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RUBIK 18001
12 Nov 18
Drum And Bass
Chronicles - (4:33) 174 BPM
Polars - (5:36) 174 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
from $1.49
Review: When done right, swirling pads can make a touch of melancholia the defining part of a release. Combine that with a sample from the mid-20th Century and you've got a recipe for a tune that'll make you forget about the passage of time in a Calibre-esque sense, one of those tunes where the beginning feels like the end and vice versa. Rubik manages this on 'Chronicles', a pure roll-out from start to finish, one that doesn't worry about making the drop fat or nailing a breakdown - it's just D&B, all the way. 'Polars' features yet more exquisitely crafted drums and another pristine sample, this time a soulful vocal lick that blends perfectly with the backdrop of dulled down synths and pads. If you like your D&B without frills, you'll like this.
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