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Wild Cats
BC 002_ 202
12 Jun 12
Deep House
I Didn't Need You - (6:22) 122 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Wild Cats - (5:55) 120 BPM
from $1.90
Full Disco Jacket
RH 034
13 Jun 11
Full Disco Jacket (main mix) - (6:26) 119 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Full Disco Jacket (dub mix) - (6:25) 119 BPM
Full Disco Jacket (Nebraska's Old School mix) - (6:41) 120 BPM
from $1.90
Review: The town of Mildura in Victoria probably doesn't rate on any global lists of disco hotspots, yet it was here that the Carter Brothers story began. Having relocated to Adelaide, South Australia, the Carter Bros fell under the global gaze of Rush Hour, who snapped up their latest single "Full Metal Jacket". There's not much to either the original or the dub version - in this respect it brings to mind Kerri Chandler's "Bar A Thym" - because what it does, it does brilliantly: locking into a loop and riding it along for the tracks' duration with uplifting synth sweeps and divine horns dovetailing insouciantly. Nebraska meanwhile does a sterling job on remix duties, chopping up the beat, filtering it and adding in some vocals and brass farts for maximum value!
Jamaica Burning/Behavior Detection
BC 006606
01 Jul 13
Deep House
Carter Bros - "Jamaica Burning" (Long version) - (8:45) 118 BPM
Monty Luke - "Behavior Detection" (original mix) - (6:22) 121 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
from $1.90
Throne Of Black Catalogue
TOBC 001
28 Oct 13
Carter Bros - "Jamaica Burning" (version 2) - (6:02) 118 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Monty Luke - "Behavior Detection" - (6:21) 121 BPM
Pixelife - "Five Month Survey" - (9:39) 120 BPM
Pixelife - "The Doctor Is Out" - (5:33) 122 BPM
from $1.90
Review: NYC label Throne Of Blood pay tribute to Monty Luke's Black Catalogue by inviting the chieftain himself and label-mates the Carter Bros to curate the A-side of their latest release, Throne Of Black Catalogue. The Carters provide a tunnelling, and at times progressive "Jamaica Burning" (version 2)", while Luke supplies a fuzzy-keyed, snare popping burner with "Behaviour Detection" - a track which sounds like a well behaved Kyle Hall. Horn Wax's Pixelife then delivers two tracks, with "5 Month Survey" fit for any jacking Ibiza dancefloor; "The Doctor Is Out" stays in the jacking zone too - with its marching snares, there's an added triumphant italo aspect.
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