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So Sicka
DURK 018
17 Nov 17
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
So Sicka - (3:40) 135 BPM
So Sicka (Near remix) - (5:12) 135 BPM
So Sicka (Mani Festo X Denham Audio remix) - (5:06) 131 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
from $1.91
Review: Durkle Disco, a Bristol based haven where grime, garage, hip-hop and dubstep would no long be placed in separate genre boxes. In 2011 Durkle Disco was created so these musical cousins could mingle and merge and become they're own, uncategorized sound. Paying equal respect to both producers and MCs, the label has become an unstoppable force in the world of bass. 'So Sicka' sounds like a Burial album double dropped, all the eerie atmospherics remain with a cold sense of hollowness, but there's an intense brooding buildup of energy. Emotions are heightened and there's a harsh clarity to the hard clashing drums which forces you the listen intently to each and every word spat. The 'Near' remix is has an itchy, glitchy feel with a lot more sound filling the soundscape, while the 'Mani Festo x Denham' remix has an odd stripped back aggressive house vibe that we haven't experienced before.
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