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GEN-Y - "Cosmic Desert" - (4:41) 129 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
GEN-Y - "Earth #4" - (6:27) 127 BPM
G.F. - "Sugarbaby" - (4:13) 111 BPM
GEN-Y - "Drunk On Ya Lips" - (4:09) 150 BPM
Review: Introducing GEN-Y/GF, a new project for the Hague-based Bakk label that in its seven year existence has brought us a new wave of bunker rave from a select pool of artists like Aurora Halal, MGUN and Legowelt to Jerimiah R, SVF Acid and Oceanic! Packaged as a split release of three solo GEN-Y numbers and the chilled out, psychedelic, big beat and trip hop collaboration "Sugarbaby", GEN-Y's own material takes shape in the uptempo booty house of "Drunk On Ya Lips" to the fresh electro and new age sounds of "Earth #4" alongside the harder and acid tripping "Cosmic Desert". Bakk in the game.
BAKK 017
03 Aug 20
from $1.49


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