Conte Crux - "Turn It Up" - (5:55) 129 BPM
DJ Rudd - "Like Jello" - (4:16) Biggest-selling track on this release
Morlack - "Makossa" - (5:18)
PulpFusion - "Bring Back The Funk" - (3:58) 120 BPM
DJ Throwback - "The Hook" - (3:13) 149 BPM
Review: Denmark's Breakbeat Paradise, as the name suggests, is Scandinavia's holy ground for anything breakbeat-oriented. Starting as an early music website back in 1996 it has since then developed into a full-blown label and an impressive one at that This time we have five different names and five different tracks, ranging from Conte Crux's electro-charged "Turn It Up" to "Like Jello" by DJ Rudd - featuring masterful sampling and chopping throughout. Morlack's "Makossa" re-spins some old-school NY rap, whilst "Bring Back The Funk" itself is a driving, break-ridden floor monster. DJ Throwback's "The Hook" tops it all off with some loose, hip-winding beats and breaks a la Africana.
05 Sep 13
from $1.49
Prosper - "Freak Hop Part 1" (special digital mix) - (6:00)
BadboE - "Freak Hop Part 2" - (5:14)
Breakbeat Junkie & DJP - "Freak Hop Part 3" - (4:57) Biggest-selling track on this release
Audited Beats - "Freak Hop Part 4" - (4:15)
Dj Throwback - "Freak Hop Part 5" (BadboE mix) - (5:22)
BBP 031
07 Nov 11
from $1.49


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