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Bruce Missile

Iceone - "Hump Around" (rocksteady mix) - (3:11) 104 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Bruce Missile - "Why Me" - (3:50) 91 BPM
Bluntskull - "Clips For My Nine" - (4:20) 106 BPM
Subtifuge - "Too Greedy" - (5:14) 87 BPM
Review: Soundclash-level battle booties abound as Dirty Dubster dish out another Ragga Party Jams collection. Iceone's "Hump Around" takes the vocals of House Of Pain's sure-fire party smasher "Jump Around" and lay them down of a Toots style reggae groove. "Why Me", meanwhile, takes Cuban Links and introduces him to a laidback dub funk lick (complete with neat references to Cutty Ranks). Elsewhere Bluntskull takes Nine's "Wutcha Want" and throws it down over a vibrant skanking jam while Subtifuge concludes proceedings with a jittering, juicy upbeat D&B blend that features a distinctive Eek-A-Mouse style vocal. Battle business guaranteed.
DDD 042
13 Jan 14
from $1.49


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