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Daniel Akbar

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Contemplation LP
Contemplation - (6:42) 124 BPM Hot
Systems - (6:36) 126 BPM
Hijacked - (5:37) 125 BPM
Source - (5:17) 127 BPM
Function - (7:41) 129 BPM
Contrast - (5:57) 129 BPM
Your House - (5:17) 130 BPM
Endings - (6:19) 127 BPM
Review: Holding it down like he always has James Burnham aka Daniel Akbar goes long form on his Constant Black label with the Contemplation LP. Kicking it off in deep and melodic style on the lead track - good one for when the you know what kick in - the albums rolls on in true London tech house style with "Systems". Include "Hijack" and "Source" in that last sentence until "Function" heads a little deeper and melodic once again, and it's as if the producer is picking up a subtle taste for that Romanian sound too. Back yourself then into some basslines via "Contrast", alongside some breaky tinges in "Your House", and you'll find some Reese bassline sensations in the album closer "Endings". Soundtrack for your rave on a canal for sure.
 from $1.89
CB 031
09 Feb 24
Minimal/Tech House
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