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Jamie Leather

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Spaced Repetitions EP
CLJL - "Non Terrestrial" (Spaced mix) - (5:47) 130 BPM
CLJL - "Shadow Speak" - (6:01) 130 BPM
Jamie Leather - "Thats Enough Now" - (6:05) 130 BPM
Jamie Leather - "Like This, Like That" - (6:40) 126 BPM Hot
Review: Jamie Leather and Christopher Ledger make an impactful Craigie Knowes debut with four mind-bending club jams. Their joint venture as CLJL takes the lead on "Non Terrestrial (Spaced Mix)", delivering a serious concoction of house, breaks, and electronics that pays homage to the golden age of techno and electro, while veering toward touches of trance in "Shadow Speak". Jamie Leather onwards goes solo with both "Thats Enough Now" and "Like This, Like That" adding some warm euphoria to the EP in former next to some classic piano acid and New York vibes in the latter. Break it down.
 from $1.89
05 Feb 24
Genetic Memories Vol 1
Anderson - "Polymorphic Magic" - (6:58) 121 BPM Hot
Jamie Leather - "Discovery" - (6:38) 130 BPM
Ed Hodge - "Atreides" - (6:42) 136 BPM
Phazma - "Arrakeen" - (5:55) 135 BPM
Review: On Rotation is a Leeds-based record label headed by Chris I"Anson, Adam Pits & Lisene. This is the first in their Genetic Memories Vol. 1 various artists series. The label has expressed how fortunate they are to work with such amazing producers, and this series serves to show off the talent within their network. Anderson kicks things off with the rolling and hypnotic tech house of "Polymorphic Magic", followed by Jamie Leather who leads things into the peak time on the Rominimal sounds of "Discovery", while Ed Hodge serves up a throwback to the garage days on "Atreides" followed by Phazma who keeps things on a retro tip as well - with the progressive breaks of "Arrakeen".
 from $1.89
20 May 22
Minimal/Tech House
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