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Sued 09
151541 8840744
19 Jan 18
Untitled A1 - (8:56) 65 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Untitled B1 - (9:37) 65 BPM
from $1.93
Review: With little to no information on hand as to the genesis of this collaboration between SUED boss SVN and the superbly named Club No-No the imagination is left unfettered to speculate. Listening to both tracks, you are moved to ponder whether they are the result of SVN and Club No-No (aka Snorre Magnar Solberg) embarking on a field recording trip to the local zoo. The sounds of unspecified wildlife is wedged deep within the grooves of both sides, with the first track the sort of ambient techno you feel Actress wants to make as the merest of percolating textures and soft basslines hinting at a degree of rhythm amidst a calming backdrop of found sound. Then it is a markedly more urgent production and the lack of kick drum offers interesting mixing possibilities for the more talented of DJs out there.
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