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Boydex & Pecoe

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Blessing EP
Boydex & Baxsta - "Burning Up" (feat Sully Sax) - (4:11) 150 BPM Hot
Blessings (feat Sully Sax) - (3:35) 58 BPM
Boydex & Pecoe - "Move Around" - (4:12) 118 BPM
Boydex & Baxsta - "Funky Fresh" - (4:02) 105 BPM
Review: Next up from the incredibly consistent catalogue of Breakbeat Paradise, we see them unveil yet another spicey box of weaponry, this time welcoming the one and only Boydex inside along with a host of guests to match. We begin with the sumptuous saxophone riffs and euphoria inducing structures of 'Burning Up' combining beautiful vocal plays from Sully Sax and tidy co-production from Baxta. From here, 'Blessings' arrives with more sweet vocal work from the very same, this time rolling out a much more funk-driven feeling, followed by a wavy co-appearance from Pecoe on the hip-hop inspired skins of 'Move Around'. Finally, 'Funky Fresh' unveils a crunkulated combination of electronic rhythm and moody drum struts, giving us one hell of a closer to round things off!
 from $1.89
BBP 223
18 May 23
Funk Fam
Boydex & Pecoe - "Push It" (feat Sully Sax) - (4:00) 115 BPM Hot
Funk Fam - (2:45) 105 BPM
Boydex & Stabfinger - "Cosmic Funk" - (3:54) 116 BPM
Party - (4:52) 113 BPM
Ease Your Mind - (3:40) 105 BPM
Review: As always, the Breakbeat Paradise team are bang in form as they unveil yet another top quality drop, this time welcoming the explosive sounds of Boydex inside, who delivers a weighty five track collection. We open up with the bulbous bounces of 'Push it', which sees the team link up with Sully Sax & Pecoe for an old school funkadelic freak out, followed by the horn-driven title track 'Funk Fam' and disco-laced delights of 'Cosmic Funk', which also sees Stabfinger move into the collaborative harness. Two more corkers to round off then as 'Party' lets fly another dizzy display of brass and guitar combos, before the stuttered drum taps and distant vocal sampling of 'Ease Your Mind' gives us a crunchy landing to close out with. Lovely work!
 from $1.89
BBP 209
20 May 22
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