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Carl Michael Von Hausswolff

Addressing The Fallen Angel (Part 1) - (15:04) 64 BPM
Addressing The Fallen Angel (Part 2) - (18:19) 75 BPM
29 Nov 19
from $3.05
Leipniz - (6:01) 90 BPM
Ramon Llull - (5:00) 90 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Calculus - (2:37) 60 BPM
R-N 118
23 Mar 15
from $1.49
Fennesz & Bruce Gilbert & Rosy Parlane & Oren Ambarchi & Touch 33 - "Side One" - (17:04)
ELEH & BJNilsen & Nana April Jun - "Side Two" - (17:21)
Chris Watson & Mika Vainio & Carl Michael Von Hausswolff & Jana Winderen - "Side Three" - (18:19)
Philip Jeck & Francisco Lopez & Z'EV Hildur Gudnadottir & Biosphere - "Side Four" - (17:49)
Review: It's always a pleasure to see new Touch material coming out, but this new LP marks their thirty years of experimentation and success with four exclusive collaborations by their most celebrated artists - epic? We think so...Even their compilation comes as part of a concept format, depicting "Collosus" on its front cover - the first computer ever made. Each of the four pieces is a fluid combination of at least three producers, broken up into seventeen minute fragments of field recordings, modular excursions and spacious drones. It would be a shame to spoil it for you, so instead we thought we'd just let you know that it includes the works of: Mika Vainio, Eleh, Fennesz, Bruce Gilbert, BJ Nilsen, Biosphere, Hildur Gudnadottir, Philip Zeck, Z'EV, Jana Winderen, CM von Hausswolff and Oren Ambarchi. Pretty damn impressive and downright unmissable in our books...
10 Dec 12
from $7.14
MONO 069
30 Oct 13
from $1.49


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