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21 Oct 13
Sado Masodub - (5:33)
Rivieradub - (5:16)
Liebesdub - (5:58) Biggest-selling track on this release
Lunebest - (5:06)
from $1.90
Review: Having already established one sub-label in Perc Trax Ltd, Ali Wells further expands the remit of his Perc operation further with the first release on his Submit label dedicated to experimental music. Arriving with the following mission statement, "Analogue, digital, laptop, modular, field recordings, circuit-bent, vocal, and every sound source is welcome. No format, recording technology, musician, producer or band is outside of the label's horizon," it's clear Submit will have a pretty broad approach, and as debut releases go this is quite the affair. The works of celebrated German industrial act Einsturzende Neubauten the focus of attention here as Perc presents his own take on four tracks from the group's LP Kollaps. The results bear comparison with the hard edged abstracted approach of contemporary Phillitronics (Metasplice, Great Circle) and the battered, primitive electronics of CHBB though the enduring feeling is this EP proves once more how vital Perc is.
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