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Diamonds (Jamin DnB remix)
20 Feb 13
Drum And Bass
Diamonds (Jamin DnB remix) - (6:51) 170 BPM
from $1.38
Played by: Jebar
Review: Taking an instant pop classic and giving it a drum and bass remix just as memorable has been a challenge many producers have shied away from. When done well though, it can produce tracks that are truly special in their own right, worthy of their place in record collections alone without the source of their original stems. Jamin's "Diamonds DnB remix" is one such track; a perfect example of how drum and bass can compliment strong vocals rather than overshadow them. Breathing new life into one of the charts' most played songs of the moment, Jamin manages to highlight Rihanna's unique voice in ways the original never could. Add to this a lush, rolling bass and dazzling liquid tones and you have the perfect liquid set ender.
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