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Jungle Cakes Vol 32
Tempo - (4:30) 175 BPM Hot
Magnificent - (4:34) 175 BPM
Played by: Dialect and Kosine
Review: You read it correctly, the Jungle Cakes series has reached Volume 32, and to celebrate, Defkline has produced for us two mighty fine slices of jungle riddims and spiced up classic vocals. In "Tempo" a kaleidoscope of tropical sounds wash over a big bouncing bassline, while a drop reveals the ragga heart of the tune before building to dizzying breakneck speed again. On the flip, "Magnificent" harks back to the ruffneck '80s, where shufflin' rhythms were the way to move. Add some ballsy breaks and there's a brand new way to scuff up them Dr Martens. Everybody skank!
 from $1.89
JC 032
08 Dec 14
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Bass Shaker
Bass Shaker - (4:44) 129 BPM Hot
My Love - (3:19) 129 BPM
Review: The Hot Cakes bossman dons his darker alter ego for two booty-slapping breaks jams. "Bass Shaker" is all about the Public Enemy vocal samples, a very well-known Lafayette Afro Rock Band horn sample and a series of classic breakbeats. "My Love" flips the sexy switch by way of a Mary J Blige vocal, slinky garage elements and a buxom b-boy bassline that ensures the chaps are just as charmed as the ladies. Shake that bass!
 from $1.89
HC 043
27 Oct 14
Push Dat
Push Dat (2 step mix) - (4:37) 128 BPM Hot
Push Dat (house mix) - (5:37) 128 BPM
Review: Defkline is one of the alternate monikers used by breakstep pioneer Deekline (of I Don't Smoke fame). This Londoner never rests - running no less than six labels including Hot Cakes. Here on "Push Dat" he's having a bit of throwaway fun taking the riff from '90s superhit Push The Feeling On by Nightcrawlers and mixing it in both 2-step and housey styles. Sure to conjure up smiles in clubs everywhere.
 from $1.89
HC 040
18 Aug 14
UK Garage
Miami Slippers EP
Jimi TheGenius - "Brass Monkey" (Bass mix) - (4:51) 128 BPM Hot
Defkline - "Jack Rabbit" - (4:19) 130 BPM
Defkline - "Bounce Dat Ass" - (4:17) 128 BPM
Review: Serious 808 business from Booty Breaks UK, where Miami resident Jimi The Genius opens proceedings with a smouldering, butt-shifting take on the Beastie Boys. From "Brass Monkeys" to a bona fide bass money, label boss Defkline goes x-rated with a raunchy J.O.D.D rap, juxtaposing it with a crisp guitar riff that even your dad will recognise. Finally we hit "Bounce Dat Ass"; armed with an iced-out lead and thumping garage-style 4/4, it utilises a DJ Funk vocal with stripped back, booty-shaking sonic muscle. Slippers? Full-on raving sneaks with go-faster stripes more like. Smoking.
 from $1.89
BB 024
07 Jul 14
Disco Cakes Vol 11
If You Really Want To Party With Me (nu disco mix) - (5:52) 110 BPM Hot
If You Really Want To Party With Me (hip hop mix) - (5:21) 110 BPM
Streetwise Rock Box (original mix) - (4:45) 105 BPM
Come Baby Come (original mix) - (4:13) 72 BPM
Review: If anyone can fuse Q-Tip, Busta and Sister Sledge, it's the Disco Cakes head honchos Defkline and Red Polo. In fact their baking is so sweet they've cooked up two versions; a funk-fuelled disco jam and a swaggering, breakbeat-heavy hip-hop version. Naturally both cuts are so tasty your dancefloor will be munching out of the palm of your hand. Further on we're punched with a bass-battered nu-funk version of Joan Jett's "I Love Rock N Roll" and sweet-talked by the sexy dancehall version of early 90s hip-hop crew K7 on "Come Baby Come". Yummy.
 from $1.89
DC 011
17 Mar 14
Oh Sevre! (Look What You Done)
Oh Sevre! (Look What You Done) (Breakbeat Garage mix) - (5:47) 134 BPM
Oh Sevre! (Look What You Done) (drum & bass mix) - (3:43) 175 BPM Hot
Review: Not one week from their last Disco Cakes release, Defkline and Red Polo return on sister label Hot Cakes for another pair of rambunctious party bangers. "Oh Sevre! Look What You Done" sees the pair rework Julio Bashmore's ubiquitous hit "Au Seve" to fine effect across two versions. The "Breakbeat Garage" version does exactly what it says on the tin, cutting up that infectious bassline and giving it a touch more bite, while the drum & bass mix ramps things with a crazy tempo and thick subs. If such a thing is possible, Defkline & Red Polo have actually improved on the original.
 from $1.89
11 Feb 13
Disco Cakes Vol 7
Space Cowboy - (5:10) Hot
Turn The Beats Around - (5:00) 128 BPM
It Ain't All Good - (4:41)
Shystie's Disco - (5:57) 129 BPM
Review: Masters of the crafty art of bootlegism and funk edits, the not-so-pseudonymous Defkline and Red Polo get busy on four classics with crucial party-boosting results. "Space Cowboy" takes the Steve Miller classic and coats it with a whole slew of classic rhymers from ODB to Fiddy. "Turn The Beat Around" takes the disco classic of the same name and reboots it with chunky house 4/4. "It Ain't No Good", meanwhile, takes De La Soul and Chaka Khan's soul-blistered ballad and gives it just a cheeky mild skank. "Shystie's Disco" brings us to a fitting climax with ripples of glitterball-twisting electro boogie vibes.
 from $1.89
DC 07
04 Feb 13
Million Booties
Million Booties (breaks mix) - (4:44) 129 BPM Hot
Million Booties (dubstep mix) - (4:10) 140 BPM
 from $1.89
HC 030
03 Dec 12
Booty Breaks Vol 20
Jump To It - (3:56) 131 BPM
Nawty Bwoi - (4:29) 129 BPM
Superman (Se7en Deadly Breaks mix) - (5:50) 129 BPM Hot
 from $1.89
BB 020
16 Nov 12
Booty Breaks Vol 19
212 Booty - (4:53) 126 BPM Hot
Link Up - (3:14) 130 BPM
End Of Line - (3:57) 130 BPM
Review: Well known breaks barons Defkline & Pure SX get lively once again with another instalment of cheeky bootleg action. First up is "212", a bold reversioning of the currently unavoidable Azealia Banks track. With high-riding synth hooks and a beefy rhythm construction, it's a surefire bullet this summer. "Link Up" sees Wiley go under the duo's carving knife for another failsafe chunky funkster. Rolling breaks with rounded bass, it's more respectful than some of the remixes that have been doing the rounds. Finally we hit "End Of Line", a fine-tuned Beyonce homage that comes complete with instant hands-up 80s synths, very well executed bass tones and an electro riff that develops throughout.
 from $1.89
BB 019
23 Jul 12
I Still Love Your Boots
I Still Love Your Boots - (4:58) 129 BPM Hot
I Still Love Your Boots (Sonwah Fresh Remix) - (4:13) 140 BPM
Review: Ever listened to Switch's "I Still Love You" and thought 'this could do with raving up a tad'? Defkline and Red Polo obviously have, and they were wise to do so. Think 'end of the night hug-athon', think 'peak of the set, lighters up time', think 'turn the dancefloor into one massive smile', this cheeky remix ticks more boxes than a professional box-ticker and is likely to bring a grin to your groovers. Fancy turning that grin into a creased up ugly bass face? Slam in the screaming dubstep remix by Sonwah Fresh.
 from $1.89
HC 026
24 Mar 12
Booty Breaks Vol 17
Power Boots - (4:28) 129 BPM Hot
Take Care - (4:28) 129 BPM
Go Outside (feat Deerobes) - (4:45) 130 BPM
Review: Always boasting a well-stocked arsenal of mash ups and breakbeat remakes, the Booty Breaks label drop three new beats on this long-running series - this time supplied by crafty cutters Defkline and Red Polo. "Power Boots" revisits a '90s euro house classic, Drake's teary-eyed raps get a pleasing beat-driven overhaul on "Take Care" while excellent tropical electro banger "Go Outside" rounds off the set.
 from $1.89
BB 017
19 Mar 12
Bootyful People
Bootyful People (original mix) - (5:12) 129 BPM Hot
Bootyful People (Braindead dubstep mix) - (5:34) 140 BPM
 from $1.89
BB 015
08 Feb 12
Taking It Back
Taking It Back (Defkline & Red Polo mix) - (4:53) 132 BPM Hot
Taking It Back (Phat Man & Robin mix) - (4:39) 140 BPM
 from $1.89
HOT 024
26 Nov 11
Rolling In The Mud
Rolling In The Mud (Break mix) - (5:55) 132 BPM Hot
Rolling In The Mud (Phat Man & Robin dubstep mix) - (4:41) 140 BPM
 from $1.89
HC 021
04 May 11
Booty Breaks Volume 8
Defkline & Hammerstix - "Boom Boom Pap Mix!" - (5:30) 129 BPM Hot
Pure SX - "Pay Back" - (3:38) 128 BPM
Nick Thayer - "War Joint" - (4:22) 131 BPM
 from $1.89
12 Aug 09
Burnt Banana EP
Too Late - (6:51) 136 BPM Hot
Don't Touch - (4:45) 129 BPM
Give You - (4:41) 129 BPM
Played by: 720Bass.com Chart
 from $1.89
HC 011
29 Jul 08
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