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Joe Love

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Love One Self
Love One Self (album) - (4:36) 115 BPM Hot
Love One Self (instrumental) - (4:36) 115 BPM
Review: Britain's premier acid house evangelists return, and his time they've got vocalist Joe Love in tow. 'Love One Self' is a taster for their forthcoming album, and if it's a clear indication of what to expect than we're in for a treat. While rooted in their usual machine-driven acid house sound, there's more of a mind-mangling EBM feel to proceedings, with Love seemingly growling into the abyss above more than faintly foreboding electronic motifs, fuzzy riffs, and a pulsating sequenced bassline. The superb 'Album Mix', which boasts a breakdown in which Love utters a particularly psychedelic sermon, comes backed with a handy instrumental take (and lots more ragged, brain-melting acid lines).
 from $1.89
PDON 013
17 Nov 23
Deep House
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