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Screwface Edits Vol 2
RBTC- 034
16 Feb 18
Cheryl Lynn - "You Saved My Day" - (11:00) 118 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
DJ Oats - "Time" - (6:54) 124 BPM
Endangered Species - "Ping Pong" - (7:23) 123 BPM
Dee Lite - "Good Beat" - (7:55) 119 BPM
from $1.90
Played by: Eric Eman Clark
Review: In 2016, Eric ?Eman? Clark launched the Run Bklyn Trax Company. Expect to hear many more releases from the featured artists and Eman himself - playing through a speaker near you. Here label staple Sinsay delivers more of his respected (not to mention respectful!) edits here as part of the Screwface series. Cheryl Lynn's "You Saved My Day" is an oldie but a goodie that never gets tired - that definitely needed an edit! Admittedly, we have not heard "Time" by DJ Oats but it's about time we did get a dose of this deep, uplifting and proper NYC house jam. We're equally sure that Sinsay did a decent job of resplicing it for optimum dancefloor bliss.
NUUD 002
14 Apr 14
Billy Griffin - "Serious" (Funk Hunk edit) - (4:33) 113 BPM
Junior - "Not Tonight" (Funk Hunk edit) - (5:13) 105 BPM
Barbara Fowler - "Come & Get My Lovin'" (Funk Hunk edit) - (4:22) 106 BPM
Cheryl Lynn - "I'm On Fire" (Funk Hunk edit) - (4:45) 104 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
from $1.90
Review: Colorado-based producer Funk Hunk has already built up quite a following on SoundCloud for his "buff" re-edits of '80s boogie and disco classics. Here, he makes his commercial debut on the amusingly titled Nude_isco label with four cheeky scalpel jobs. There's a sensual feel about his loopy, immersive re-cut of Billy Griffin's '80s soul jam "Serious", while Junior's "Not Tonight" gets impressively chopped and reworked in an '80s edit style. His rework of Barbara Fowler's stone cold classic "Come & Get My Loving" expertly emphasizes the original's excellent synths and singalong chorus, before he gets all Tiger & Woods (with a touch more vocal and extra filters) on Cheryl Lynn's long-forgotten 1981 track "I'm On Fire".
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