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Ghost Assassin EP
CLS 2012017
16 Jul 12
Drum And Bass
Maduk - "Ghost Assassin" (feat Veela) - (3:41) 175 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Booij - "Voices" (Maduk remix) - (3:27) 170 BPM
from $1.91
Review: A superb single here from upcoming talents Maduk, for the prolific Celsius - a liquid label who have consistently provided us with ear-pleasing tunes for a good while now. Maduk's original piece "Ghost Assassin" leads the way, featuring the vocal talents of Canadian singer Veela, who you may remember from Med School's "New Blood 011" compilation last year - this is all euphoric synths, warm undulating bass and uplifting lyrics. Next, he goes in on Booij's "Voices" and re-works it to huge effect, transforming it into a sumptuous slice of liquid funk with enticing, delicate melodies.
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