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Never Let You Go / Sparkle (Frico Edits)
Never Let You Go - (7:12) 117 BPM Hot
Sparkle - (5:12) 101 BPM
Review: Germany's DJ Friction once more dons his Frico re-editor's hat and serves up another brace of reworks of classic tracks from days of yore - more specifically, in this instance, days of early 80s boogie yore. First to get the treatment is 'Never Let You Go', a 1982 cut by UK outfit Savanna. Frico's remake is very faithful to the original, but most importantly he leaves the fine scatting section towards the end intact... doo doo dah-dah! Frico then turns his attention to 'Sparkle', another 1982 jam, this time by veteran Japanese singer-songwriter and producer Tatsuro Yamashita. Boogie lovers will be in raptures.
 from $1.89
RR 036 2024
29 Mar 24
Mr. Magician / Sayonara (Frico Edits)
Mr. Magician (Frico edits) - (6:44) 113 BPM Hot
Sayonara (Frico edits) - (6:26) 108 BPM
 from $1.89
RR 0352022
23 Dec 22
Much Too Much (Frico Edits)
Much Too Much - (6:48) 110 BPM Hot
Missing You - (5:37) 113 BPM
Review: Frico - also known variously as Clyde Eventide, DJ Friction, DJ FK and Martin Welzer - returns to his own Replay Records with two boogie-era re-edits. 'Much Too Much' reworks the 1982 Sass track of the same name while 'Missing You' revisits a 1984 cut by Tranzit (AKA Transit), and both are so faithfully rendered that these are arguably closer to bootlegs/unofficial reissues. All the same, interest in this much-maligned period of dance music history is higher than it's ever been right now, so if you don't own the originals already this EP's definitely one to investigate.
 from $1.89
RR 0342021
04 Jun 21
Burning Spear (Frico Edits)
Burning Spear - (5:15) 124 BPM Hot
Zambesi - (6:17) 113 BPM
Review: Replay Records is a German label on which DJ Frico (aka DJ Friction) releases re-edits of his favourite rare groove tracks, where he's previously employed his crafty resplicing methods to anthems by Crown Heights Affair, D-Train and Teddy Pendergrass. This time around he has turned his deft hand to two respectful edits here: first up on the uplifting Salsoul-ish flavour of "Burning Spear" jam packed full of good time party vibes, followed by the piping hot disco inferno of "Zambesi" which will no doubt keep the party going all night - guaranteed!
 from $1.89
RR 0332021
21 May 21
Point Blank/Love Talkin' (Edits)
Point Blank (edit) - (6:10) 110 BPM Hot
Love Talkin' (edit) - (7:37) 107 BPM
Review: Replay Germany boss Frico returns with another brace of re-edits on his own label. Last time out, he took on well-loved favourites from Phyllis Hyman and Black Ivory; this time around he's dug a little deeper and the original sources have us beat. But 'Point Blank' is a slice of female vocalled early 80s soul/boogie in (to these ears) a similar vein to Cheryl Lynn's 'Encore', while 'Love Talkin' also comes from the boogie side of the street, but with a male vocal sung in (we think!) Spanish. Two authentic, lesser-known gems that'll keep disco and soul floors moving nicely.
 from $1.89
RR 0322021
22 Jan 21
You Know How To Love Me/Mainline (Frico Edits)
You Know How To Love Me - (8:36) 117 BPM Hot
Mainline - (7:28) 116 BPM
Review: Germany's Replay bring us two more disco/boogie re-edits from label boss DJ Friction, AKA Frico. First to get the treatment is Phyllis Hyman, as Friction takes on her 1979 classic 'You Know How To Love Me' - in its day, one of surprisingly few tracks ever to acquire anthem status on disco and Northern Soul floors alike - before turning his attention to Black Ivory's even more iconic 'Mainline' from the same year (as later covered/sampled by Jason Load Experience, Love Revolution et al). It's a brave re-editor that decides to mess with two such well-loved tracks, so it's tribute to Frico's skills that he manages the task with considerable aplomb.
 from $1.89
RR 0312020
11 Sep 20
Got To Have Your Lovin' / Moonchild (Frico Edits)
Got To Have Your Lovin' (Frico edit) - (7:18) 120 BPM Hot
Moonchild (Frico edit) - (8:17) 123 BPM
Review: DJ Friction AKA Frico brings us two eminently playable disco/boogie re-edits on his own Replay label. 'Got To Have Your Lovin'' revisits the 1982 Steve Kahn & Co cut of the same name; if you don't know the tune, then think the early 80s output of The Gap Band, The Whispers or Fatback and you're somewhere in the ballpark, with brass fanfares, squelchy bass and a near-falsetto male soul vocal. 'Moonchild', meanwhile, is Friction's take on a 1979 track by the great but criminally under-rated Captain Sky which Dave Lee also did a re-edit of ten years ago, and sports some very fine space disco stabs that are worth the price of admission on their own!
 from $1.89
RR 0302020
28 Aug 20
Chacun Fait/Givin' It Up (Frico Edits)
Chacun Fait - (5:51) 114 BPM Hot
Givin' It Up - (4:40) 112 BPM
 from $1.89
RR 0292019
26 Dec 19
Chance With You (Frico Edits)
Chance With You (Frico edit) - (5:40) 103 BPM Hot
90% Of Me Is You (Frico edit) - (4:23) 83 BPM
Review: German re-edit don Martin Weizer, AKA Frico/DJ Friction, adds two more funk/soul re-edits to a discography that stretches back over 15 years. Brother To Brother's 1976 funker 'Chance With You' now gets the extended remix it never had, having originally only been released on seven-inch single, and fans of the likes of Cameo, Defunkt and Ohio Players would be well advised to check it immediately. Once we've strutted our funky stuff it's then time to turn our attentions to the boudoir, as Weizer brings us a fantastically hot 'n' steamy take on Gwen Guthrie's love ballad '90% Of Me Is You'.
 from $1.89
RR 028
01 Feb 19
Never Stop Loving You/Inch By Inch (Frico Edits)
Never Stop Loving You - (6:54) 105 BPM Hot
Inch By Inch - (6:30) 123 BPM
Review: Frico has been serving up tasty, suitably reverential re-edits for longer than most, so it's little surprise that these two re-rubs - like the majority of his revisions - are undeniably on-point. "Never Stop Loving You" sees him gently tease out a Philadelphia International style disco-soul number, cleverly flitting between short vocal and instrumental passages before letting the song build to a stunning conclusion. "Inch By Inch", meanwhile, adds a little early house flavour, extended disco percussion breaks and some late night production effects to a 1981 cut that was once a staple in Larry Levan's sets at the Paradise Garage. It's rather good, all told, and is undoubtedly our pick of two strong reworks.
 from $1.89
RR 027
25 Jan 19
What's On Your Mind/I Don't Need Nobody Else (Frico Edits)
What's On Your Mind - (4:48) 104 BPM
I Don't Need Nobody Else - (5:22) 101 BPM Hot
Review: More from long serving German scalpel fiend Frico (AKA DJ Friction), a producer whose re-edits are consistently amongst the best around. This time he's in a slow and seductive kind of mood, serving up tasty rearrangements of simmering, hip-hop tempo boogie and '80s soul jams. First up is "What's On Your Mind", an evocative, eyes-closed love song smothered in impassioned vocals, darting horns and jazzy, George Benson style guitars and freestyle vocalizing. "I Don't Need Somebody Else" is a slightly more disco-fied affair, albeit a suitably smooth one. There are more headline-grabbing vocals, but also some stellar disco style orchestration and subtle solos aplenty. Smart work, Frico.
 from $1.89
RR 026
16 Sep 17
Everybody/Lovely One (Frico Edit)
Everybody - (5:46) 116 BPM Hot
Lovely One - (7:23) 121 BPM
Review: Before the world went re-edit crazy, Frico AKA DJ Friction was putting out rock-solid 12" singles of solid scalpel reworks. These days, he rarely bothers with wax, but his appetite for re-editing classics and little known cuts remains. His latest two-track offering is typically tasteful, delivering life-affirming reworks of the artist forever known as the King of Pop. Both "Everybody" and "Lovely One" are typical of Quincy Jones' productions during the disco era, with darting horn lines and sweeping orchestral movements wrapping themselves around killer grooves. Frico's edits extend the tracks in all the right places, with the producer wisely choosing to retain the familiar vocals whilst offering club-friendly arrangements. As a result, both edits sound like party anthems in waiting.
 from $1.89
RR 025
03 Aug 17
Dance, Dance, Dance/So You Wanna Be A Star (Frico Edits)
Dance, Dance, Dance - (9:32) 123 BPM Hot
So You Wanna Be A Star - (6:57) 116 BPM
Played by: Tonbe
Review: While re-editors come and go, Frico AKA DJ Friction has been serving up fine re-edits in regular intervals for the best part of 15 years. The two scalpel jobs showcased here are arguably amongst his most impressive to date. As the title suggests, "Dance, Dance, Dance" is a rework of a particularly well-known New York disco milestone. While faithful to the original in the opening stages, it gets a little more dubbed-out and eccentric over the course of its near 10-minute duration, with Frico giving greater prominence to the instrumental elements and drum breaks. Hit the virtual flipside for "So You Wanna Be A Star", a tasteful rearrangement of boogie-era disco shuffler laden with wiggly synthesizers and bold vocals.
 from $1.89
RR 024
13 Apr 17
Work That Body (Frico Edits)
Work That Body - (9:08) 126 BPM
Jump For Joy - (5:49) 123 BPM Hot
Review: Martin "Frico" Welzer is one of the nu-disco scene's longest serving editors, having put out his first rare groove reworks on Replay Records back in 2003. His re-edits are usually relatively faithful to the source material, offering astute rearrangements - sometimes with a touch of delay, or the odd filter sweep - that steer clear of cheap thrills. That's certainly the case on his latest pair of tasty tweaks. "Work That Body" is a killer, nine-minute chunk of jazz-funk influenced disco-funk, with well-judged instrumental sections and extended drum breaks eventually giving way to sweaty vocal sections. On "Jump For Joy" he presses the button marked "carefree disco fun", expertly cutting up a vintage Jackson Five cut for maximum dancefloor pleasure.
 from $1.89
RR 023
16 Sep 16
Hard Times/Oh Yeah (Frico Edit)
Hard Times - (6:25) 120 BPM
Oh Yeah - (9:11) 118 BPM Hot
 from $1.89
RR 022
12 Aug 16
Keep Your Body Workin'/The Final Thing (Frico Edit)
Keep Your Body Workin' - (6:58) 124 BPM Hot
The Final Thing - (8:09) 108 BPM
Review: The bootlegging DJ Friction calls upon Martin Welzer's Frico alias to rework some more classic rare groove and disco for another essential two-track release. First up is a phase-heavy shake up of Kleer's undeniably funky "Keep your body workin'" with extended break down and bassline sections with extra accapella's thrown on top for extra measure. The alternative is a sped up, high energy stomping re-edit of Steve Bender's beefy 1976 cut "The Final Thing" and it's hot hot hot.
 from $1.89
RR 021
28 Jul 16
I Wanna Feel Your Love/Hold Tight (Frico Edit 2016)
I Wanna Feel Your Love - (5:27) 118 BPM Hot
Hold Tight - (5:36) 112 BPM
 from $1.89
RR 020
22 Jul 16
Big Apple Rappin'/Rapper's Convention (Frico Edits)
Big Apple Rappin' (Frico edit) - (10:52) 115 BPM
Rapper's Convention (Frico edit) - (7:25) 118 BPM Hot
Review: Block rocking party beats abound! Frico's edit of "Big Apple Rappin" by Spyder D is a classic that name drops everyone of the time from Bootsy Collins to even Larry Levan on this Sugarhill Gang like joint! This edit is executed in an ergonomic and modern way for new school DJs and done well, we do say. He also lends his hand to a 1980 classic, Harlem World Crew's "Rapper's Convention" a fine example of early disco inspired hip-hop from NYC and once again given a fine, modern re-edit from Frico aka DJ Friction from Ludwigsburg, Germany. In case you were wondering!
 from $1.89
RR 019
18 Sep 15
Freakin Time/Keep On Smilin' (Frico Edits)
Freakin' Time Parts 1&2 (Frico edit) - (8:42) 114 BPM Hot
Keep On Smilin' (Frico edit) - (4:36) 128 BPM
Review: There's an enviable reliability about the quality of veteran producer Martin 'Frico' Welzer's re-edits. Mind you, he's been wielding a scalpel longer than most, having launched the edit-focused Replay Records imprint way back in 2003. Here he delivers two more high quality rearrangements in his typically reverential style. "Freakin Time" kicks things off, delivering a heady extension and re-shuffle of Funk Fusion Band's disco-funk classic "Can You Feel It". "Keep On Smilin" sees his reach for the dub delay, in the process turning Carrie Lucas's "I Gotta Keep Dancin' (Keep Smiling)" into a New York style 1980s disco dub. It's superb, and easily worth the entrance price on its own.
 from $1.89
RR 018
29 May 15
Make Up Your Mind/Touch Your Life (Frico Edits)
Make Up Your Mind (Frico edit) - (6:40) 115 BPM
Touch Your Life (Frico edit) - (6:21) 110 BPM Hot
Review: Given that he's now well into his second decade as a re-editor, it's perhaps unsurprising that DJ Friction's edits for his Replay Records imprint - always credited to his alternative Frico alias - are rarely less than killer. Here he delivers two more typically reverential gems, doing little more than re-arranging the original material and adding well-positioned effects here and there. "Make Up Your Mind" is a sweet, synth-heavy boogie roller that comes complete with a heart-aching vocal, and subtle extensions in all the right places. Even better is "Touch Your Life", a pleasingly dubby, floor-friendly tweak of an obscure boogie-soul cut full of tumbling synthesizer solos and eyes-closed chords.
 from $1.89
RR 017
23 Apr 15
When Will The Day Come/Hot Butterfly (Frico Edits)
When Will The Day Come (Frico edit) - (5:30) 100 BPM
Hot Butterfly (Frico edit) - (8:36) 96 BPM Hot
Review: It may have been a hot minute since DJ Friction last fired up his sizzling Replay edit-loaded imprint, but now it's back in action with the man himself donning his Frico alias to drop two soul-stirring versions to keep you warm the whole night through. First up on the chopping board is Rasa's "When Will The Day Come", the rare meeting between soul music and Hare Krishnas, draped in heavenly Philly strings and that arresting vocal delivery. Gregg Diamond and Luther Vandross's bittersweet "Hot Butterfly" is up next, delivering the original in a pristine condition that does the absolute minimum to make the cut work on a contemporary floor.
 from $1.89
RR 016
12 Feb 15
Watching You/Is It In? (Frico Edits)
Watching You (Frico edit) - (6:10) 115 BPM
Is It In ? (Frico edit) - (5:36) 116 BPM Hot
Review: Frico presents his first offering of 2015, a slow and slinky two tracker. "Watching You" is a smooth romantic funker originally by Slave, and here it gets a loving expansion to six minutes of disco sunshine. Meanwhile "Is It In?" is the moody one of the pack - all sparse funk riffs, urgent claps and badass vocals. Cool stuff.
 from $1.89
RR 015
29 Jan 15
The Italian Chop EP
Feel The Drive (Frico edit) - (6:52) 116 BPM
Margharita (Frico edit) - (6:43) 114 BPM Hot
Africa Dub Mix (Frico edit) - (6:39) 95 BPM
Woman (Frico edit) - (5:35) 116 BPM
Up & Away (Frico edit) - (6:40) 126 BPM
Review: Ciao Bella! Looks like DJ Friction has slinked himself back into his disco Lycra bodysuit as he once again dons the Frico moniker, this time for a selection of Italo Disco re-edits. The Italo disco revival reached its peak a good 10 years ago, but that doesn't stuff these tracks being still fun to hear. Naturally purists won't approve of these '80s classics being fiddled with, but the legendary arpeggiated neon riffs of "Feel The Drive" by Doctor's Cat, "Woman" by Mirage and the spacey "Up & Away" are hard to resist - edited or not!
 from $1.89
RR 014
09 Oct 14
Best Of Replay Vol 2: Frico Edits 2003 2013
Don't Stop The Music (Frico edit) - (8:53) 99 BPM
Keep On Dub (Frico edit - 2014 remaster) - (6:57) 118 BPM
Check Out This Groove (Frico edit) - (9:12) 123 BPM
Sunshine Of Your Love (Frico edit) - (4:45) 123 BPM Hot
I Love You Dancer (Frico edit) - (7:24) 115 BPM
Dazz (Frico edit - 2014 remaster) - (6:10) 109 BPM
Dancer (Frico edit) - (7:39) 122 BPM
Funkin' For Jamaica (Frico edit) - (5:13) 111 BPM
Groovin' You (Frico edit) - (8:27) 122 BPM
Sittin' At The Dock Of The Bay (Frico edit) - (3:26) 117 BPM
Action 78 (Frico edit) - (4:34) 126 BPM
The More I Get, The More I Want (Frico edit) - (7:00) 120 BPM
Together Forever (Frico edit) - (12:27) 122 BPM
Review: To celebrate the first 10 years of his occasional Replay Records re-edit series, DJ Friction has decided to collect together some of his finest re-edits for the imprints under the Frico moniker. There's naturally much to enjoy, from brilliant '80s NYC style re-dubs of D-Train's "Keep On" and Exodus's "Together Forever" (the latter stretched out to a trippy 13 minutes), to party-friendly cuts of soul and funk classics from Spanky Wilson (the superbly choppy "Sunshine of Your Love") and Peggy Lee (a riotous rework of her classic over of Otis Redding classic "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay"). Friction is, unsurprisingly, reverential to the source material while adding just enough fancy effects and production tricks to emphasize each track's dancefloor potential.
 from $1.89
11 Jul 14
WE MEAN DISCO!! Allstar Nuggets Volume 3
Alan Mooney - "Every Time" - (6:33) 113 BPM
Fingerman - "Knockin" - (8:53) 108 BPM
Bachteen - "Coffy Is The Color" - (5:24) 120 BPM
Butch Le Butch - "Hes So Shy" - (8:15) 120 BPM
DJ Prime - "Sweeter As The Days Goes By" - (6:36) 104 BPM
Disco Tech - "Lovin Daddy" - (8:26) 108 BPM
Frico - "Find My Way" - (6:47) 124 BPM
G & D - "Double Express" - (7:37) 119 BPM
Get Down Edits - "Boogie Magic" - (7:25) 109 BPM Hot
Keith Dumpson - "Love Never" - (7:01) 118 BPM
Ken At Work - "Lets Groove" - (5:14) 116 BPM
Max K - "Stop The Bajon" - (6:39) 104 BPM
Pied Piper - "Love Is The Message" (MFSB Superbreak Tribute) - (8:16) 115 BPM
Ramsey Hercules - "I Want You For Myself" (Tribute To The Duke) - (6:56) 120 BPM
Revivra aka Estephe & Vulzor - "Fire" (Ohio Players Tribute Rework) - (9:01) 123 BPM
RLP - "Weekend" (Larrys Jam Tribute mix) - (8:00) 126 BPM
Tim Zawada - "Get Up And Boogie" - (6:39) 125 BPM
JSKI - "Can You Get Down" (Universe City extended Tribute) - (9:33) 123 BPM
Tony Johns - "Boogie Jungle" - (7:30) 105 BPM
80s Child - "Only You" - (6:30) 113 BPM
We Mean Disco - "Get Yourself Together" (Movin Brass Deconstruction) - (10:13) 117 BPM
Ronnie Hudson - "West Coast Pop Lock" - (5:19) 120 BPM
Rayko - "I Love You More" (Dragon Soul Rene&Angela Tribute) - (12:22) 106 BPM
Dany B - "We Still Look For Love" (LW Tribute mix) - (8:54) 120 BPM
Womack Reworks - "Follow Me" - (8:18) 112 BPM
Review: We Mean Disco! deal in quality and they also like to tease - they released a short preview of their latest comp a whole month ago, whetting appetites to a frenzy. Well, Allstar Nuggets Volume 3 is finally here and it's bursting with a whopping 26 pumpers including the chrome and carpet slap-bass jam "Double Express", the breezy Eurodisco of Butch Le Butch's "He's So Shy" and Max K's uplifting retweak of Tullio De Piscopo's hazy classic "Stop Bajon".
 from $1.89
WMD 020
15 Jun 14
Best Of Replay Vol 1: Frico Edits 2003 2013
Clean Up Woman (DJ Friction remix - Frico edit 2014 remaster) - (3:58)
Something's Gotta Give (DJ Friction remix - Frico edit 2014) - (5:17)
Disco Nights (Rock Freak) (DJ Friction remix - Frico edit) - (7:13)
Family Affair (DJ Friction remix - Frico edit) - (5:01)
Is It All Over My Face (DJ Friction remix - Frico edit) - (7:38)
Dreaming A Dream (DJ Friction remix - Frico edit 2014 remaster) - (5:33)
I've Waited Much Too Long (DJ Friction remix - Frico edit) - (5:59)
It's Alright (DJ Friction remix - Frico edit) - (5:54)
Mr. Big Stuff (DJ Friction remix - Frico edit) - (4:04)
Funky Nassau (DJ Friction remix - Frico edit 2014 remaster) - (6:18) Hot
Computer Game (DJ Friction remix - Frico edit) - (5:17)
It's A Shame (DJ Friction remix - Frico edit 2014 remaster) - (3:56)
Stop Ou Encore (DJ Friction remix - Frico edit) - (6:25)
Review: It's party o'clock round the Replay offices right about now with label boss DJ Friction (aka Frico) celebrating his imprint's tenth anniversary. A decade in the music game is no mean feat, and listening through the 13 tracks selected here you can hear how it's the quality of the edits that's got them where they are now. Highlights include the hazy scratchy take on "It's A Family Affair", the peaks and troughs rearrangement of "Is It All Over My Face" and the dreamy Italo disco of "It's Alright". Here's to the next ten years!
 from $1.89
25 Apr 14
I'll Do My Best EP
I Owe You One (Fricos Tribute To Shalamar edit) - (6:49) 111 BPM
I'll Do My Best (Fricos Ritchy Family Tribute Re-Touch) - (6:39) 116 BPM Hot
I've Been Watching You (Frico In St Tropez Tribute Re-Touch) - (5:27) 112 BPM
I Want You (Fricos Tribute To Barry & Glodine edit) - (6:02) 100 BPM
Review: This time round Replay boss DJ Friction (aka Frico) is taking a whirl with another label, releasing "I'll Do My Best" through increasingly popular We Mean Disco! imprint. First up he tackles "I Owe You One", a pulsating early anthem by '80s glitter-soul heroes Shalamar. From there classic US female act The Ritchie Family's 1982 electro-boogie sizzler "I'll Do My Best For You" get muscled and stretched. That's not all: we also get the elastic bass twangfest "I've Been Watching You" and the piano samba lounge-soul of "I Want You". A quality re-edit package.
 from $1.89
WMD 016
27 Mar 14
We Mean Disco: Allstar Nuggets Volume 1
Greg Womack - "Its Alright To Love Me" (Greg Womack rework) - (8:23) 121 BPM
Alkalino - "Roll The Ball" (Alkalino mix) - (6:21) 120 BPM
Butch Le Butch - "K-Jee" (Butch Le Butch mix) - (7:00) 119 BPM Hot
Ramsey Hercules - "Disco Morricone" - (10:35) 124 BPM
Keith Classics - "You Are My Everything" (Keith Classics mix) - (12:00) 123 BPM
We Mean Disco - "Love Has Come Around" (We Mean Disco Paradise reprise) - (9:55) 114 BPM
Frico - "I Need You Now" (Frico edit) - (7:26) 115 BPM
Mannix - "Looking Ahead" (Mannix Cystal Disko edit) - (8:53) 126 BPM
Samir Maslo - "Im In Love" - (5:50) 120 BPM
Review: Austrian disco zealots We Mean Disco (run by veteran house DJ Pariz/ Senor Manolo) have tirelessly dug deep to find authentic disco 12"s to shake down, spruce up and reintroduce to the world. Now it's time to take stock with this compilation album that acts as a remarkable sampler of the label's roster so far. Standouts include the glistening glamour-funk of "Love Has Come Around" the synthy bleep-soul of "I Need You Now" and the housed-up Michael McDonald-sampling "I'm In Love". Boom!
 from $1.89
WMD 010
03 Jan 14
I Love You Dancer/ I've Waited Much Too Long (Frico Edits)
Frico - "I Love You Dancer" - (7:24) 115 BPM Hot
Frico - "I've Waited Much Too Long" - (5:59) 112 BPM
 from $1.89
RR 0132013
01 Nov 13
Check Out This Groove
Check Out This Groove - (9:12) 123 BPM Hot
Stop Ou Encore - (6:25) 108 BPM
Review: It's disco o'clock and Frico (aka DJ Friction) is just the man to serve up the goods. Following on from his top selling Action 78, we now have two more nuggets, edits of some vintage smokin' grooves, to salivate over. The first tune, featuring accelerating guitar, brass and anthemic vocals, implores us to "Check Out This Groove" and gives us over nine minutes to do so. Meanwhile it's all about sleazy, nonchalant French funk on "Stop Ou Encore". C'est magnifique!
 from $1.89
RR 0122013
02 Oct 13
Action 78
Action 78 - (4:34) 126 BPM Hot
Computer Game - (5:17) 120 BPM
Review: Replay boss DJ Friction continues to trade under his Frico name, and here delivers his first newie since that Rock Freak edit way back in April. This EP captures both sides of his more recent choices - one obscure and one more obvious. The former plays on the feverous, endless percussive mania of the Erotic Drums Band's "Action 78", while the latter goes for the Yellow Magic Orchestra's "Computer Games"; an electro tune that inspired hip-hoppers as much as New Romantics.
 from $1.89
RR 0112013
28 Aug 13
Don't Stop The Music
Don't Stop The Music - (8:53) 99 BPM Hot
Something's Gotta Give - (5:17) 97 BPM
Review: The recent rebirth of DJ Friction's long dormant Replay imprint is good news for those looking for high quality, sympathetic re-edits of stone cold classics. Having previously delivered two tasty tweaks of Gino Soccio classics, he now turns his attention to Yardborough & Peoples' electrofunk killer "Don't Stop The Music" and Afro-Cuban Band's largely slept-on "Something's Gotta Give". The former is expertly teased and stretched out to nigh on nine minutes, giving time for the incredible groove to breath. The latter, a sumptuous chunk of string-laden disco-soul, is dubbed out a touch, with clever extensions to the breaks and cuts in all the right places. Thankfully, the original's superb vocal remains in tact.
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RR 0102013
29 Jul 13
Dancer - (7:39) 122 BPM
It's Alright - (5:54) 118 BPM Hot
Review: It's nice to see DJ Friction re-launching his hush-hush edits imprint Replay, which has lain dormant since 2005. For two years before that, the label released some simple but killer re-edits of soul, funk, boogie, disco and rare groove jams. On this first 2013 outing, Friction (under his Frico guise) takes his rusty scalpel to two tracks from Italian disco legend Gino Soccio. On the (virtual) A, "Dancer" gets the treatment, with Friction cleverly building dancefloor pressure thanks to a few well-timed groove extensions, cuts and well-executed delays. It's the same deal on the flip, where "It's Alright" gets straightened up, remastered and rearranged to perfection.
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RR 0092013
27 Jun 13
Is It All Over My Face
Is It All Over My Face - (7:38) 122 BPM Hot
Together Forever - (12:27) 122 BPM
Played by: Reed & Radley
Review: With his previous disco re-edits for German imprint Replay, Frico has usually dug a bit deeper, sourcing more obscure material. This time round though he's going straight for Loose Joints' tried and tested "Is It All Over My Face", and due to his decision to really only make it slightly dubbier, gets away with it. "Together For Ever" re-jigs Exodus' 1979 disco classic and makes the most of its frenetic Latino percussion and hyper elasticized bassline.
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RR 0082013
17 May 13
Disco Nights (Rock Freak)
Disco Nights (Rock Freak) (Frico edit) - (7:13) 124 BPM Hot
Groovin' You (Frico edit) - (8:27) 122 BPM
Played by: Reed & Radley
Review: GQ were a successful 1970s American soul/disco act whose biggest hit was probably 1978's "Disco Nights (Rock Freak). Here Frico provides a cheeky re-edit, which really just teases out the goodness of this excellent rock guitar-heavy disco classic. Also included here is an edit of "Groovin' You", complete with killer extended break and immediately recognisable 'dum, dum, dum, dum, dum" chant.
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RR 0072013
10 Apr 13
Lumberjacks In Hell 005
Frico - "Casanova" - (6:55) 127 BPM
Mannmademusic - "Circles" - (7:13) 112 BPM Hot
Mannmademusic - "Easy Lover" - (5:51) 94 BPM
Review: Em Vee's on-point Lumberjacks In Hell imprint reaches its fifth release with another three disco edits par excellence. This time around, it's the turn of Germany's Frico and British edit specialist Mannmademusic to supply the goods. Frico dominates with his fast-moving edit of Coffee's "Casanova", teasing out its vocal hook with an extended piano build-up. Mannmademusic offers two cuts; first up is "Circles", a guitar led stomper with loose percussion, which serves as the perfect contrast to the slow moving, symphonic disco strings and syrupy vocals of "Easy Lover". Another winner for what is surely one of the more discerning disco labels out there.
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LIH 005
10 Apr 12
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