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Else Born

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Every Turn (Joseph Ashworth Remixes)
Every Turn (Joseph Ashworth remix) - (3:38) 125 BPM
Every Turn (Joseph Ashworth extended remix) - (6:41) 125 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Every Turn (Joseph Ashworth Night Vision) - (7:13) 125 BPM
541416 510665D
05 Apr 19
from $1.89
Every Turn
Every Turn - (2:58) 120 BPM
Every Turn (Dubka Diskomix) - (5:35) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Every Turn (extended mix) - (4:20) 120 BPM
Review: We were rather impressed by Horixon's last collaboration with Else Born - September 2017's ambient pop workout "Hello" - so hopes are naturally high for this belated follow-up. This time round, the duo has opted to move closer to sun-kissed Balearic disco-pop territory, with Born's atmospheric vocal sitting atop bouncy pianos, colourful electronics and an unfussy nu-disco groove. It's naturally a little stronger in the Extended Mix form (which, to be fair, is still only four and a half minutes long). Also impressive is the Dubka Diskomix, which replaces Born's vocals with an un-credited male equivalent while peppering a chugging, Italo-disco style groove with eyes-closed guitar and keytar solos. It's an impressively different and dancefloor-friendly revision all told.
541416 510601D
11 Jan 19
from $1.89
Hello - (4:03) 124 BPM
Hello (NTEIBINT remix) - (5:31) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Hello (Aera dub mix) - (7:07) 114 BPM
Hello (extended mix) - (5:18) 124 BPM
Hello (instrumental) - (4:00) 124 BPM
Played by: Hard Ton
Review: 'Hello' is a cool, calm ambient track with melancholic piano chords which occasionally move into glimmers of hope, there's a stunning vocal from Else Born which makes this track unmissable. The 'NTEIBINT remix' has the twangs of Midwest country, almost bringing the vocal into the realms of ballad, before breaking down to a more familiar funky sound for the chorus, and for us is the standout of track of the EP. The 'Area dub mix' is instrumental and minimal; so serene it's almost meditative, absolutely beautiful. The EP also comes with the 'extended mix' and the 'instrumental' which do exactly what they say on the tin.
541416 508615D
08 Sep 17
from $1.89
The Red Collection
Hermigervill - "Solitaire" - (4:35) 110 BPM
Atella X FrAdder - "Closer To Life" - (4:03) 101 BPM
Antenna - "Love 66" - (8:20) 98 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Else Born - "This Time/Remember" - (3:34) 100 BPM
Max Essa - "Your Cathedrals Re-Imagined" - (5:56) 100 BPM
Satin Jackets - "Never Enough" (feat Niya Wells) - (5:58) 108 BPM
Blue Motel - "LWTK (Lunch With The King)" - (5:37) 110 BPM
NTEIBINT - "Love" - (7:07) 115 BPM
SHMLSS - "Train Ride To The Middle East" - (6:39) 117 BPM
Gemini Brothers - "Travel Inside" - (7:23) 118 BPM
Rey&Kjavik - "Akya" - (8:09) 118 BPM
This Soft Machine - "Absence Of Rhythm" - (5:11) 127 BPM
Horixon - "The Beekeeper" (feat Birsen - Atella's Sand In Shoe mix) - (6:11) 85 BPM
541416 508278D
03 Mar 17
from $1.89
This Time/Remember
This Time/Remember - (3:34) 100 BPM
This Time/Remember (Blue Motel remix) - (4:38) 100 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
This Time/Remember (Blue Motel Chill mix) - (3:26) 100 BPM
Review: Few labels have championed nu-disco and Balearic synth-pop quite as much as Belgium's Eskimo Recordings. Here they unveil another softly spun autumnal treat: a sumptuous combination of debutant Else Born's hazy, evocative vocals, and a tactile backing track that cannily combines undulating drums, stretched-out chords, nu-disco synth bass and attractive Balearic flourishes. Los Angeles-based French duo Blue Hotel provide solid remix support, making the most of the Norwegian songstress's vocals on an atmospheric, mid-tempo, nu-Balearic rework, before stripping back the beats and layering up glistening guitar flourishes on the sublime Chill Mix. All three versions are wonderfully melodious and picturesque.
541416 508158D
11 Nov 16
from $1.89
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