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Kings Of Survival

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Yellow Blues
V's Edits / Various
Johhny Crash - "Empire Of Dirt" (V's Review) - (7:57) 100 BPM
Ray - "When You See Me In Misery" (V's View) - (4:40) 90 BPM
Spring 2022 - "Was It Worth It?" (V's View) - (6:48) 104 BPM Hot
An Pebles - "B-WARE" (V's Dobro edit) - (5:15) 112 BPM
Kings Of Survival - "Devil In Disguise" (V's Retouch) - (5:10) 105 BPM
Rodriguez - "No, You Can't" (V's Getting Away edit) - (6:34) 61 BPM
Nina - "Holis 7" (V's Afro-Blues edit) - (10:00) 122 BPM
The Thoors - "Learn To Forget" (V's Secret Alphabet Jam) - (6:55) 123 BPM
The King - "Thrillin'" (V's edit) - (6:01) 54 BPM
Is There Phillips - "The Way Down" (V's To The Last Inch edit) - (6:50) 120 BPM
Kings Of Survival - "I've Been Down These Waters" - (7:12) 121 BPM
Ken Rogers - "Condition" (V's Jagged Sky edit) - (4:44) 57 BPM
Kings Of Survival - "Mississippi Lullaby" - (5:34) 59 BPM
Otis - "The Dock" (V's Bay edit) - (5:42) 110 BPM
REX-T - "Jewelry" (V's Electric Blues edit) - (5:08) 100 BPM
Mandy Waters - "Satisfied" (V's edit) - (5:18) 110 BPM
Kings Of Survival - "Let It Be" - (4:50) 120 BPM
Review: Valique's V's Edits reworks have long been some of the most popular re-edits on this platform, with DJs responding not only to their floor-friendly nature but also the wide range of sounds and styles he turns his hand to. So, what's on offer this time around? Well, for starters Yellow Blues is raising money for victims of the war in Ukraine, a country to which Valique has family ties. As usual, it's a mixed bag of goodness, with highlights including a squelchy, TB0-303 speckled take on a Johnny Cash classic, the chugging nu-disco/swamp blues fusion of 'Was It Worth It?', a fine revision of Rodrigues classic 'You Can't Get Away', a housed-up tweak of an old Doors gem ('Learn To Forget') and a toe-tapping, club-ready revision of Kenny Rogers' sing-along 'Just Dropped In (to See What Condition My Conidtion is In)'.
 from $1.89
VHR 085
04 Apr 22
Neo Blues 3
Various / V'S Edits
Ken Rogers - "Condition" (V's Jagged Sky edit) - (4:44) 114 BPM
Nina - "Sea-Line" (V's Black Dress edit) - (8:22) 118 BPM Hot
Kings Of Survival - "Devil In Disguise" (V's Retouch) - (5:10) 105 BPM
Rodriguez - "Won't You Hurry" (V's Blue Coin edit) - (6:03) 101 BPM
Review: Neo Blues 3 announces its arrival via our most trusted Vehicle label that's been a port of call for disco edits for the world over. Turning in another four-tracks here it's spearheaded by the uber-warm kick, woofing bass and melodic percussion sequences of "Sea-Line". Harking back to the days when artists like Eddie C and Tornado Wallace were dominating the slo-mo, chugging disco sound, "Condition" adds yet another beefy boost to a Ken Roger's classic, while funkier soul and blues jams from Kings of Survival make the cut alongside that all time cinematic classic by Rodriguez's ("Sugarman").
 from $1.89
VHR 076
25 Jun 20
Neo Blues 2
Ann Pebles - "B-WARE" (V's Dobro edit) - (5:15) 112 BPM
Rex-T - "Jewelry" (V's Electric Blues edit) - (5:08) 100 BPM
Nina - "Holis" (V's Afro-Blues edit) - (10:00) 122 BPM
Kings Of Survival - "Mississippi Lullaby" (V's Rendition) - (5:34) 118 BPM
Otis - "The Dock" (V's Dock edit) - (5:42) 110 BPM Hot
Review: For his latest trick, spoonerism-loving rework maestro V (AKA sometime funk-breaks producer Valique) has decided to offer up a second selection of "Neo Blues" scalpel works. He begins by delivering a chunky, rolling revision of Ann Feebles' rock-tinged gospel-funk classic "Beware", before chugging his way through a pitched-down revision of a weighty T-Rex glam-rock classic ("Jewelry"). This is followed by EP highlight "Holis", an inspired - and suitably epic - "Afro-blues" revision of one of Nina Simone's greatest moments, and the low-slung voodoo-house hypnotism of "Mississippi Lullalby (V's Rendition)". To finish with a. flourish, the Vehicle main man then adds some elastic new drums to Otis Redding's version of "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay".
 from $1.89
VHR 075
11 May 20
13th Anniversary
Marvin - "Real Thing" (V's Ain't Nothing Like It Jam) - (8:16) 110 BPM Hot
KC&SUB - "Black Waters Hold" (V's As It Used To Be edit) - (7:10) 112 BPM
2 Liquid - "Cavern Dance" (V's extended edit) - (6:04) 116 BPM
Physics - "If You Love Me" (V's No Fools edit) - (7:43) 118 BPM
Milly Jackson - "Baby" (V's Bells & Percussion Raw Disco Jam) - (5:19) 115 BPM
Odyssay - "Party Down" (V's edit) - (7:18) 120 BPM
Prins - "Chelsea" (V's Classic edit) - (7:29) 120 BPM
RockNRolla Soundsystem - "Troubleman" - (5:07) 107 BPM
Loise Elaws - "A Little Love" (V's Into It edit) - (8:00) 108 BPM
Kween - "Our Last Dance" (V's Pressure vocal mix) - (7:12) 120 BPM
Keith - "Little Enough" (V's edit) - (6:57) 107 BPM
Marvin - "Funky Space" (V's As It Goes edit) - (8:22) 106 BPM
Arcadion & Funky Junkie - "Sly Gianna" - (7:12) 111 BPM
Archibell - "Let's Groove" (V's Simple edit) - (7:10) 117 BPM
Is There Phillips - "The Way Down" (V's To The Last Inch edit) - (6:50) 120 BPM
Feel Good Alliance - "Show Me Love" (Peak Time rework) - (5:10) 120 BPM
BM - "Love & Treat You Right" (V's Raw mix) - (7:22) 119 BPM
Dyna - "Freakin'" (V's Can't Help Myself edit) - (7:11) 118 BPM
Kings Of Survival - "Let It Be" - (4:50) 120 BPM
Valique - "Wouldn't Explain" (Deepside Soul Session) - (5:12) 120 BPM
V & Funky Junkie - "Katastrofa" - (6:24) 120 BPM
Miss XT - "Right Size" (V's Slick edit) - (6:46) 116 BPM
Robert J - "Alkohol" (V's Putting It Down edit) - (6:38) 101 BPM
Will Bothers - "Dawn" (V's edit) - (5:58) 111 BPM
Review: Three cheers for Valique's Vehicle label, which this month celebrates 13 years releasing hot-to-trot re-edits, reworks and floor-friendly fusions. To mark the occasion, the producer sometimes known as "V" has put together this expansive, 24-track collection of killer cuts old and new. It's a varied but universally club ready selection, with highlights including - but no way limited to - the silky deep house/disco fusion of KC&SUB's "Black Waters Hold (V's As It Used To Be Edit)", the soaring, shirts-off disco-house brilliance of V's take on Milly Jackson's "Baby", the dubbed-out Marvin Gaye revision that is Rocknrolla Soundsystem's "Troubleman" and a delightful slab of rubbery nu-disco brilliance from Feel Good Alliance (the mash-up style aceness of "Show Me Love", which joins the dots between Escort and Robin S in startling fashion).
 from $1.89
VHR 067
26 Mar 19
Hearitage EP
Let It Be - (4:50) 120 BPM Hot
I've Been Down These Waters - (7:12) 121 BPM
 from $1.89
VHR 057
27 Nov 17
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