko's Groove"), heavy orchestral stomp ("Do What You Feel"), and cheery disco-funk ("Git Your Luv").
More no-nonsense.
BDE 009
28 Oct 15
from $1.49
Cumbia Boogie 2EXCLUSIVE
Corazon - (3:45) 95 BPM
Espinas - (5:00) 90 BPM
It's A Pity - (4:37) 80 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
La Cubana - (5:03) 92 BPM
Tambor - (4:52) 90 BPM
Por Que Me Invitan - (4:36) 100 BPM
Review: Los-Angeles boogie masher-uppers, Boogie Down Edits, are back with the second helping of their Cumbia Boogie chapter, a series reserved for Latin-influenced disco bombshells. Much like the previous outing, the second instalment of the series contains a gorgeous load of organic percussion and carnival-esque vocals; the shining moments reside in the piano-led "Espinas" and the reggaeton-leaning "It's A Pity". It's party time, people!
BDE 008
08 Sep 15
from $1.49
Time - (6:51) 122 BPM
Magick - (6:05) 122 BPM
Right On! - (4:55) 98 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Beyond The Funk - (5:42) 102 BPM
Funk Zone - (5:46) 120 BPM
Dancefloor - (7:01) 110 BPM
The Vibe - (5:24) 120 BPM
Review: Californian edit outfit, Boogie Down, have been on a roll since they first unveiled their first compilation last October. The series has been fast n' furious, with the seventh installment arriving just in time to catch summer's final rays. This time there are seven new sizzlers, including the sped up chi-chi disco loops of "Time", the funky drummered Curtis Mayfield-isms of "Right On!" and the percolating electrofunk soup of "Beyond The Funk".
BDE 007
03 Aug 15
from $1.49
Cumbia BoogieEXCLUSIVE
Chambuku - (5:31) 52 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Cumbia Boogie - (4:28) 60 BPM
Cumbia Del Rio - (5:59) 55 BPM
El Gigante - (5:01) 52 BPM
Brujeria - (5:02) 97 BPM
Pendejita - (4:57) 52 BPM
BDE 006
26 Jun 15
from $1.49
Disco! - (5:32) 125 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Never Know - (6:58) 98 BPM
You A Freak - (4:51) 107 BPM
Do It - (7:21) 118 BPM
Come With Me - (7:24) 120 BPM
Come On - (4:49) 115 BPM
Let's Party - (5:32) 118 BPM
Review: The Boogie Down Edits crew have been busy. It's not all that long since their last outing, yet this fifth instalment in the series boasts no less than seven tried-and-tested reworks. Naturally, the standard is high throughout. Throw in an admirable desire to mix up the genres - contrast, for example, the Bollywood-goes-New York stomp of "Disco", with the talkbox-heavy Roger Troutman rearrangement of "Come With Me", and the intergalactic down-low madness of "Let's Party" - and you've got a package that bristles with highly playable fodder. While there's a bit more contemporary heaviness to the bottom end, the crew's desire to treat the original material with due respect shines through.
BDE 005
04 May 15
from $1.49
Special Love - (8:03) 108 BPM
Disco Dancer - (6:17) 112 BPM
The Cats Away - (6:12) 115 BPM
Let's Funk - (5:54) 115 BPM
Shake Yo Body - (4:58) 120 BPM
Searching - (6:18) 120 BPM
Talk Boxing - (6:58) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Bernadette - (4:20) 111 BPM
Review: The Los Angeles-based Boogie Down Edits crew are slowly gaining a reputation for the quality of their scalpel works, which tend towards the sympathetic whilst taking account of the needs of contemporary DJs. This fourth expansive volume in the series contains plenty more reasons to be cheerful, from the tight electro-funk shuffle of "Special Love" and P-Funk bounce of "The Cats Away", to the Prelude-ish synths and boogie badness of "Searching" - and razor-sharp B-boy electro of "Talk Boxing". They also find space to squeeze in the rubbery funk bass and drum machine beats of "Bernadette", and the superb disco-funk rub "Disco Dancer". Extra points will be awarded to anyone who recognises the original source material.
BDE 004
17 Feb 15
from $1.49
Cyber Boogie - (7:44) 105 BPM
What's Goin' Down - (6:11) 117 BPM
Saturday Night Boogie - (6:36) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Freestylin' - (5:41) 115 BPM
Touch - (7:03) 110 BPM
Boogie Connection - (5:58) 120 BPM
Summer Boogie Down - (8:32) 120 BPM
Review: With this, their latest EP, Los Angeles's finest re-edit outfit, Boogie Down Edits, intend to inject a little sun into this cold and dark New Year. They don't do a bad job either, and although some purists will baulk at the liberties taken with classics like "Cybernetic Love", "What's Going On?" and "Midas Touch", there are plenty more obscure jams here to brighten everybody's day.
BDE 003
06 Jan 15
from $1.49
Boogie Down - (6:56) 110 BPM
Do It - (5:03) 115 BPM
Get Up - (7:11) 110 BPM
U Luv It - (6:26) 120 BPM
Hangin' On - (5:44) 108 BPM
Porno Funq - (6:43) 116 BPM
In Your Eyes - (10:06) 118 BPM
West Side - (4:08) 101 BPM
Make Me Cry - (5:10) 115 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Here we have the sophomore outing for Californian edit crew, Boogie Down, who specialise in sunkissed retro West Coast vibes. Keen to make up for lack of releases, they've jammed a whopping nine scalpel jobs on to this release. We've been grooving to the whole lot here at Juno HQ, but our faves include the minimal cowbell and clap-athon "Get Up", the dreamy Supremes teaser, "Hanging On" and the squelchy G-funk synth jam, "West Side". Dope.
BDE 002
05 Dec 14
from $1.49
Do 4 Luv - (5:42) 108 BPM
Baby You Got It - (6:50) 120 BPM
Diamond In The Back - (9:29) 120 BPM
What Does It Take? - (4:52) 120 BPM
Hello - (4:51) 120 BPM
All Night - (5:37) 118 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Flashlight - (5:24) 120 BPM
In The Bottle - (5:54) 120 BPM
Inside Out - (5:26) 122 BPM
BDE 001
28 Oct 14
from $1.49


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