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ESP 068
11 May 18
Banana Paradiso - (7:11) 120 BPM
Rambutan - (6:03) 117 BPM
The Color Of Maracuja - (6:31) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
from $1.95
Review: Juan Ramos and Luca 'Trent' Trentini come together for only their second EP as Greenvision. Rambutan will come as a surprise to fans of ESP Institute's free flowing disco sound, and could conceivably have been released on an experimental techno label. This approach is audible on "Banana Paradiso", where a doubled up, gnarly rhythm houses spacey passages and a sinewy, bleepy bass. The title track strays further into an offbeat direction thanks to Greenvision's smart fusion of abstract beats, tonal sounds and a stop-start groove. They leave the best to last however, with "The Color Of Maracuja" unfolding to the sound of melodic Asian elements and frazzled acid lines.
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