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Eyes Of Others

The Inheritors Ha Fa Ka - (4:59) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Never Complain - (6:40) 120 BPM
Live Online - (5:04) 102 BPM
THE INHERITORS HA FA KA (Sordid Sound System mix) - (6:40) 120 BPM
Never Complain (Roe Deers mix) - (5:58) 118 BPM
Review: Edinburgh's Eyes of Others proudly describe their style as "post-pub, couldn't get in the club music". On their 2015 debut EP, Base Thrill, that meant a Balearic-minded fusion of atmospheric, lo-fi rock and swirling, late night dream pop. This time round, they've pushed the synthesizers to the fore, delivering a range of quirky, off-kilter blends of chugging, psychedelic disco, and new wave inspired synthesizer darkness. While there's something sweet and baggy about hazy vocal cut "Live Online", it's floor-friendly opener "The Inheritors Ha Fa Ka" that stands out. Solid Sound System successfully takes that track deeper into weird house territory, while Lithuanian duo Roe Deers twists "Never Complain" into wonky new tech-house shapes.
NEIN 091
09 Sep 16
Minimal/Tech House
from $1.48
I See You In The Shrubs (12" mix) - (6:34) 92 BPM
I See You In The Shrubs (Andrew Weatherall's A Shrub From Outer Space) - (8:13) 92 BPM
I See You In The Shrubs (Donald Dust's Other Thumper) - (5:50) 92 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Scottish duo Eyes Of Others have been one of favourite acts to emerge from the British scene over the last few years. Their characteristic brand of post-industrial dub has won us over, hands down, much like the sounds of Demdike Stare had about a decade ago; these guys have travelled further out into the ether, and the results of this new EP for Paradise Palms is full proof of that. "I See You In The Shrubs" moans away at the beat of a bust-up drum machine and distorted, almost melting sonics, and Andrew Weatherall comes through with a remix that shifts the groove back into motion thanks to more layers of percussion. Donald Dust's own version, however, is the stand-out track here, looping its bass and vocal samples into a endlessly hypnotising circle of euphoria. What a rush!
PP 009
06 Jul 18
from $1.48
Enchanted Loom - (6:05) 100 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Like It When It's Lazy (original mix) - (7:05) 101 BPM
30+ Losers - (5:20) 73 BPM
Don't Know What To Do With You - (4:10) 77 BPM
Like It When It's Lazy (Das Ding remix) - (7:25) 101 BPM
PP 006
10 Nov 17
from $1.48
Lust Unrequited - (4:19) 60 BPM
Lust For Unrequited Love (Mugwump Erratic Throw remix) - (9:39) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Lust For Unrequited Dub (Sordid Sound System remix) - (6:19) 60 BPM
Lust Unrequited (Maya Danon remix) - (6:03) 123 BPM
Lust Unrequited (instrumental mix) - (4:18) 60 BPM
Review: John M.Bryden, or Eyes Of Others, as most people know him, is stepping closer and closer to just the right sort of popped-out cold-wave that seems to be striking a chord with folks these days. Up on Mange Moi, the young producer is here with the ethereal sounds of "Lust Unrequited", a neo-romantic anthem, taking the very best influences from the 80s, and reproducing them under a cleaner, more psychedelic aesthetic that feels right for the era we live in. There's plenty of remixes, too, starting off with Mugwump's deeper, dubbier take, then onto Sordid Sound's percussive reinterpretation - an absolute Balearic stunner - and ending up on Maya Dance's pulsating deep house version. Marvellous - including the instrumental, of course!
20 Apr 18
from $1.48
Elephant (original mix) - (6:56) 119 BPM
Elephant (Manfredas Opium mix) - (6:45) 119 BPM
PP 024
03 Apr 20
Minimal/Tech House
from $1.48
Dead Hand - "Prelude" - (1:11) 74 BPM
Eyes Of Others - "I See You In The Shrubs" - (5:13) 92 BPM
Pussy Mothers - "Get From In Front Of Me" - (4:53) 100 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Donald Dust - "In Motion" - (3:50) 54 BPM
The Magic City - "Form Is Emptiness, Emptiness Is Form" - (4:43) 73 BPM
Jacuzzi General - "Pleasure" - (4:07) 60 BPM
Total Leatherette - "Work Harder" - (4:19) 60 BPM
Hausfrau - "Trivial Pursuits" - (3:55) 73 BPM
Edinburgh Leisure - "Start Up" - (4:01) 73 BPM
Not Sorry - "Irn Bru" - (3:26) 62 BPM
Review: Edinburgh bar turned vinyl shop and event venue, Paradise Palms has now turned record label and is dedicated to emerging local talent such as M.O.T.O. and Hey Mother Death. Their fifth release is a follow up installment to the debut compilation LP, placing the spotlight on some of the most exciting music made in Scotland today - with a focus on Edinburgh and Glasgow based producers. Eyes Of Others' "I See You In The Shrubs" is the kind of wonky, slow burning house that calls to mind Roman Fluegel, while the woozy slo-mo boogie of Pussy Mothers' "Get From In Front Of Me" keeps the early evening or after-hours vibe alive on the A side. Elsewhere, Drexciyan smack electro grooves are represented by Jacuzzi General on the nefarious "Pleasure", similarly Hausfrau's deadpan electronics on "Trivial Pursuits" call to mind fellow Detroit heroes ADULT. We paticularly enjoyed Total Letherette's punk-funk/EBM mutation "Work Harder" and must say that this is one of the best compilations we've heard in quite a while. Highly recommended.
PP 005
22 Sep 17
from $1.48


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