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Nulcear Bomb EP
DDD 047
02 Feb 15
Dirty Mad Gyal - (3:08) 94 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Top Billin Rocksteady - (2:53) 93 BPM
Shook Ones Rocksteady - (4:01) 94 BPM
Nuclear Bomb - (3:10) 94 BPM
from $1.49
Review: Ireland's Dirty Dubster Digital is fast becoming one of the new meccas for modern dancehall and ragga, weaving its way up there with the likes of Maffi and Jahtari among the cornerstones of digi-kal murdah. It's debutant Iceone who call the shots with "Dirty Mad Gyal" and its hip hop groove structure. There's the oddity that is "Top Billin Rocksteady" (a fresh mashup of ska and NY hip-hop), "Shook Ones Rocksteady" - sublimely blending Mobb Deep's anthem with a smoked-out Jamaican riddim - and "Nuclear Bomb", a certified soundsystem scorcher and one that's likely to receive a rather hefty number of rewinds in the dance.
Ragga Party Jams Vol 9
DDD 042
13 Jan 14
Iceone - "Hump Around" (rocksteady mix) - (3:11) 104 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Bruce Missile - "Why Me" - (3:50) 91 BPM
Bluntskull - "Clips For My Nine" - (4:20) 106 BPM
Subtifuge - "Too Greedy" - (5:14) 87 BPM
from $1.49
Review: Soundclash-level battle booties abound as Dirty Dubster dish out another Ragga Party Jams collection. Iceone's "Hump Around" takes the vocals of House Of Pain's sure-fire party smasher "Jump Around" and lay them down of a Toots style reggae groove. "Why Me", meanwhile, takes Cuban Links and introduces him to a laidback dub funk lick (complete with neat references to Cutty Ranks). Elsewhere Bluntskull takes Nine's "Wutcha Want" and throws it down over a vibrant skanking jam while Subtifuge concludes proceedings with a jittering, juicy upbeat D&B blend that features a distinctive Eek-A-Mouse style vocal. Battle business guaranteed.
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