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Funk Departures

Funk Departures - "Real Sekele" (Sunner Soul edit) - (5:57) 116 BPM
Sweet Lady - "Chain Reaction" (Sunner Soul edit) - (4:54) 123 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
B Magic - "Clean Up" (Sunner Soul edit) - (5:13) 117 BPM
Review: While Sunner Soul seems to be a little less prolific than he once was, the quality of his releases continues to rise. Here, the Russian producer returns to his Vintage Music imprint with a trio of tasty, tried-and-tested soul re-edits. He begins with the undulating Afro-soul hustle and low-slung grunt of "Real Sekele", before turning his attention to Chain Reaction's 1977 disco-soul single "Sweet Lady (Dance With Me)". His version retains much of the original source material - including the killer bassline - while "fixing" the wonky, out-of-time beats to ensure greater mixing opportunities. He finishes with a killer rework of Blue Magic's overlooked, piano-laden, 1983 boogie jam "Clean Up Your Act", which is worth the entrance price alone.
VMR 039
13 Jan 16
from $1.49
Sunner Soul - "All Right" - (5:13) 115 BPM
James M - "Your Love" (Sunner Soul edit) - (4:11) 85 BPM
Gradient Logic - "Excited" - (7:48) 103 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Sunner Soul - "Got The Floor" - (5:32) 114 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Alfa Disco" - (4:48) 114 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Hang On" - (5:16) 114 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Happy" - (5:17) 115 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Space Sheriff" - (4:15) 108 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Hold On Tight" - (5:32) 115 BPM
Sunner Soul - "Transatlantic" - (5:28) 125 BPM
Gradient Logic - "Litt Time" - (7:52) 114 BPM
Funk Departures - "Real Sekele" (Sunner Soul edit) - (5:57) 116 BPM
Review: Long serving re-editor Sunner Soul is one of the disco scene's more reliable scalpel fiends, releasing regular doses of hazy, good-time grooves on the Vintage Music outlet he founded some years back. Further proof of his skills - and those of his label artists - can be found on this eighth expansive Vintage Music compilation. It gathers together a scintillating selection of reworks that veer from good-time disco smashers and groovy warm-up gems, to scorching disco-funk slammers and bouncy, sun-kissed shufflers. Happily, there's a mix of old-fashioned rearrangements and tooled-up reworks, with source material that's both well known and obscure.
VMR 052
13 Feb 17
from $1.49


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